¡IMPACTANTE investigación paranormal! CAPTAMOS EL ROSTRO de MUERTA en la BAÑERA

¡IMPACTANTE investigación paranormal! CAPTAMOS EL ROSTRO de MUERTA en la BAÑERA

Good Morning. Today we are going towards a
place you have asked us countless times we go at night
and let’s use the spirit box app. Is a old hotel from the 30s or 40s where
we have done two explorations previous and where according to experts in the
paranormal scope roam at least three presences and also the
suffering from one of them as if something terrible would have happened to him in the place.
In the infinity of satanic rituals, invocations and
spells, like the one we found in the bathtub in the last exploration. Even
it is claimed that these actions would have released the presence of an entity
evil that roams the place. Going to be a dangerous exploration by the
building structure and also by Who or what can we find in this place. Before you start remember that We continue with the challenge with the Jasogurbex channel. The last channel that reaches 100,000 subscribers and therefore
lose the challenge, you will have to pay the another one trip to an amazing place
abandoned that we’ll show you later in both channels So subscribe and
activate the bell so you don’t get lost absolutely nothing. Follow us on Instagram
and in the rest of our social networks I leave you in the description box and
I don’t entertain you anymore, we start. We are inside the place we cannot speak very loudly
because we don’t know if there are people here. guys this place with the fame it has
of apparitions and others it’s terrifying at night this site is very paranormal they say there are many presences I thought I heard footsteps in the background listens a noise is heard yes guys, we’re hearing noises here. Notice that they have changed the refrigerator. Tropical beer coolers and ice sales. Now we will use the spirit box, but first we will recognize the place to make sure there is no one here I had not seen that door before there is a paper that goes from the outside in thats weird watch out is rare
it looks like there was someone in the bathtub a christmas wreath this place closed at Christmas time I would never open again there is a mystery about the exact circumstances why this hotel closed look at the candles here they have been doing rituals, satanism and others … wait… sound increased You hear bumps on the upper floor. Where it is said that there is the male presence of the hotel. I’m hearing bumps look, empathy, neighbor, needs … I don’t know what this is, but between this and the candles it is clear that they are doing something weird here a veil, looks like a horror movie. It looks like a lady’s veil look over there, I’m hearing noises there behind, in the box that back we will enter here and we will visit the house at the end this was not here before check this out Hello look at the christmas decoration up there the fridges Fireplace when there are big bottles is that there are homeless people exit
hopefully there is a way out We’re hearing noises, we don’t know if there’s a person in here we are checking e place, we are entering the kitchen for now use the spirit box look, more bottles and he has water notice that it has water inside watch out look at the kitchen Look how the kitchen is. They are spoiling it all before it was completely intact but already
they have spoiled it there is the bathroom where we find the spell to know that we will find when we go there … come on before we heard noises there there was a noise inside – Is that a lamapara? yes it seems that there is no one we will enter that part of the hotel we go to the oldest part of the hotel where more presences are seen and psychophonies are captured a bottle, surely there is someone inside jaso realizes that there is something strange Here he is staying or has someone stayed yes, someone has stayed here or is there someone staying Hello we don’t want to disturb is there someone? I have a heart to a thousand, look at everything inside look, once we came here I told them that we had found a scary spell in this grandmother The spell is still there. I will record it for you to see but I will not read it. Read it under your responsibility. We do not want to disturb. can we come in? my mother my life spooky How strange, it has everything, a curtain, jugs, a mattress someone is living here a curtain, jugs, seats what is that? Praece a blood stain it is not look at everything here there are clothes, papers, cigars we have to be careful if it’s here this is very strange guys, you should like us and subscribe to the channel, we are in danger to be able to show you this … thanks. we do it for you we are getting into the wolf’s mouth can someone be here This is where it is said that the male presence is usually seen we are hearing voices although this seems firm ground to you, it is rotten wood underneath Hello
Hello we don’t want to disturb the noise was heard inside watch out there is something red in the fireplace someone put wood to light the fireplace let’s start with the spirit box anyone here? are you with us now? Does it bother you that we are here? a male voice seems to say “go away” Can you repeat what you just said? Do you know if we are in danger here? wait! I heard a noise there Did you hear it anyone there? Hello We’re just visiting, we don’t want to disturb If you’re here, tell us something, we’re just visiting I don’t know if it will be an animal, we will continue we hear noises continuously Are you still with us We decided to go to the bathroom where they have done Satanic rites at the time there was a chair here and the edge full of candles that we know are a spell On the internet he says it is a spell.
Let’s try it again we start anyone here? Is there anything evil in this bathroom? other noise Hello i am not calm are you with us Did something terrible happen in this bathroom? did you die here? a female voice seems to say: “it was at night” I have the creeps I give them a girl. They might do something here. What happened to you here? Can we help you in any way? Are you still in this grandmother? because the camera has detected a face Do you consider yourself a good or a bad person? The female voice seems to say: “I am bad or I am bad” we have the creeps the female voice seems to shout: “your salt” It seems I scream! it’s right here in the division between the bathtub and where they put the chair the chair and the candles were there, where the voice is heard Can you tell us something to help you? look!!! Jaso just saw that the picture looks for faces of his camera just detected a face in the bathtub look, the square is detecting someone’s face in the bathtub Did you hear it keep seeing someone there yes, keep detecting the face there I have the creeps we are leaving, greetings well guys here the video today
I will propose a challenge, if we reach 5000 likes and everyone subscribes
We will return at night and sleep in the hotel. We will carry the spirit box and
tape recorders to see what happens imagine what can happen one night
Whole in this place. He left it in his hands among all subscribers
who answered the question I asked them in the last video: do you think the state
should have given this utility another abandoned alpine residence? In this
occasion I will highlight the comment of María del Carmen Moreno who tells us:
“they should have kept it for people who are on the street and not
they have where to live, because it is a place amazing and very beautiful and it’s a shame
That is abandoned. You risk a lot in going alone, take care of yourself in those places,
You don’t know what you can find, a greetings from seville “. greetings to
You too Carmen and thank you very much for your commentary. If, like her, you want your
comment be highlighted in the next video answers the question: what do you think
what would happen to you if you stayed to sleep alone or alone in this abandoned hotel?
Now I will greet 5 subscribers: Bonnie Lopez
Verbenia Almeida, Forest Fairy and especially to Ale Izquierdo that
recently it was his birthday as well congratulations Ale and comply
many more. Follow us on instagram and on the rest of our social networks that
we have in the description and without more me dismissal for today. Thank you so much for
be part of this great family and we see the next video, greetings


  1. Hola Bokine para mi yo creo que decía " fue en la ducha" no en la noche y se veía un rostro muy buen vídeo profesional como siempre pero chicos tengan mucho cuidado que se puede encontrar en esos sitios con muchas personas físicas que os puedan agredir vale ya les dije primero su integridad física. Saludos desde Montevideo Uruguay.

  2. Hola campeón que tal esta buen video un vídeo muy bien requetebién muy bien hrpecho me a gustado un millón seguir así campeones a mí me da igual el que gane los dos sois los mejores valiente campeones el que gane ganó venga a por el reto el video está muy tétrico y muchos suspense y algo de terror tenéis que ayudarla un fuerte abrazo

  3. Yo no me Hiba por nada de mundo a esa casa a dormir para que para que me dé un infarto y en ese momento me atrapa el demonio y me quedo en esa casa y después os pido ayuda por la espirit box y no me reconocemos y allí me quedo ni hablar de peluquín yo allí jamás me voy un fuerte abrazo

  4. Aquí tienes mi like para que se vayáis a dormir tu y el jaso y se lleváis el saco de dormir y a la mañana siguiente a contamos cómo lo habéis pasado venga campeones ustedes lo podéis con todo un fuerte abrazo

  5. Hola guapos que pasada esta todo que fue lo que paso ahi saben corazones meda mal rrollo tiene que abersido muy malo lo que ocurrio ahi like like like like like like like like like like meda mucha pena gracias mis preciosos por su muy buen video abandono un abrazo cuidense ustedes se merecen todos mis like besos es un muy buen video abandono me a gustado mucho los felicito

  6. henora vuhena por el vidio ha sido manifico ha cuando dais puesto el espiri box yo en tedido sali boz de hobre yen el baño ha dicho de noche y soi mala del mal si borveis tener cuhidado yervar protrecion hino toqis nada os puhede segir un saludo😲👍👍

  7. Si chicos al entrar se escuchaban 3:08,9 👂golpes y ruidos . En los minutos: 4:46,47 escucho no- entren (voz de una chica) ;4:56 👂cuidao ;5:08 09 escucháis q' han tirao piedritas ;5:31,32 👂no esta noche (algo así 👂😱).Cuando están con la spirit se escucha váyanse de aquí ;11;34 fue la otra noche ;12:23 👂salte. (La voz de una chica) .Si bastante tétrico el hotel es muy peligroso hasta a mi me dio escalofríos. Jeje
    Pues si van tengan mucho cuidado en la noche. Con mucha precaución y mucho ojo. Vale
    Buena investigación. .boking

  8. Recuerdo perfectamente este lugar….el del conjuro…horrible.Qué valor teneis campeones…..A tope fiel como mi Rafaelita

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  17. The hotel was built in the 30's and 40's. It's almost a hundred years old. The hotel looks dilapidated and eerily haunting in the darkness. Unknown noises could be heard throughout the filming, but could not be verified from whom or what. The spirit box was responsive, but remain elusive throughout, except for intermittent noises, as questions and answers intermingled with each other. With suspicion of homeless people living there, it's not advisable and dangerous to spend the night in that abandoned hotel. Great video, though. Thanks Bokine Exploring.

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    Muy buen video me encanto yo ni loco entraría en ese lugar
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