Waddup, humans? Kurumi here! And welcome to Mobile Legends: What’s new? In this video, we are going to show you our
spin for Irithel’s new epic skin. We will also show you on how much diamonds
we have already used per spin. But as we all know, Crystal of Aurora is what’s
needed to draw on the lucky box. So, to count the total diamonds, let’s just assume that 1 Crystal of Aurora, is just equivalent to 1 diamond. Okay, so let’s move on. First, let’s pick out which 4 items we should
ban. It is really necessary to pick 4 items before
starting the roulette. We chose to exclude these items since we don’t
really have the need for these. You might ask, “Why not the heroes you already
have?”. Well, as what we always say, we need battle
points so bad. So, so bad. Okay, so let’s continue with the roulette. You can see on the top part of the screen
the diamond count that is being wasted so far. It’s not really being wasted, since it gives
you free heroes, skins, and emblems along the way. Not unless you have those heroes and skins
already, then that’s what we call wasted diamonds. So far, it’s expected that we are to get the
Epic skin on the 9th or 10th draw. So, here comes the crucial moment of every
lucky box, the 9th draw which is the second to the last
draw. Tik tok tik tok tik tok tik. Tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk. Now, this is sad. This is one of our unlucky moments. We have experienced this before, but I can
say this is 1 out of 5 cases. I have no choice but to roll this one, since
it’s a waste not to roll this. But yea, we really want this Irithel skin. So, here we go! All in all, we spent 4250 diamonds. Kinda expensive along with other rewards,
This skin is pretty galactic! The color really wants to showcase an intergalactic
warrior! This kinda reminds me of Kimmy’s skin,
but this one wants to be anonymous with its tinted helmet. We will be posting our skin comparison later
to show you the skill effects of this new skin. If you guys also tried the Lucky Box, let
us know in the comments section! Please, never get to the point where you need
to sell your internal organs, or sell your stuff at home just to have diamonds. Why not plant fruit seeds in your backyard? Then you can pick the fruits from it, then
make a fruit shake that you can sell. Pretty amazing, right? Not just you promote healthy foods to your
buyers, you also can earn money to buy diamonds. Do not forget to like and share this video. Also, like our Facebook page and subscribe
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this video. See you on the next Mobile Legends What’s
New?! Cheers!


  1. When you lose all of your diamonds before the final draw


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    yuk saling subscribe bro… saling suport thanks

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  4. Please tell moontoon to revamp the skin😖 or At least make her look back when she’s shooting because it really sucks. I mean come on , it’s her passive like wtfff

  5. Please help me I need 2 more 😭

  6. Help me please

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