Waddup, humans? Kurumi here! And welcome to another episode of our Skin
Comparison Series! In this video, we are going to feature new
skins, and compare them with a previous skin of the
same hero. On this episode, we have Irithel’s Astral
Wanderer Epic skin from the Lucky Box. For those of you who are asking if how much
diamonds were spent to get Irithel’s Epic skin, kindly check one of our videos which we posted our spin for Irithel’s Lucky Box! On today’s episode, we are going to compare
the new skin with the previous skin, Sagittarius Zodiac skin. This skin reminds me of the Tron movie. The only thing is, Irithel is riding on Leo
instead of a hoverbike. Let’s see if the Sagittarius’ galactic zodiac
effects will beat the effects of Astral Wanderer. Okay, so let’s move on. To begin, let’s check out Irithel’s basic
attacks and her passive skill. As you can see, the new skin is shooting laser
missiles, or whatever it’s called. Irithel is like shooting semi-automatic space
blasters. These missiles are definitely stunning. Just a hit from this definitely looks like
it will melt you down. Now, let’s feature Irithel’s first skill. Take a look on the arrow missiles that landed
on the ground. The effects really feels intergalactic. The after-effects of the arrows gives off
the raindrop effects. Next, we have Irithel’s second skill effects. Let’s check Leo’s roar. Oh my gawd. The effects of the roar is truly marvelous. Looks like the range of this skill is larger just because of its massive effects. The effects remind me of an energy or force
field. Lastly, we have Irithel’s ultimate skill effects. When she jumps toward the direction, it doesn’t
have that much effects. But take a look on the charged arrow missiles
she shoots. Oh my gawd. The effects upon hitting an enemy is definitely
locking down the target. The skill effects really made this skill even
scarier than it is. So much wow for this skill effects. All in all, this skin is really alluring. Just looking at her basic attacks is already
a good deal for this skin. That blaster missiles really captivated me
already. No doubt about it. And the energy field created by Leo’s roar
is truly spectacular. What do you think of this new Epic Skin of
Irithel? Comment down below and tell us what you think! We just posted a video and showed how much
diamonds we spent to get this skin. Once more, we do not really recommend selling
internal organs to earn money to buy diamonds. Prioritize your health over everything else. It’s hard to play Mobile Legends if you are
not healthy. So take care of yourself, okay? Someone still loves you, so don’t lose hope. Do not forget to like and share this video. Also, subscribe to our channel for more updates. For our skin giveaway event, check the Community
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  1. Can you give me diamonds because i want to buy starlight please give me 🙏🙏

    IGN:boss jayrod

    I like your epic skin the effect is so beautiful epic skin is better than zodiac

    I hope you give me diamonds


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