Kanye West Vinyl Collection (Discography and Rarities)

Kanye West Vinyl Collection (Discography and Rarities)

so my record collection is large and one of the parts of it I'm most excited about is my Kanye West discography I have all of his studio albums and a ton of other really rare albums and some bootlegs in this video I'm going to show them off so the past week has been a little weird in Kanye News as we have all seen whether or not you were at the shows he has been doing crazy rants at his shows as he usually does but this time they're a little more off base a little more intense and a little longer than usual as of a couple days ago he was hospitalized and I sincerely hope he gets the help he needs it's really easy to dismiss people and I think mental illness is no joke I want to make sure we show him respect in this time and we don't write him off as a crazy person because that's pretty insensitive and I want to focus on what he brought to music his discography we're starting off where it all began with the college dropout his first album everyone knows this album is a landmark album in hip hop history I think anyone even if they're not a fan of recent kanye albums says that this is a great hip hop album this unites the people that don't and do like him if you don't know it you should listen to it if you like hip hop at all I don't know ever just have one copy I also have a copy of it with a white cover this is I think a UK exclusive I'm not even sure the origin I just found out there were two versions of it I had to get both so I've never seen this one for sale in America if you guys know like why this exists please write a comment and let me know up next is late registration his album right after the college dropout and this one was also greeted with a lot of acclaim from all sorts of hip-hop fans this is before he went experimental he was still doing those soul beats and this is another really solid addition to his discography after that we were brought to graduation which was his foray into kind of dance hip-hop you work you know with Daft Punk I'm stronger a lot of more popular artists he as a song with Chris Martin from Coldplay he propelled himself to the mainstream with this album and this is a lot of people's favorite it's I'm gonna preface this by saying I think all of his albums are tends to me he's my favorite artist but I think this is my least favorite of his releases which is hard to say because I still think it's a perfect album but I don't know there's something about this one that doesn't steal me as much this album was never officially pressed onto vinyl so this is a bootleg there's a company I believe based out of Germany that bootlegs a lot of hip-hop albums that don't get vinyl releases sometimes they're kind of a quality but the Kanye ones I have are really solid came on a couple colors but I had to get the original bootleg pressing on this pinkish purple marbled vinyl I think it matches the color of the cover really well up next is my favorite Kanye record which is kind of a controversial opinion 808s & Heartbreak this is a drastic change from graduation it's a dark Cynthia album where you utilize 808s and auto-tune to make a really moody atmospheric journey and honestly I think this is his best work he paved the way for the careers of the weekend Drake and all these people that did very similar things after the fact this was a groundbreaking album in hip hop history really nice packaging on this one as you can see it's this massive gatefold I don't know where that CD went must be somewhere but I think this packaging is really great and this era of Kanye is pretty awesome with his suits his tweed suits and little hearts on the suit very emo Kanye so I'm a fan this next one is my Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy this was his return to not necessarily positive but more bombastic production it was a lot more intricate and in-your-face that 808 was and it was for the people I feel like I think this album was what the people wanted from Kanye and the album after this is for him this actually has multiple interchangeable covers that you can fill the box with I like this one the most I think it's pretty cool another massive gate full this is Kanye showing off his artistry how he likes things that are flashy and big this is another bootleg from the same people this is yeezus and I think this is hilarious because the actual CD release of Jesus was just a blank CD case with a red sticker so the fact they made the sleeve it's like a CD I thought this is really funny unintentionally funny I'm sure but I got a kick out of it came on a cool clear vinyl now the first pressing of this bootleg had an error it actually had bound to the final track listed on the label but it wasn't on the record so myself and a lot of other people wrote in and they sent us new copies with the actual correcting tracklist on the record so that was really nice of them if you're looking for high quality audio the bootlegs are not where you should look honestly these are more novelty than anything else so if you just want a physical copy like on vinyl go for it this album is super aggressive if you haven't heard it it's very different than everything he's done before it's almost punk rock hip hop and it's funny because Lou Reed right before he passed away wrote a really good article about why he thought this album was amazing and Paul McCartney said it was one of his favorite albums of the year if you're not into Kanye or hip hop I want to give this one a listen it might surprise you and finally we have his release from this year the life of Pablo which as you know I gave a perfect 10 on the channel and I think that score still holds up this album is another bootleg he really hasn't put most of his discography on vinyl which is a shame but thankfully this company's doing the Lord's work and putting out all of his stuff that needs to be also on a clear vinyl much like Jesus there actually was another color that they sent out seemingly randomly before it sold out it's on this really cool translucent pink and I actually procured a copy of it so I'm going to have that one as well that's in the mail of me right now otherwise I would show it to you so really excited for that one so that's his discography however I have a ton of other records some cool bootlegs and some random things i'ma show you right now this is Watch the Throne which is a collaboration out when he did with jay-z I haven't opened this record because I just think the packaging is fantastic it's a great display piece and the records themselves are picture discs which are not things I usually play so I don't know how much play it would get on the turntable this is much more of a novelty but the pictures is to really cool these hybrids of Kanye and jay-z is like animals like half and half they're really cool but yeah this is staying sealed for now sorry guys speaking of picture discs this is a picture disc for the song power of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy everyone knows this song this was a single and this picture this is really cool for the graphic super graduation he had four songs that he made picture discs out of and honestly they're kind of hard to find pretty glad that I have them first one is good life this one actually came with a generic white sleeve they didn't have the original clear sleeve for it so maybe I'll upgrade one day next up we got flashing lights Home Coming which you did with Chris Mart from Coldplay last but not least stronger also got one for gold digger it's on gold vinyl it's actually not gold I know it's a black model with a picture disc esque gold mark on it so yeah it doesn't get much play because it's a picture disc but great song this is I think the first single from 808s and heartbreak love lockdown forgot I have this this is the bootleg of watch the throne as you can see it's not nearly as cool as the official release and I believe it's on yeah it's also unclear buckle every mega fan has to have some singles so I see a single I don't have I buy it then of course we have cruel summer the album that Kanye did with good music has label a whole bunch of people on it Big Sean Ghostface Killah push a tee a whole bunch of people this is an album where the first half is amazing and the second app is terrible so unfortunately only disc a gets a lot of play this bootleg is on white marble which actually looks really cool it was the limited version of the bootleg these are pretty funny these are two picture discs from South Park when he was featured on South Park twice each other song yet you know gay fish and then he had my bitch ain't no Hobbit and these are the picture discs I believe they were for Record Store days back a couple years back pretty funny this is a weird one I randomly picked up it is uh the acapella album which is basically just a bunch of songs mostly from 808s but it's just Kanye's vocal track and no beat I just it was weird I had to buy it another unofficial one that's very cool these are all of the songs that Kanye's sampled in his first two LPS so it's a lot of good soul and Motown and R&B stuff the whole listing right here so bootleg that came out recently this is the Kanye West's 2001 demo tape bunch of tracks that ended up being tracks down the road on future albums more fleshed out but this is his tape he had before college dropout and honestly damn good kid was good from the start another bootleg this is con the Louis Vuitton Don another mixtape of his recently put on vinyl as a bootleg of course and another great mixtape another bootleg mixtape Kanye West addicted to retail another Saul listen these are a bunch of tracks that Kanye was featured on stuff that wasn't really on albums and a lot of the tracks are really good last but not least the Holy Grail possibly in my vinyl collection Kanye West's late orchestration comes in this pretty basic rockefeller promo sleeve has a sticker on top showing the late orchestration cover late or castration was a live show he did for 300 people we performed hits from his first two albums with a live orchestra and there's a DVD of it and a CD but the record is obscenely hard to find I don't know how many of these were pressed but the day I saw it pop up on Discogs I like freaked out and I bought it and I'm pretty happy I only paid about 60 bucks for it tends to go for a lot more it sounds so good the concert I wish I could have been there a lot of rap shows they do little parts of their song take little breaks just to the chorus Kanye rapped through his whole song front to back for like 15 tracks he was out of breath you can hear it if it sounds really good I don't know if this estimate sounds better than the CD however I'm really happy to add this to my collection so that is my Kanye vinyl collection if you think I'm missing anything please let me know I'm pretty sure to have almost everything that exists I think I'm going to take the title of the biggest Kanye vinyl collection on YouTube if you want to challenge that feel free leave a comment let 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  1. A vinyl version of Yeezus without Bound 2? That would be my dream! I honestly hate Bound 2 and feel it ruined what was otherwise a good album so I would be all for it, even if it was a mistake!

  2. I remember when I heard stronger on mtv back in 2007 I fell in love with his music that’s why graduation will for always be my favorite album of all time

  3. What an absolute waste of vinyl… I swear Kanye sold his soul to the devil to make people think his music is anything other than meh.

  4. Can you or anyone in the comments get me a link to a half decent quality bootleg of Graduation? It’s my fav Kanye album, sucks it never had an official release but I need to own it regardless.


  6. Does anyone know where I could buy a bootleg vinyl of Life of Pablo would really love it in my collection.

  7. Very impressive collection!!!!! Do you know by any chance where I could find a copy of your vinyl “The Kanye Collection”?

  8. Anyone know if the press of Graduation is censored? I've only ever heard one person claim it and I'm really curious if they were bullshitting, I'd lowkey be bummed if I copped it and it is lol

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