Kundalini and How to Awaken Your Kundalini

Kundalini and How to Awaken Your Kundalini

Kundalini is a word
that you hear flying around spiritual
circles like crazy. But what I’ve noticed is that
people simply accept the presence of this word without
having any actual understanding of what the hell it means. So today I figured that I
would clear that up for you. Kundalini and How to
Awaken Your Kundalini To comprehend Kundalini first you have to imagine God
or source or the universe as this infinite universe which is of course, made
up of multiple universes, but we have to imagine
this whole thing, which isn’t a really thing, as a unified ocean. An infinite ocean. The universe as a whole fragmented, in the same way that a
zygote divides in utero. This gave rise to polarity
within the universe. Polarities such as male and female, conscious and unconscious,
life and death. The polarity of life and death, is what actually gave rise
to the birth of Kundalini. Why? Because Kundalini quite literally is life. It is life force energy. Kundalini is the opposite of death, in the way atheists view death (an empty ended nothingness). Now it’s very important
to understand this, we use the word death to
mean many different things. The death that a physical
human experiences is simply a transition of perspective. It is not death in the way
that death actually can exist in the universe as a polarity. It is not endedness. It is not nothingness at all. Kundalini is the animating
force within the universe. The opposite of death. It is the precursor for
any living life form, regardless of what dimension
that life form exists in. So it is present even in those
beings we call thought forms, such as spirit guides and demons. Just as there are
characteristics for death, there are characteristics for life. And this is the characteristic
of the Kundalini. Things like, animation. Now, something I want
you to think about, is that stillness and movement
are both animation. They’re states that only exist
to a state of animation. Therefore Kundalini can be still
and it can also be moving. Either way, it is a state of animation. In other words, stillness
can still be very alive. Other qualities also belong to it, like, growth change, reaction,
reproduction, creation, etc. Now the problem that
we have in the universe and it’s not really that this
pertains to this so much, but you have to know this for the
sake of your own understanding, is that this polarity still
exists in an opposition. We don’t have integration
between life and death. Why? Because life has
not integrated death and death has not integrated life. They are resisting one another. You can imagine yourself as a fragment within this unified consciousness. This universe I’m saying to
imagine as an infinite ocean. The thing we call Source/God. Now, you are a fragment that
belongs to the polarity of alive. Another way to imagine
this so as to understand it, is to imagine that within this
infinite ocean, there are currents. These currents are the
same as fragments because they differentiate part
of the ocean from the rest. These currents are streams of energy. This stream of energy is as indivisible from the
eternal whole energy as a current is indivisible
from the ocean. You are like a current within
the ocean, energetically speaking. You are indivisible from what
we call source or God or universe. Your being, thought form and body is comprised of the
same infinite energy, that we call God, Source or Universe. Which manifests or expresses
itself in the physical form. As people we then call this same energy, lifeforce energy, Kundalini or prana. Depending on what
culture you grew up in. When a person conceptualizes of himself, he sees himself as lifeforce energy. So many people have
called this: “The Soul”. However, here’s the problem,
when people talk about souls they think about a soul
like a clump of energy, in the same way that we think of
the body as a clump of energy. When in reality what
we’re calling the soul, is more like a stream of energy that is simply creating and manifesting an expression of physicality. Also some qualities of the soul transcend life and death. For example, perception. If perception did not
transcend beyond death, then we couldn’t perceive
death, could we? This means that life is one
aspect of the soul, but not all it. But for this reason, it’s
important to understand that you can’t have a soul
and you can’t have life. You can’t lose life,
because you are life. This means, you are Kundalini. In the lower dimensional energetic levels just above the physical, this lifeforce stream of energy is
manifesting the physical body. But before it manifests
the physical body, it arranges itself into
meridians and into chakras. It’s a basic structure
or energetic blueprint of the physical body. For the sake of understanding Kundalini, let’s concern ourselves with
the ancient Hindu philosophies; The hindu system, called
these energy channels nadis and these energy centers chakras. Each of them were observed to
correspond to different areas and functions of the human body. It was believed that
they fed lifeforce energy to the various parts of the body. The chakras were thought to receive, accumulate, assimilate and
transmit energy in various ways. Kundalini is a Hindu word originating from the yogic
philosophy of spiritual practice. Directly, it translates as:
“Coiled one or coiled up”. The reason for this, is that
these people of the ancient world, believed that it was possible
for this energy to be dormant. And for it to be dormant, resting at this area close to
the base of the spine or the backside of your root chakra. And based off of the way
that this energy tends to, palpably be felt in the body, when it moves, which is very stream like, snake-like, then it’s very easy to see this latent
energy that they were observing, as a coiled up snake at the base of one’s spine. There are several reasons why this “understanding the poetic”
is very primitive. The first is, to believe that Kundalini is restricted or limited to one chakra, even if it was capable of being dormant, this is not the case, it is simply much easier to perceive, in those particular areas of
the body and the chakras, that are related to those
areas of the body, because those areas of the body are related to physicality
and sensations specifically. The second, is that when one is
allowing their Kundalini energy, the stream of life force energy
that is animating their body, it begins to move like a stream would, which we are calling snake-like, right? But the way to conceptualize of this is like if we were to let a dam loose, imagine what would
happen to the water, if you were to allow that
dam to be out of the way of the way that the water
would naturally be flowing. When it is allowed on a
lower energetic level, this energy rushes through the meridians and is physically felt
running up the spine to make the lower chakras
and upper chakras connect as if part of one current. If you have mastery of
your “Kundalini energy”, then at will, with conscious focus, or even sometimes spontaneously, you’re capable of allowing these
gushes of this lifeforce energy through your body. What it gives rise to, is
this classic sensation of shiveryness throughout your body. It also tends to have a quality
that is very similar to liquid fire. Now the second and
perhaps biggest argument that I have relative to the primitive
Understanding we have of Kundalini, is that it’s believed that Kundalini
energy is latent energy. Kundalini energy can’t actually be asleep. If Kundalini energy is
asleep, you are dead. So what it is that we’re perceiving
is that Kundalini energy as a quality of animation, can be still. And… Kundalini is not something
that exists that is latent that you have to activate. It is in fact, always awake
and always active, even when it’s still. It can simply be resisted. And suppression is the form of
resistance most exacted upon Kundalini. Kundalini tends to be still. To the positive, when it is making way for other forms of consciousness, that are prohibited or
prevented by movement. Things like observation. When consciousness needs to
be in a state of observation, Kundalini tends to be still. Now to the negative, and this is the one we need to
primarily concern ourselves with, Kundalini can become
still when it is resisted enough with the free will,
that it gets the message from its consciousness or
from your consciousness, That it is not wanted. Or if somebody is in a state
where they’re deciding whether they want to be alive
in the physical to begin with, Kundalini will tend to be still. For example, when
someone’s in a coma. Now, the positive form of
stillness within Kundalini will feel positive. The suppression of Kundalini,
which forces it into this state of stillness through resistance,
is gonna feel like absolute crap. Kundalini is life within the universe. So the primary question to ask
yourself relative to your Kundalini is: “How am I resisting life?” Resistance is nothing
more than opposition. It is any oppositional force. And most of this we
are totally unaware of. To understand resistance fully and how it applies to life
and spiritual existence, what you really should do if
you want to master Kundalini, Watching my video titled: Urgent! Deal With Your Resistance
Before You Do Anything Else. There is a reason for your
life to be expressing itself through this body and
in this incarnation. Kundalini contains a
man’s creative potential. Therefore you need
to concern yourself with how you are resisting
your authenticity, and with that, your
purpose for existing here. The various forms of yoga and breathing and self surrender and meditation… And any other consciousness exercise, is not actually awakening Kundalini. What it is doing is
releasing your resistance. And there is a reason why
these techniques work. And if you’re called to them, why
you should absolutely try them. It’s because if you breathe in
a specific way and enough, it releases resistance. If you meditate, you release resistance. If you do yoga and move
your body in certain ways, it releases resistance. But think about it like this, if you open up the cage to let a tiger out you don’t say: “I’m making the tiger run.” What you say is: “I’m preventing whatever was
making it so the tiger couldn’t run.” It isn’t to say that
these things are bad. To the contrary,
they’re very good. But there is one major issue that
I have with these practices, and the way that they’re used
in the modern world today, is that the majority of people
are using these “Kundalini practices” to be able to make up for
what they will not change. In other words, they don’t
resolve the core resistance and make the changes they
need to make so as to fully live. The way I want you
to see this is that the way that most people
are using Kundalini practices, is almost like, if you’re
in a boat that is sinking because there is this huge hole
in the bottom of the boat, and every day you do
your kundalini yoga, and by doing that, you take a
bucket of water off of the deck. Yeah, your boat is gonna stay afloat, but you are literally
avoiding the main thing that is in the way of your Kundalini. If a person was thinking
and speaking and acting in alignment with their authenticity, and by doing so, allowing the full
life force to come through their body there actually would be
no reason whatsoever for a person to do those types of actions that we associate with
Kundalini practices. Or if they did, it would simply
be an amplification tool. Therefore, today, I want you to swallow that Kundalini which is always awake, and is always in a state of animation, whether that state of
animation is still or moving, can either be allowed or resisted. Nothing, I repeat, nothing is more important when it comes
to your Kundalini energy, your life force, than being
in perfect alignment with your unique authenticity. Every person comes into this life as a unique expression
of source consciousness. This means each person comes
in with a unique essence, like an energetic signature. And our unique purpose
and unique thoughts and unique feelings and unique
desires and unique needs and unique role within the greater
universe, is embedded in that essence. Our life experience is
a process of unfolding of oneself as an authentic expression. This is why I have said that awakening is no different than
fully stepping into authenticity. Authenticity is the path to awakening. Regardless of what road you’re
taking to that authenticity. Now obviously to become authentic, we have to know all of who we are. Which includes a great deal more than the story of just who we
physically are on this earth. We can only be authentic, to the degree that we
currently know ourselves. This is kind of scary. This means we can
only be authentic to the degree that we
are aware of ourselves. And so much of us is suppressed,
denied, rejected and disowned. Then most of us, have no freaking
idea who the hell we really are. We’re not aware of ourselves. What we are in the world today is what keeps us the
safest in our world, and in the social groups
that we have formed. As a result, we become
copies of other people. We become strategies. All of this is a resistance
to our own life. To deny yourself, including your physicality or spirituality or reason for being, your desires, your unique needs, your
instincts, your truth, this is to resist your Kundalini. To resist your Kundalini
is to be without energy. It is to create a living death. Nothing allows Kundalini energy more than action that is backed
by authentic inspiration. This is what living out your
life purpose is all about. To understand more about
this, watch my video titled: How To Be Authentic Some people experience what
is called a Kundalini awakening. I’m sure you’ve heard this flying
around spiritual circles as well. What’s happening in a
Kundalini awakening is that because of something this person did,
or maybe a spontaneous “awakening”, in one fell swoop, all of the resistance
in their being is released. Which allows their full embodiment and being to be imbued
with life force energy. They are in alignment, in one
second, with their essence. Awesome, right? Yes from universal perspective,
no from a physical perspective. Let’s say that somebody takes a
shamanic medicine and it does this; Or let’s say that somebody
attends really intense Kundalini meditation or retreat, and it does this; It’s very hard to integrate that. Because what will happen is, a
person will have that experience, and then, what happens? They haven’t made any
change to their actual life, and so they get dumped back
into the state of resistance. In other words, when they’re
trying to integrate the experience of totally allowing their Kundalini
and the awareness that came with it, with the life they were living before, when this life doesn’t mirror
their authentic truth, they get into problems. Trying to be back in that state
of being thinking those thoughts, taking those actions, living that life
becomes absolutely unbearable. This is what so many people
are calling Kundalini syndrome. Now here’s the thing, if anybody awakens in any way, their awareness is going
to change the way they can or can’t interact
with the world. This is why this heightened sensitivity is so much a part of the
Kundalini awakening. What it gives rise to is this disparity between these two states of being. It’s a gap so wide it feels like you’re
trying to straddle the Grand Canyon. It is painful levels of
cognitive dissonance. Painful symptomatology. Now, this is the thing, when you have this
“Kundalini symptomatology” what is happening actually
is that you’re experiencing your resistance finally,
relative to the area of life you had the most resistance before. So a person who has Kundalini
syndrome is likely to experience those symptoms relative to
whatever aspect of their life they had the most
resistance in before. If that was on the mental level, they’re going to experience
more mental symptoms. If that was on the physical level, they’re
gonna experience more physical symptoms.>From a universal perspective the
sensitivity that is experienced as a result of a Kundalini
Awakening is an awesome thing. It is not the result of too
much energy in the body. It is nothing more than resensitization that is occurring without any awareness of how to adapt or change one’s life in accordance to that sensitivity. It is consciousness with no
idea how to integrate that conscious awareness, within a world that is operating
from unconsciousness. Here’s the reality; Some of the things you’ve
tolerated before, you could only tolerate because
you made yourself desensitized. The thing is half the
things you were doing, you could do because it was
in the state of resistance that you were used to. Half the horrible things
you were doing you could do because you weren’t
aware of how horrible they were. Have you noticed the things
you could eat before, suddenly feel horrible
to your body? Haven’t you noticed, that these
things that you thought were normal, suddenly in the world
seemed barbaric? Do you think the source would
look at that and say it’s unhealthy or it needs to be toned down? The opposite. You need to adapt your
life to that awareness. Many of the things you acclimatized to you had to go into resistance to
your own life force energy, in order to acclimatize to. The Kundalini awakening,
thank God, makes this no longer bearable. It is no measure of health to be adjusted to a
profoundly dysfunctional environment or situation. and this is my biggest issue, with the way that people
are going about dealing with Kundalini syndrome. They’re trying to somehow decrease
Kundalini energy in the body. Instead of get a person to
do what they need to do. Which is to make changes
in alignment with that very extreme shift in
consciousness, and quickly. Swallow this for me if you can. It is never about the Kundalini, it is never about the amount
there is or lack thereof. It is always about the resistance
to that lifeforce energy. if a person has been on the path
of awakening for a long time, is familiar with the discomfort
of that shifting and integration, that stretching feeling, if a person has matured in this way, where they’re very
used to holding space for these painful states of growth, they’re not going to get
Kundalini syndrome. And even if they do have symptomologies
of shifting consciousness, it’s not going to completely
destabilize them. If to the contrary, a person
hasn’t been on this path of awakening for a very long time, if they haven’t had to have
time and time again where they’re used to this
stretching of themselves to integrate polarities, if they’re not used to
having to make changes in accordance with whenever
awareness changes, and the instability that
is the inevitable nature of an uncertain universe
where change and mutability is really the foundation of who we are, then chances are, this person, because it’s considered to
be an immature system, is going to suffer from
this awakening process. Especially if it’s an instantaneous and
dramatic shift in consciousness. I don’t want you to listen
to that and to think: “Oh if I’m experiencing
Kundalini syndrome than there’s something that’s
immature about me.” It’s not the way that
people look at things. It’s just, obviously, the more
practiced that your being gets at this process of awakening
which can be quite painful, then the easier it’s gonna be for you
to deal with shifts of consciousness. And the higher your
frequency gets, the higher your consciousness
gets, the more aware you are, the less likely that a shift in
consciousness is gonna jump you to a whole other level like jumping to
the other side of the Grand Canyon But this is why if you’re
doing any work specifically around the Kundalini or I would say, with spiritual
awakening in general, It’s a pretty good idea
to surround yourself with one person or multiple people who are masters of energy, who have been on this path for
a long time, spiritual teachers, somebody who can either guide
you through the process itself, or help you to integrate these processes
once they inevitably occur. A Kundalini awakening
is not different to any other form of
spiritual awakening. The various negative
manifestations of the ego are the oppositional
force of the Kundalini. It is simply a way that
one culture describes spiritual awakening within
an incarnated form. And Kundalini practices are
simply certain practices that these people discovered
that enable that awakening. It is one path of many to the top
of the mountain called awakening. Therefore, there is not a single
video that I have ever produced, over the course of my career, that is not working
specifically on the Kundalini. If you are on the
path of consciousness you are on the path of Kundalini. Kundalini is not some
supernatural force that lies dormant within people. It is life force energy. Therefore it is you. Whether you resist it or not. Have a good week Subtitles by: Tanya Duarte Subtitles by the Amara.org community


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    Suddenly I felt all the blood rush to my genitals, followed by a deep energetic eruption that quickly swept throughout my lower body like a rising fire, I felt it spread to my sacral chakra, followed by my solar plexus, the energy appeared to culminate in my heart before surging upwards towards the higher chakras. I remember the temperature of my body increasing quite a lot throughout all of this too.

    As the energy surged upwards like a rising fire I noticed the energy carried the vibration and experience of the chakras it had touched or moved beyond. It was as if each chakra added another dimension to this energy as it continued to ascend, either that or each chakra acted as a lens in which this energy could be known and uniquely expressed in relation to whatever inner-experiences we attribute to any given chakra.

    I became more aware of the rhythmic almost electrical pulsing. Goosebumps covered my arms and my arm-hair felt as if it was standing on end.

    I felt the magnetic rythmic pulsing throughout my entire body and what I’d come to understand as my energy body. The pulsing by now felt almost audible. Think of the sound effect used in the movie ‘Contact’ when they first receive the unknown alien signal. The pulsing affected my body the way musical vibrations affect water or how an electrical current can possess a metal object.

    As the experience began to peak I started to feel intense pressure just above my ears.

    The energy then reached my forehead and crown and as it did I saw a flash of brilliant orange/yellow light. It felt as if I was staring into the sun or something. With eyes still closed I began to feel the dimensions of my inner-self. This is quite difficult for me to describe but it felt like I’d just walked out of a closet and into a football stadium. The darkness we usually see with eyes closes was replaced with a sense like I was genuinely and experiencing a different type of space.

  32. I did a kundalini yoga practice which it’s intention is just to create awareness and to align the spine. Honestly such a beautiful experience and practice for me. Afterwards I experienced hyper focus. It’s the only way I could describe it. I was just able to process information far quicker than the norm. Also I could feel the shift in my metabolic rate. Even though I had a hectic and busy day I had so much energy that I didn’t know what to do with so I decided to put it into meditation. I think I’m running on about 5 hours sleep and I feel like I slept for an entire week haha. You’ve given such a clear description of the kundalini energy. There’s no turning back.

  33. Thank Source for TEAL. Anyone, Any idea what this godawful vibrating energy is in lower body, legs, feet? Quick! Please! ThanQ.

  34. Your videos resonate so much with me!! I always have my notebook out and the ready to learn and ALWAYS gain something valuable, I know on a cosmic level you can sense how very grateful I am to you!!! Many thanks!!

  35. Adapt life to awareness. So many aspects to this! You sort of keep finding them and its like, "oh no, another one!"

  36. Bogus, we're nothing but empathic machines and, while I like the analytical abibilies in other videos, this one is purely out of one's imagination. Might be true, might be false and NO ONE can know for sure.

  37. Darn it. Although you know so much useful psychology, i had a feeling you were dabbling in some spirituality. This just makes watching your videos that much more difficult. You shouldn't mess with power you do not understand. If you wanna be in touch with the spiritual you should be filled by the Holy Spirit instead.

  38. I love all of Teal’s videos but I literally do not get what she is laughing at each time. Every single time I don’t get what she finds funny. It’s so weird to see her laughing at random times.

  39. last time i felt this it lasted only a min or so yet love was SO FAR BEYOND INSANE the body was in spasems over the love

  40. The most sensible explanation I have ever come across despite me being on the path and searching answers for many years (Decades). I certainly developed a lot and this is definitely the result of my being on the path of self development through multiple ways and I am thankful I did not get nor seek any sudden drastic Kundalini awakening. Some of my major shifts in consciousness required drastic changes to my life in positive ways and I could not have made these changes suddenly for sure. I am in a very great state of self contentment, self acceptance and still progressing further to newer and better levels. I strongly suggest that to have patience and persist on your own path without forcing expectations is the best way to go.

  41. That makes sense now … I want to die, and in terms of spiritual awakening and kundalini energy I've not seen any progress in years. Realizing that I'm denying life to the fullest as my wish is to leave this horrible place behind, I understand why its so resistant.

  42. Thanks you vers much for this sharing, very interesting for me and a bit… frightening at the same as it require to take responsabilité for my choices and to know wheterf my choice are congruent with who I am.

  43. i had a true kundlaini full awakening with MDMAOILLS over night i open all my 7 chakra and the seroent power dna , , it change my life i sow angle and ghost and faries and and more even i won a lotto more then 100 millions , powerball , and also et coem and give me a also a moldavite stone its green i am tibetan grow upo in india and my birth place is nepal

  44. i had a true fulll kundlaini awakening one life time i am tibetan guy livng in usa i cant be with humens now i have to live alone kundlaini wont let me to be with humens my energy and there energy wont match at all now


  46. Your missguiding people: kundalini is the same is satan its a word to show the sin in the garden of eden kundalini is dangerous dont mess with it what u dont know

  47. Kundalini syndrome is mostly due to dehydration and nutrient deficiency . Nobody ever talks about this !!! Shame on all the Kundalini gurus .

  48. <3 My kundalini awakening came out of nowhere and now I am going to a synchronization workshop and I'm going to meet my teacher. 😀

  49. I can not find the words. Ok words… You are radiating balance and wisdom with such a poetic and relatable manner.
    In a nutshell, freaking awesome.
    Now I get it 🤩

  50. I consider myself an atheist, but I don’t view death like you explained at the start. That’s wrong. An atheist says there’s no god. I believe in kundalini, I don’t believe there’s a god.

  51. What is GOING ON IN CASE WHEN, within literally year and half, to couple is enough ONE KISS to awake strange, strong, enormous, undescrible WAVES of Energy/Sinergy through both of them? AND ALSO, in tantric connecting (even with clothes in lotos), when Kundalini is awakening in woman with man as trigger, WHY man (even without her awaken kundalini with sensitive both waves) feeling sensations in sacral back as jolting/convulsion, especially in NECK and MIX OF CRAZY EMOTIONS?? ARE THESE STRONG WAVES OF EMOTIONS MAYBE SORT OF CLEANING BEFORE POSSIBLE SERENITY, PEACE which has woman of mine while I am often in convulsions and especially, EXTREME MIX OF EMOTIONS which are close to exit? And what can happen IF 2 KUNDALINIS ARE AWAKEN IN SEX? AND STRONG MINIWAVES AND WAVES through bodies, can be maybe MINI-ORGASMS or multiorgasms? HONESTLY, in intercourse, I am feeling like under crazy drugs. THESE STUFF NOWHERE I CAN FIND and nobody of so called tantric teachers cant answer 😀 . EVEN IN BOOKS AT MANTAK CHIA. REAL TANTRA. No matter, wife and I are twins or not. 🙂 CAN ANYONE ANSWER TO ME?

  52. Do you guys have any advise on how to handle the physical symptoms during the kundalini awakening? It is horrible and sometimes I feel like I'm dying. I went to doctors to only tell me I have hypochondria, where I went to a psychiatrist to only tell me I have panic attacks. They are maybe right, but I felt there is something much deeper, my intuition kept telling me there's something more. I recently read an article about the kundalini symptoms and for my surprise I had them all. Then I explained myself why I felt so much worst after the several chakra healing sessions that I did, …I awakened it..Does anyone have any advise on how to handle the symptoms and do you guys know how long this awakening process takes?

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