Intuitive art – how to paint whimsical flowers – Mixed media flowers – Art collab by Ayala Art

Intuitive art – how to paint whimsical flowers – Mixed media flowers – Art collab by Ayala Art

If you like mixed media and intuitive art stick around. This video’s gonna be good! I have here the beautiful work of Yassmina, who sent me this big decorated envelope, her art, and a card for me to work on, so I’m going to be opening her painting that she started for me to paint over, and I hope you enjoy this video! all right pretty washi tape, and this is what i’m going to be working with. so we have a lot of beautiful colors and… I’m going to think for a couple of minutes and see what i can see, find, or come up with within the designs here… paint color selected and a couple of other things to start my imagination going okay I seemed to find flowers. So this is going to be flowers for Mom! Nothing realistic… but looks like a lot of fun. all right i think i will leave the pot with these designs. i’m going to send this to the back with a little bit of a wonderful aqua and turquoise, and these flowers and leaves are going to stay pretty much as they are, but they’re going to be enhanced by this gorgeous green. i will just go around with this color, and since I don’t talk much when I’m painting I’m just going to put music for you here, and will fast forward. If you prefer some other way of doing the video please let me know in the comments below! I want to hear your opinion! I am fine with music and sometimes I talk, but sometimes I don’t, and so I think it’s easier if we just do it one way. But you please let me know, and we go from there. I aim to please you! I think I’m done with this painting. I want you to see some of the details up-close… I am going to be sending it back to Yasminna all the way to the Reunion Island. I hope you had fun watching this flower pot video and if this is the first time that you’re visiting click over here to subscribe, and if you click on the bell once you are subscribed to my channel, you will be notified every time I upload a video, which is weekly on Tuesdays. And sometimes more than once a week if I am in a challenge, or a “hashtag event.” Give us thumbs up, Go and visit in the iCard that will be over here to see what Yassmina made for me! And thanks for visiting, and remember to keep your paint brush wet! Hey guys! As a bonus material i want to show you, i printed the same thing because i wanted to know exactly what else to do, if anything else so i had scanned the image then I printed it and then I well I made some options of the dots and the lines… I hope you you can see them clearly over there… and at the end I decided to leave it just as it is, but you can always scan or take a picture of your painting if you have any doubts on where to go next and when you print it you have a way to easily decide if you want to make any additional changes, or if you just want to go in one direction or the other. Anyway, I hope you give this video a thumbs up! Thanks for watching, and see you the next one!


  1. Wow, you have the most amazing eye for painting! I could watch you paint all day and I really enjoy the way you currently do the videos. I have a question…when you say you can scan your work or take a picture if you want to make changes, but wouldn't you be scanning a canvas then working on just paper that you print out? How does that work if you want to work on canvas? Thank you, Becca

  2. Lovely paintings! Very interesting to see intuitive art and mixed media! Big like,thanks for sharing 😃👍

  3. Beautiful…it seems so easy but I think you did a great job. Love that subtle background shining through. Great use of your pixie dust…thanks Marta!

  4. Thankyou somuch. Please could you tell me what sort of black pencil you used. I am new to painting and need advise. Thankyou, Liz.

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