Is Your Mind Your Friend or Foe? – Teal Swan-

Is Your Mind Your Friend or Foe? – Teal Swan-

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  1. Unfortunately, I started my spiritual journey with spiritual bypassing cause I did not know any better (or maybe cause I wasn't yet ready for real spirituality). I spent more than a year using the method I learnt from "spiritual teachers" to avoid my negative thoughts and emotions which made me even more miserable that I was before. It wasnt until I started embracing pain that I became peaceful. Thank you teal, you are truly a gift.

  2. But add the presents of evil to this universe and nothing is fair….i would much rather this girl helps us to skirt around this unfairness than agree with the so called "laws of karma"…I hate the "laws of attraction," it is never fair !….It was NEVER a part of The Mother's plan …never !

  3. +Teal Swan. thank you for being different. thank you for being the same. thank you for being brave enough to be you. I don't care if other spiritual people call you a "show" and that nothing you teach is right. at least you make sense to me and your teachings are different, because you don't make me feel guilty or ignorant. you really help me to realise the small and big things in life. thank you

  4. We are lucky to have the worldwide web and YouTube so that beings who want to evolve in every way-have access to a spiritual teacher of the magnitude of Teal Swan…..

  5. so how do we connect our mind with our heart? the heart never lies to us, the mind though it could easily confuse us..

  6. SUMMARY – Is Your Mind Your Friend or Foe? – Teal Swan-

    it was said to get to the soul you had to seperate yourself form mind, body, emotions

    but the truth is there is nothing unspiritual because
    soul incarnates as mind, body, spirit
    we get closer to our soul by getting in touch with our thoughts, emotions and body.

    thoughts, emotions, body must be integrated to progress in spiritual life

    It is a spiritual truth that
    you are not your mind, you
    are not your emotions, and you are not your body.
    And yet you are your mind, you are your emotions, and you are your body

    These things are not your antagonist

    your mind wants enlightenment to but it just doesnt know how to get there
    it has leaned how to work from your parents

    there are many beliefs that you have to overcome the mind in order to live a fulliflled life and this causes us to build resistance towards our mind and see it as enemy

    but we cant excape from the mind so we seperate ourselves from our mind and split us

    Watch out for resistance against your mind and try to find union with the mind and embrace it instead

    your mind creates the world you live in, molds the energies of the universe into form
    it makes potential energy to tengible form

    everything you love in this life is manifested thought

    your emotions are like a child within you needing to be embraced, held, appreciated, nurtured, vaued

    your mind is like a child too and needs those things just as badly

    the mind speaks because of valid reasons
    embrace your mind

    The mind would not speak if
    it did not think it had
    something important to share with
    you, it wants you to hear
    Instead of separating
    yourself from your mind, embrace your mind.
    It is self-loving, and it is
    the opposite of self-abandonment, especially when your mind causing you to feel pain.

    if the mind thinks painful thoughts it is hurting. Treat it like a child that is hurting
    embrace your mind and bring it to enlightenment through a 4 step process

    1. become aware of what you are thinking
    Notice and name what the mind is doing (recognition)

    2. care compassionately about
    what you are thinking and what
    your mind is doing by seeing it as valid and important.
    dont judge

    seek to understand your own thoughts instead of agreeing or disagreeing

    3. acklowledge and validate your thoughts,
    let your mind know that it is ok and valid to have those thoughts
    its understandable why you have those thougts

    4. help the mind to focus on thoughts that feel better (only after acknowledgement)
    Now you can use any technique to change, steer or stop thoughts

    imagine your mind either inside outside their head or somehwere else
    further imagine your mind folding in a loving and embracing warm compassionate type of energy in a color you prefer !

    you dont fix your mind as you dont fix a child
    you love and guide your mind in the direction of happiness and purpose

    When you think the mind would appreciate to change thoughts you can use many techniques to change thoughts:

    1. question your thoughts you are thinking
    –> byron katie – the work

    use meditation for stopping thoughts or directing it in a more beneficial way

    change your beliefs
    > how to change a belief video

    use your mind to climb up the vibrational scale by choosing better a feeling thought and better feeling thouht

    use your positive aspects journal or your focus on something that feels better journal
    writing positive aspects about the certain subject that causes you pain or something else

    go on a positive focus or feel good scavnger hunt looking for things that in your environment that feel good

    the point is to give the mind something else to work with, something that feels better

    the mind is the sculpture of your life that works with the energy you give to it

    it is not the goal to seperate the mind from us to be in the present moment but to join all of what belongs to us together including the mind

    The mind is afraid of being in the present moment because it has been hurt there before
    do what is needed to reduce the minds anxiety of the present moment and it naturally will enter it

    you cant force your mind to be present, it will panic otherwise
    you cant force your mind doing anything like becoming calm but you can offer it love or different focus

    ask yourself: what is wrong about a mind that is not calm?
    What if calm is not the natural state of mind?
    it is one state of mind that is not more or less valuable than any other states of mind

    ask yourself: What was the purpose of mind when it was first created?
    if the mind had an important and
    beneficial role to play in
    life itself, what role would the mind play?

    calm means motionless but the mind is the artist who is naturally conceiving and perceiving and expressing
    being calm means receiving and allowing other aspects to lead like the heart which also has its place

    movement and non-movement they both have their place in the universe

    we only worry about the mind being calm when the mind is too agitaded to perceive which more has to do with that fact that the mind is focusing on negative things
    When we give the mind positive focus it does not bother us if the mind is calm or not

    there are different types of minds like dogs

    figure out what tools help your mind specificly to find alignment with what we want our mind to help us with.

    eg. if you have a active mind you can use movement meditation to calm your mind if you want to calm your mind

    never force your mind to be calm instead give it what it needs
    trust your mind that it lets you know what it needs
    Next time you want your mind to behave in different ways just
    ask it what it needs (or to be calm)

    include the mind in your spiritual practice, see it as an ally
    we can not become whole when we try to get away from the mind
    Integration needs to happen also with the mind as it has to with any other aspects

    Work with your mind instead of against it
    the mind always has been trying to work with you instead of against you

    Thanks Teal

  7. Very profound video. How many times we are taught of the mind is the enemy, and we get rid of it… Haha. The mind is our tool to create. Getting rid of it means getting rid of our essence as the true creator. Thx Teal!

  8. So for example im having an overactive monkey type of mind that wonders and thinks all kind of negative and irrational things . I am doing mindfulness meditation and i release control including letting my mind talk all it wants . But i learned that overthinking stresses the mind and i want to reduce stress. . what do i do ???

  9. Is this where i would start if i have generalized anxiety and social anxiety ? I have a hard time talking to people for a long period of time and when I'm at home I'm kinda lazy : /

  10. I LOVE TEAL SWAN! THANK YOU BEAUTIFUL! every time i watch one of your videos, i envision that our spirit's are one of the same. your impact on the world is gigantic, my friend!

  11. I was thinking of Byron Katie and soon after Teal mentiones her as a great teacher. Thank you Teal for the useful lectures.

  12. agreed… love your self help videos. I feel sad for those who don't receive them as just that. Keep doing what you are doing… all that is going on here is just helping others…encouragement goes a long way. I appreciate your agitation and irritability expressed~~ it's about time people are finally expressing and acknowledging the conscious evolutionizing mind … I wish I knew more people that I could be with IN PERSON who are on the same page..

  13. I was diagnosed bpd. I found ur videos about a month ago. I listen and practice daily. Since then my symptoms that I was told were as a result of the bpd have subsided. U have tought me a lot. How to cope w my emotions and thoughts. Tyvm

  14. love you..genius. .
    thank you ..riasing the bar of enlightenment ♡♢..
    you speak how I think yet havent discovered to comprise it into words yet.. well done..wwll articulated. .so glad you're you & do what you do .. you're an angel & dear friend mentor ..
    happy to see you again soon.
    peace & love

  15. Hey eyes are just. . . wow, so otherworldly to me. I love her teachings, also. Beautiful perception of the mind and it's faculties.

  16. So love you, Teal (in a spiritual way). Thanks God for sending you to us. Thanks for your strength and courage, and, of course, your sharing of your deep intuition and insight. God is blessing.

  17. Love love love this video! Thank you for touching on everything aspect and purpose of mind! This was so wholesome and my mind is already in a 'happy' state after being led here by a negative thoughts 🙂

  18. Thank you so very much for your guidance Teal!
    With my deepest gratitude and appreciation, for each and every one of your loving clear insights and profound teachings,
    you so caringly and generously share!
    How delicious to feel the recognition of their truth love and compassion deeply within settling and realign again and again that which is disconnected,
    Gently just as we are ready to receive dissolve whatever guards we still believe necessary to uphold for ourselves.
    May you be blessed with a loving, happy, long, joyfull and healthy life beneficial to all sentient beings, o Precious Precious Guru! ❤️🙏🏻

  19. This is gonna be contra-dictory but im a paradox anyway so it will probably level out. Shouldn't we keep all the thoughts that come to us to ourselves then?? And take vows of silence. If they aren't mine or rather were all mine at one point and now im limited to the ones that come to me…in this spy-ritual aWARNess of espionage. Are relationships helping anyone except for source?? or are they hiding information separated from source from source itself?? Source didn't validate and integrate very well so when we do this, wouldn't that mean we have more thoughts than source?. Mr. and Mrs. Smith makes a lot more sense as i type this haha so does every YES song pretty much…. Is a married couple considered a double or quadruple agent?? Polygamy is unavoidable with so much information it seems like haha. So-ur-ce is in-form-at-ion with sub-stance on miss-ion as-sign-mind a-way from ho-me playing hide and go seek in a game of marriage…Poly-Game

  20. Ok.. I have developed tinnitus due to stress is what I’m thinking. Now anxiety due to the tinnitus. My life is stressful. I’m confident that with yoga, working out, & meditation, the anxiety & most importantly tinnitus will completely disappear for ever & never to return!

  21. What is the connection between "mind" and subconscious in this context? I feel like when I am dealing with my mind I am always somehow dealing with my subconscious. Like the two have become more and more merged.

  22. What if your mind makes you sick, after all the impulses pushed on to you at an early stage in life? Another great video Teal thx

  23. this was fantastic! <3 especially the part with the dogs 😀 this has to be realized by people much more.. so sad most spiritual people are really into this: your mind is your enemy stuff. And they are not even willing to question that conviction because it would change their whole view on life, themselves and so on. And obviously they would have to deal with themselves more and that is work.


  25. This does not help to clear the mind this technique would take many years to gain a silent mind I know the samurai way to a silent mind

  26. Thx a ton Teal. I’ve been resisting my mind, thoughts n my PMS. Following spiritual lessons of only I can mk me happy, mortified me. LAO scared me of negative thoughts. Ur teachings have been a game changer. My Guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar inspired me to follow u. Thx 🙏🏼

  27. It doesn't suck.. Someone once said about my cooking.. I give you this today, Teal Swan.. Your council doesn't suck.. 🤣😊🤧😇

  28. "Please, I'm scared"
    "'Course you're scared it's the human condition, why do you think I put on this tough guy facade? Now BEAT IT!!!

  29. After weeks and months of my mind creating so much constant anxiety and suffering, this is the BEST video I have come across with compassionate, actionable advice. Thank you, Teal. I am almost crying. This is empowering.

  30. Once, I took 2 (4-way) hits of 'pharmacy-grade' window-pane (2K ug~) and tripped for 72 hours straight, hardcore. The question that came to be, was am I sane, insane, or is the world sane, insane…. The closer I got to peaking, the closer I got to thinking I was insane, as I came down, I realized it was not me that was insane, but the world!!!!!

    Crystal blue metallic green, Sensuous visual dynamic gleam, Cast your spell upon my mind, Entity of energy transverse through time, Mode beyond the realm of Zen, There to here all from within…..

  31. Thank You Teal love you 💜✨🙏🏻✨🌿🧚🏼‍♀️🌟😍💕💖⭐️🧚🏻‍♂️🦋🌱✨

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