Is Black Magic Dangerous? A Look at Dark Magic — Witchcraft

Is Black Magic Dangerous? A Look at Dark Magic — Witchcraft

Elune Blue Black magic is not magic that is inherently evil or bad by any means. Black magic actually refers to magic using destructive energies. As with any source of destruction, Black magic is indeed dangerous, but that doesn’t make it any less natural or useful. To understand the nature of Black magic, we need to understand the nature of destruction. Destruction is one of the driving forces of life and the universe. Destruction and its counterbalancing force, Creation, both result in transformation. Destruction takes something stable and breaks it down into many pieces. Creation takes many pieces and makes something whole and stable. Nothing can die that cannot decay, and nothing can decay without the force of destruction in the universe. When we speak of Black magic we are speaking of spellwork with the capacity to take everything of its target apart. Unfortunately, the most prominent use of Black magic in the magical community is currently against other people, such as hexes and curses. However, there are many positive uses for the force of destruction. For instance, numerous types of banishing work uses destruction quite effectively, without being of harm to anyone or anything. “Cleansing” the energy of any object is literally just destroying the informational state of the energy and returning it all to base. Purification spells and rituals to undo hexes and curses, as well as spells to remove negative forces from your life all have some element of destruction in them. It is in how we use Black magic, through our intent and method, that determines whether or not it falls under the moral and ethical constructs of “Evil.” The idea that all things Black magic are is is originally a religious bias that has slowly but soundly become a societally ingrained belief that has little to do with reality. Would you say a butcher’s knife is evil if it was used by a serial killer? Of course not! The serial killer is evil. The butcher’s knife is just a tool. Black magic uses a type of energy, and energy is simply a tool. If you enjoyed this video, please don’t forget to Like and Subscribe! Thank you for watching! Is Black Magic Dangerous? Understanding the Truth About Black Magic from Elune Blue


  1. True that the destructive forces of Nature are all part of the Universal Life Cycle. But I would still take into account that magic is called out black, white, or varying shades of gray in between based on ethics! The darker you are (dark gray to black) the more unethical you are with magic! Whereas, the more light you are. The more you keep clean and ethical with magic! While black magic is malevolent. White magic is benevolent. And there are varying shades of gray magic in between…

  2. I’ve got nothing to lose, I’m not special and I have no talent. Just remember that when using black magic it may backfire on you.

  3. Black magic is not really. Witchcraft is not black(bad) nor is it white(good) it is a tool. If I give you a hammer you can either build a house or hit me over the head with it.

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  5. So, if there are demons, then there is a God who's the head honcho, right? Which means that he probably doesn't approve of you consorting with them. Which means that your trading a lifetime of favors for an eternity in the lake of fire. Hmmmm… Not a wise investment!

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