Illuminati Telepathic torture theory

Illuminati Telepathic torture theory

Hi Youtube. I want to explain my thoery on how
I think Illuminati families differ from normal person theories just that come up with over the years from reading
on it different theories on line about Are there “Illuminati” and if there are, what are they like? I’m gonna have to use an analogy here where were gonna compare walking upright with telepathy because I think Illuminati families do something with telepathy that it’s hard to understand unless you also have telepathy, which most people don’t well they do but they don’t realize it so we’re gonna explain what the Illuminati families do with telepathy using the analogy of walking upright first, because i think
you’ll relate to that better Now, walking upright can be hard to learn because it’s a complex form of motion that involves um very fine tuned you know motor
skills and coordination and a lot of um hand movement cordnation skills have to be
development to perfect it so with I drew a chart So this is walking upright See, there’s the fellow, or the Mother or the Daddy and there’s the little baby crawling he can’t walk upright so what normal people do there he is holding the baby’s hands helping him
learn how to walk upright But if they were very sick if people if people were really sick then they would instead of helping their baby walk
upright david tonight comp emitting light that’s their pokeing
sticks at a little baby who can barely walk and saying haha so they might just work at the little
people calling around that can barely walk they pokeing him
with sticks and until he eventually starts walking
just as pain avoidance so that’s two ways to deal with walking upright there’s normal family way of dealing
with walking upright and then theirs sick the limit on the families that telepathic and they know their
telepathic sewage telepathy it’s also a complex
things who are in the beginning if u telepathic you don’t realize that
other people’s thoughts you’re picking up in your head are not your thoughts you think they’re
your thoughts of the person that can be very hard to learn to distinguish your thoughts
from other people’s thoughts or to to gain any level of control over redeemed accepting dot so if you are a telepathic species you have to teach your baby’s to use
telepathy just like you have to teach your babies to walk telepathy here’s a look see there’s a there’s a lot of everybody in their baby and a little time capitation just going
not so here’s our normal dot goes from parents head today is head in baby satisfactory notices that and he says that do you parent notices the baby by young child picking up more and more
than a topic thoughts they might let the baby know what what is happening
and teach them like the teach them how to block but the alumni family students see here is hotkey going from the character to character and thanks to you think they need it now cacti fresh and katie act that’s what they do date or that their children in this
league using telepathy rather than nurturing their children’s telepathic
skills anna like a normal loving parent that’s why i think the aluminum


  1. Very interesting. These families may go further. They may traumatise those they wish to psychically cripple, by imposing negative thoughts upon them without indicating that the thoughts did not originate with the child. This would make the child 'responsible' for those thoughts.

  2. Apparently, the Illuminati are an ages old gang of criminals. I think that long ago, they began to destroy widely or universally possessed faculties in every newborn baby, to keep such faculties to themselves, thus making themselves powerful, and their now dependent slaves, weak.

  3. Some, or even most, UFO abductees say they were traumatised by imaginary playmates, who had at first been good to them, as children, before the abductions began. They say these experiences discouraged them from exploring their psychic world, further. Are these 'playmates' telepathic criminals, who traumatise others psychically, to deter them from developing psychically? I think they may be.

  4. Hello, everibody make to me miseries imposibble to manage because the immense attack to the money who I give to receive the wanted onest help, the absurd and scheme attitude, the neighbours, the cops, mass-media, here in romania are tottaly manipulate accepted money form 4 years here when I moved for escape; a growing up community parasitate the village with women and mens- specialists psihologists, psihiatrists,etc, operators, thugs, etc

  5. Here are implemented a big nightmare with high powerfull energies, with sincronised many operators to attack fisically and psihically many people in the same time, but everybody it is letted to live, me not: I am keeped in comma because permanently insomnia, tortured fisically without pause; what to do? nobody don't want to involve to help me and I can't help myself. Thanks

  6. i feel your pain, you see and hear them 2, this sick stuff almost killed me but im no stupid i got pyramids and lots of crystals and the speed of light from the central sun, and the power of the sun of the sun and im taking my grid back, im stronger thin they think and there dream torture hardly works on me now, many blessing love and light from new zealand sweet girl

  7. "…there seems to be consensus that Illuminati families are filled with horrific levels of child abuse."

    It's called COVER TACTICS. How else do you convince an entire country that there is a massive psychological conditioning conspiracy focused on poorly documented century old mind programming research which supposedly proves that exposure to trauma and public television makes it possible to condition a person to fall asleep or bark like a dog when they hear the words "U.S. Government is a team of worthless con-artists who provide no service to any nation or society on this planet" ?

  8. Blowing my mind with liberal common sense …. conservative minded people think you are crazy ? … right ? …. you make friends with liberals but conservatives hate you …? love it …thx 

  9. I feel compelled to send you support for your video.  RIGHT ON in your distinction between telepathy and morality! Morality is key, yet many people confuse telepathy and other mysterious occurrences with morality and having ethical commitments (the two: paranormal ability vs. ethical commitment, are different).  This video is brilliant with light, and funny. You are a great voice for those undergoing paranormal harassment.  Thank you from my deepest heart.

  10. wow! You brilliant sweetheart genius …i love and see so much truth here thank you for making this video its life changing plz keep going stronger and STRONGER

  11. They are fuk all n nothing..they grow old, you need to be twins to be telephatic, the chosen ones were in the prison camps. They are dead now, they were only telpathic with each other because of dna match. 

  12. Well, I understand that when you say this, it is culturally placed into insanity–schizophrenia, paranoia.  But "illuminati" doesn't help your case.  Though, I believe your experience.  Sucks, huh?  (I don't even like posting this because of how taboo it is).

  13. I feel this chick is working a spell. the pictures of the stick man with the triangles. the the way she says the word sick projecting it more then once and adding emphasis to it.

  14. You poor darling, you are right, I was in that kind of family too, and I got horribly tortured, all the time, my whole life has been like that, bless you, Jesus is the way out. Love you. x

  15. Lol I love the humor u brought to a very sad situation. My mom is a channel and completely convinced that she is apart of the illuminati. I'm enlightened enough to know that she is just being used most times unknowingly to herself. I pick up on her thoughts at times and I hear her in full convo with some woman named Nehf. It makes me really sad that she can't control this aspect of the spirit realm. To be use a spirit or energy at your will is fine but to be controlled by the spirit is dangerous.

  16. what makes you think there are people on earth that can communicate with each other telepathically ?

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