INSPIRATION: Spiritual & Good Friendships Bring Happiness

INSPIRATION: Spiritual & Good Friendships Bring Happiness

You want to be happy. Other people
like to be happy too. When you need to be happy, what do you need in your life? You need lot of friends, and good friends. If you are surrounded
by good friends, your life becomes smooth, your life becomes happier. Why? Because they are positive people.
When the positive people…friends means also positive. And they help you when you need it.
And you can help them too. But if you have bad friends around, which they are indulged with
the negative thoughts, they are indulged with the like any drugs… Any addiction, then those friends you don’t need it.
You need to make good friends in your life. And good friends can help you too. Because when you
are surrounded by good friends, so it is positive energy. Flows around you. And when positive energy flows
around you, you’re always in the highest spirit. When you are in the higher spirit, it makes you very much happy. People think
just success makes them happy or money makes them happy. That is wrong. Many people, they are millionaires. They are billionaires.
But they are not happy at all. Why? Because something is missing from their life. Either they don’t have good family, either they
don’t have good mother, either they don’t have good children, or they don’t have good friends. And when they don’t have good friends, their
happiness they cannot share the happiness even. Because that is the way to share your happiness,
when you have good friends. And you will know that when you share your feelings to the friends
they don’t just talk about your feelings to the other people. Because they are good friends. I think that if you really
need happiness in your life, you need to have good friends. Friends make a big difference in your life. I will
tell you select a good friend in your life. And the best friend is if you have a
spiritual advisor, spiritual teacher. Seek that. Maybe that can help you more. It can be your best friend.


  1. i share my "feelings" with my friends and they just use this against you and then accuse you of being a "bad" person really sucks

  2. what if there's no any around? i was born in saudi Arabia i can't find spiritual friends around!!! what could i do shall I be with my own?? most of ppl here r ignorance.

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