Is NLP A Pseudoscience?

Is NLP A Pseudoscience?

is NLP fake or real? Stay tuned. This is
Damon Cart with NLP Gym. Is NLP just a pseudoscience? Before I get into that if
you haven’t already please click subscribe to this YouTube channel so you
can have these videos on a regular basis I received an email from one of my
subscribers by the name of Derek he writes dear Damon a certain fellow by
the name of Lloyd Machedo I think that’s how you pronounce his name completely
destroys NLP as he claims to be a master practitioner but peradventure you
already know about him actually Derick no I’ve never heard of this guy before you
sent me this youtube link and he writes here is the link of the clips he posted
I would just really like to know what you think please I’m just really
perplexed well Derek I hope this video can help clear some of that up
longing Machedo is a guy who like I said never heard of before and he has a
YouTube channel he doesn’t have a huge following he seems to be very popular in
the Middle East though I’m not really sure I don’t really know a whole lot
about the guy and I’m not going to try to tear him apart or anything like that
that’s not at all what I want to engage in I will address though in this video
the things that he claims about NLP in this particular video it’s called his
NLP or neuro linguistic programming fake or real by law in Machedo by the way if
you haven’t noticed that’s a bed behind me no I don’t have a bookshelf behind me
because I had a bookshelf behind me with a lot of books that would make me seem
more authorities so is it’ll be a pseudo science as this guy’s Loy Machedo claims
well let’s first dig into some of the things he said some of the things that
he claims in this video he claims to have bought every NLP book audio program
and online training NLP and claims to have spent forty to
fifty thousand dollars on NLP training more on that in a minute but that’s one
of his claims so keep that in mind I understand why he brings up Tony Robbins
Tony Robbins is probably the most successful and I’ll peer in existence
he’s an extremely successful guy about 90% of what he does or for what I’ve
seen in Tony Robbins videos is NLP I’ve never been to one of Tony Robbins
trainings or workshops or seminars so I’m not claiming to know everything
about Tony Robbins or that his entire technology is NLP I’m just saying from
what I’ve seen in his videos and what I’ve read from his books it’s a lot of
NLP Tony Robbins is not really my style I don’t have anything against the guy I
think though that people like to criticize him because it draws more
attention to themselves I did look into boy a little bit looked into just a
little bit about who he is you know it’s obvious when you look at him he stands
out he’s tattooed clearly from head to toe his whole entire face is tattooed he
planes though that he tattooed himself because he wanted to stand out and by
claiming that NLP is fake and especially criticizing or going after Tony Robbins
I see a lot of people doing that because they’re wanting some attention they’re
saying negative things about a guy who for many people or so idealized that
he’s almost a saint you can’t be as famous and as popular in the personal
development field as Tony Robbins so you might as well criticize them calling NLP
a pseudoscience sets a sense of frame for an argument that makes it so a
person can’t win unless you realize what is going on here and that put someone in
a position who practices NLP to then defend NLP and say no it’s not a
pseudoscience if I were to say that if I would say NLP is not a pseudoscience I
invite it’s polar opposite that it is a pseudoscience and if I step further back
than that what I’m presupposing or what
seto is presupposing when he says NLP is a pseudoscience
he’s also presupposing that it’s either of science or that people were trying to
pass off NLP as a science and quite honestly I have never heard anyone say
that NLP was or is a science I’ve done many many trainings with many different
trainers I live in Santa Cruz where it was created and developed and I know
some of the early developers the people who were there at the beginning I’ve
trained with Richard Bandler I that render have bumped into him at the
grocery store none of my conversations or none of the trainings that have been
– as have I heard and I’m not saying it’s impossible I’m not saying no one
ever claimed NLP was a science I’m just saying I’ve done a lot of NLP training
I’ve done it for years and I don’t hear anyone claiming that it’s a science a
technology yes science no what’s the difference you could say well a
technology as a scientist the science of whatever okay depends on how you define
technology Brazilian Jujitsu is a technology it’s a system of techniques
Yoga is a system of techniques mixed martial arts is a system of techniques
therefore I can call it a technology NLP is the same thing I’m not saying no one
ever called NLP a science I’m sure some people have I didn’t get into NLP
because I wanted to learn the science of NLP I wanted to learn the techniques and
the understandings and the mindsets of NLP to create what I wanted and it works
will it work for everyone that’s another thing that Masetto brings up it doesn’t
work for everyone well not all science works for everyone
either for example psychology is a science and there are psychological
models and therapeutic models and therapeutic systems and their scientific
may adhere to the theories of science they adhere to the scientific method
they certainly don’t work for everyone you can take targeted behavioral therapy
or EMDR both derivatives of NLP and lt preceded these models that are not now
accepted therapeutic models and the science of psychology but they don’t
work for everyone so if this is the argument is that NLP is not scientific
because it doesn’t work for everyone or it’s not effective because it doesn’t
work for everyone nothing works for everyone if that’s the
standard then nothing works as nothing of scientific one of the things I enjoy
about NLP is that it is part art it is not all science and if you want to bring
back in the therapy models talk to any really good therapist and ask them if
part of what they do is art in creation and creativity and any good therapist
will tell you yes of course they’re based and science but when they’re doing
therapy with someone they’re not dealing with a rat in a cage and allow they’re
dealing with a real human being and things change rapidly with that person
and they have many different roles to play in different contexts they live in
you have to be a bit of an artist to be a great therapist NLP is not so much
about the techniques either NLP is about behavioral flexibility and being able to
move from one technique to the next or even create a technique on the spot
because you have the skills so yes NLP is part art and part science it’s not a
science but it uses science law and Masato’s claims to have read every
single NLP book taken every single audio program and done every single NLP online
training and then done a lot of live training enough to become a master
practitioner and a trainer which doesn’t sound to be true when anytime someone
says they’ve read it all they’ve done it all immediately it starts to sound like
bullshit but let’s assume that he is absolutely true if you notice in this
video he’s sitting in front of a large bookcase with lots of books behind them
unlike myself which leads one to believe that he’s read all of these books and
not only has he read all these books but he’s memorized them all and he’s an
authority on it so let’s imagine he has let’s imagine he has done everything he
claims to have done then now when stepping back and saying
it doesn’t work and it’s useless at what point did he realize that and if he’s
really smart at what point do you say maybe this stuff isn’t working maybe
like $10,000 in maybe $20,000 in $30,000 in but no he spent $50,000 maybe at some
point and maybe after the third NLP books you might stop and think the stuff
isn’t working I want to go do something else but now he claims to have done it
all you have to ask yourself why would I listen to this guy if he blew $50,000
and spent so much time and effort and energy learning something and it took
him that long to figure out it doesn’t work my assumption is Macedo is a fairly
intelligent person he’s very well-spoken I’m sure he’s read a lot of books I’m
sure he’s done some NLP training NLP is not about the specific techniques
and whether or not they work it takes time to cultivate the skill it takes
time to adopt the mindsets it takes time to really be able to live and breathe
through the understandings of NLP at the same time if it’s not working for you
don’t do it I don’t I don’t I don’t say that NLP works for everyone I think it’s
good to explore things and if they don’t work for you don’t bother with them
another claim he makes is don’t learn don’t pay to learn NLP just learn it
from the free stuff that’s on the internet or learn it from books I agree
with if you’re interested in NLP you should definitely explore everything
that’s out there that you can get your hands on that’s free this will help you
understand if NLP is right for you and if you believe you’ll get something out
of a live training but here’s the thing you can probably learn gymnastics Yoga
you can probably learn some pretty interesting stuff on the internet you
can watch it on YouTube and you put it you get the information up here
that doesn’t mean you can do it that doesn’t mean you’re going to be good at
it I can learn probably learn how to fly an airplane by watching YouTube videos
that doesn’t mean I’m gonna be able to get into an airplane on my first try and
take off and fly this takes practice it also takes supervised practice it
also takes a mentor it also takes teachers coaches and it all depends on
how far you want to go so is getting free NLP training online on YouTube
reading books good absolutely are you going to become really good at it no
you’re not that’s where the training comes in another thing that Macedo
starts talking about in regard to NLP is fire walking and breaking boards and how
that’s a really a scam that is Tony Robbins thing and sure Tony Robbins is
not the only one who has done it because there’s been copycats since then but
that’s not an NLP thing fire walking is not an NLP thing breaking boards is not
an NLP thing in fact I tell people all the time you can have transformation you
can transform your life you can evolve yourself
without walking on fire and without breaking boards so let’s make that
distinction fire walking breaking boards that’s not NLP again NOP is not a
science it’s not a science therefore it’s not a pseudoscience you can’t call
NLP a pseudoscience unless people are trying to pass it off as a science and
again I’ve never done that as an NLP teacher and I can’t think of a single
training or a book that I’ve read where they’re trying to pass NLP off as a
science in general it’s not regarded as a science it’s more a technology and
some of the techniques have been brought into therapy brought into psychology
peer reviewed tested and our part of psychology the science of psychology
even hypnosis which about a third of NLP is based on is a an accepted therapy in
psychology which in science I do yoga and I do NLP to things that he talked
about in this video and he made a reference to what if I told you yoga
will change your life well yoga did change my life so did NLP
yet I don’t believe that that means it will
change everyone’s life that is true for anything nothing it can be said that
will change everyone’s life you choose your disciplines you choose your
practices you choose what you feel makes your life better there are some things
in this video that law says that I agree with the thing about certification that
he talks about how it’s just nonsense and it doesn’t mean anything really I
agree with them on that certificate usually just means that you pay for a
course it means that you may have even attended the course it doesn’t mean
anything about how good you are but it’s also very that’s also very similar to
styles of martial arts there are many schools of martial arts or karate that
the belt system doesn’t mean anything I mean it just means that you paid for and
you took a test which means you can do certain kicks and punches it doesn’t
mean you’re effective in a fight with certification in that way and NLP
doesn’t really mean much either I know people have many certifications and
still don’t know the basics in NLP so he’s correct about that
another thing that Macedo talks about that I agree with is people overcharging
for NLP there are some out there who charge way too much he talks about
someone who charges $23,000 two for a single NLP training he talks about
someone else who charges 15,000 I have never seen that I have trained with some
of the best and help eaters in the world like Robert Dilts Judith DeLozier and
even Richard Bandler one of the founders of NLP and I’ve never paid that much for
a single training I do know though that there are some people out there like
that and I would I would stay away from these people who are trying to
overcharge if you’re trying to figure out if NLP is real or not I would say
it’s not a science it’s part science part art mainly it’s a technology just
like mixed martial arts is a technology and how good you are at the technology
is how much you embrace it how much you enjoy it and how much you practice it
and actually use it and use it effectively with others and with
yourself they don’t P work for everyone no it
doesn’t but what does nothing works for everyone
to summarize don’t listen to this guy about NLP about whatever else he talks
about I don’t know I didn’t watch these other videos and
the other thing is to stay away from people who make really bombastic claims
or if they make claims that sound too good to be true maybe be curious enough
to explore don’t pay a lot of money for it though if a person can make truly
outrageous claims then they should be able to prove it or show it without
charging you twenty three thousand dollars to do it so be wary of those
people I’m not saying that snake oil doesn’t exist in NLP of course it does
it exists in every profession and even even different types of science it
exists in other words use NLP if it works for you whatever works use it
that’s what you should do check out my website follow me on
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your question take care everyone


  1. This is an awesome video that defends NLP. I'm a certified practitioner 😂 I know. But whenever someone says NLP doesn't work, I always ask them are they talking about the whole system, or things like anchoring, mirroring and matching and other techniques that have been tested and proven. I mean aren't phobias and fetishes anchors?

  2. good evening from the UK … hi Damon every modality of healing has it's nay Sayers …they are not putting me off …I'm starting my nlp training in October this year if I lived near you l would definitely sign up with you …regards Steve

  3. If he is not using hyperbole he is a liar.

    There is no way he could have read every NLP book. Just finding them would be a major feat. Maybe in the 1980s or early 1990s it was possible, and certainly in the 1970s, but by the late 1990s there were already too many to read. Many are not even labeled "NLP" and might have a sales, self-improvement, business, or relationship title. Some of the better books, written for practitioners and not the general public, were never available at bookstores and rarely show up on Amazon searches.

    Of course just reading them is one thing, and not useful unless you go through the book and do each exercise, some of them multiple times. But he did just say that he read them.

    I've never walked on fire nor have I broken any boards as part of an NLP training. I've broken boards in martial arts, but it is common in that context.

    I took a social psychology class in 1996. Our textbook mentioned a new discovery that occurred in 1992 when social scientists discovered that rapport can be established through matching and mirroring posture. Tony Robbins was very popular in the late 1980s and "Unlimited Power" was a best-seller in 1987 and by 1992 it was common advice in sales books so I highly doubt these social scientists were unfamiliar with NLP.

    When "social scientists" think they "disprove" part of NLP, they say they debunked the entire field. When they prove part of it, then they claim it as their own discovery.

  4. Damon excellent response, you have raised some insightful information on this topic. And just as a side note to the discussion…Richard Bandler and John Grinder co creators of NLP stated that it's the study of excellence. I believe, that the study, is an ongoing process, the learnings and techniques you gain are extremely useful and helpful in assisting people to become successful in the outcomes they desire to achieve.

  5. Sawubona Damon

    As you may realize there is a time delay factor because of the distance between my country and yours so I am sadly not the first to respond.

    Thank you sooo much for your response to my inquiry on NLP. I found it to be thoroughly professional, well-constructed in terms of its flow of thought and hugely educational. I am still at the beginning of my journey in NLP but to have this manner of insightful discussions I am challenged, motivated and splendidly enthused all at the same time.

    Last night I was discussing my eager anticipation to see your response with a dear friend of mind by the name of Paul Wilton so I am blown away by this posting and thank you sooo much for how you are challenging and inspiring me.

    Warmest regards from a chilly Paarl in South African.


  6. NLP is not a science because it's about suggestion which cannot be measured. This is a model for the suggestible person who can be manipulated or rewired, just like the on stage hypnotist who tests the audience for the most suggestible client, then whittles down those chosen that will make the hypnotist show work. NLP is a cash cow system. Bandler, by his own admission was a cocain addict and was a suspect in a murder case. Bandler was sued in the US and UK because he tried to trademark or copy right NLP. Remember most of NLPs system is from other experts past work, and can go further back to ancient Greeks and Egyptian book of the dead etc. NLP is a money making system because the NLP courses are so expensive with the claim they are at a diploma & masters level of academia because of the hours the client puts in from the course study material and the test you complete before the course starts, because they know that the client would take a while or not even complete the test after course, which means they cannot be given a diploma certificate and keep that large sum of money. Nobody is going to pay that large sum for just the course material and an Attendance certificate. Think about it and look into it before being conned into a course with those claims they make. Thanks

  7. Yup. You said it. It is not A SCIENCE. End of the argument.

    People’s health needs evidence-based science.

    Psychology and any science even if it is contains some theories but it can be testable in a controlled environments.

    While NLP and other fake sciences are self centered experiences which cannot be generalized to a group of population. Subjectivity is never a valid way to objectify treatment in health field.

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