IGNORING My HUSBAND For 24 HOURS to Go Through His CAMERA ROLL! (GM Challenge) | Rebecca Zamolo

IGNORING My HUSBAND For 24 HOURS to Go Through His CAMERA ROLL! (GM Challenge) | Rebecca Zamolo

– What!? – So there’s only two
of us this time but– – [Daniel] We have to find
Matt, we have to find Matt. – I feel bad. Hey, Zam Fam, I’m so nervous because today I’m gonna be ignoring
my husband for 24 hours. You guys remember that Matt
pretended to be the Game Master but did not tell me and I am his wife and I was very upset about that and even though he was doing
it for a good cause supposedly I still do not trust him. So the other thing that Matt
has not allowed us to do is look at his camera
roll so I asked you guys what you thought I should
do and you guys said that I should ignore him for 24 hours, and I think if I do this,
I will be able to see what is on his camera roll. I mean I’m his wife, right? I should be able to look
at his phone and trust him, so right now Matt is getting coffee and when he gets back, ignoring
him for 24 hours starts. So before he gets here,
make sure you are subscribed you have notifications on, and you’ve thumbs upped this video, in five, four, three, two, one. Comment I’m in the Zam Fam
Squad if you guys did that, I am so nervous. You guys ready? Mom’s gonna ignore your dad for 24 hours. Oh, he’s here, he’s here. – Hey babe, I got your coffee. Here you go. – Whoops! – Rebecca, are you, coffee, you okay? I’ll clean it up. – Blackjack, come here, you’re so cute. – Bec? – Come here, cute. – [Matt] Do you want
breakfast or something? I can make you some breakfast. – Oh, you’re so cute, Blackjack. – You hanging out with Blackjack? – So cute. – Hey Blackjack, hey buds, hey. – Hey.
– Daniel. – What happened? – I spilled coffee. – Oh you did. I love coffee, I can’t
believe you wasted coffee. – I know, same. – Hey Rebecca! – Hey, Daniel. Hey, Daniel, how are you? – I’m good, what’s going on? – [Rebecca] Aw, is that a new beanie? – No, still the gray one. – [Rebecca] It looks good though. – If you could choose
a color for me to wear, Zam Fam, what should I wear? That’s a good question, I think, right? – [Rebecca] I’d say pink. – [Matt] Pink? – I don’t know if I want
pink, here I got it. – Pink, yeah, pink looks good. – [Daniel] No, Matt says
pink, what do you think? – What I didn’t hear any. – [Daniel] You didn’t? – No, but, oh Daniel, I forgot. I have a gift.
– Oh! Dun-dun-dun-dun! – Whoa.
– Broncos! – Oh that, is that the
jersey is that the team? – Broncos jersey, I found this.
– Elway, yes! – For you Daniel!
– Nice! Oh, oh.
– You like the Broncos Daniel? – Not, I’m not a really a football fan. – Yeah, but you can just have it. – Is this Steve Elway, Steve Elway? – No it’s not Steve Elway, no. – Who’s, I thought it was Steve Elway. – John Elway. – I think it’s gonna look great.
– John. – You should definitely have this jersey. – Ya think?
– That’s my size. – Zam Fam what do you think? – I think this is a great jersey, I mean if anyone is gonna get a jersey– – Hold on, hold on. – Daniel deserves a jersey.
– But you don’t even know. – I thought it was John, Steve Elway. – It’s John, it’s John Elway. – Maybe, maybe Matt should have– – Yeah. – Nope, no this is for you Daniel. – Thank you?
– Yeah, of course! – I don’t know when I’d wear it. – When would you wear that? I would wear that every day.
– Just wear, I mean you could wear it to bed. – Kinda goes with the beanie though, so that’s kinda cool.
– Yeah, exactly! – It does not go with the beanie! – It does, it kinda does,
you like Sporty Spice. – Well thank you for
the Jeff Elway jersey. – Yeah!
– It’s not Jeff it’s John Elway! what, I feel like I’m taking crazy pills. – Oh John, John, John, sorry, John.
– I mean you guys, if you guys watch football what is your favorite football team, comment it below. Daniel’s is the Broncos now. So Daniel, I was thinking you know how we found the coordinate, well it said 5 p.m. on the back. – Oh right!
– Yeah, so I was thinking– – That’s awesome. – Since it’s just the two of
us, we take today to plan– – Two?
– Three! – There’s two of us, we’re probably gonna have to split up at the meeting. So one person will be following the one that’s dropping it off and the other will see
the one picking it up. – And one will be taking cover
in the car, what’s up guys? – So there’s only two of
us this time, but I think– – There’s three, three of us. Do you hear that? Buzz, it’s my phone? – Here Daniel. – I’ve been looking for my phone all day. – [Daniel] Oh, oh! – Rebecca, that’s my, you’ve had my phone? Wait, wait, wait, wait wait, is this because I won’t
show you my camera roll? – [Daniel] Ooh. – Is that why you’re ignoring me? – Daniel are you hungry? – Oh c’mon.
– Yeah I could, I could eat
– Yeah, let’s get a snack. – Okay, okay sounds good.
– Yeah, c’mon, c’mon. – [Daniel] I don’t know what’s going on. I don’t know.
– Daniel. – All right Daniel, so what do you want? We’ve got snack foods. – You guys I’m gonna
head to the store, okay? – Did you hear anything? Well let’s look at snacks, I feel like. – [Daniel] What? – Okay, so. Okay, Daniel come over here. – Oh okay. What are you doing? Why are you locking the door? – So you know how we wanna get Matt to show us his camera roll right? – Yeah, yeah.
– And he won’t. Okay, well a ton of people
in the Zam Fam told me that I should prank him so I’m gonna ignore him for 24 hours. – Oh, that’s what’s going on. – Yeah because I’ve done this
before and if I ignore him I know eventually we’re gonna be able to see what’s on his camera roll. – Oh my gosh, okay.
– Right!? – I mean it’s a good plan,
it’s kinda mean for Matt but yeah–
– No, what you mean he pretended to be the Game
Master and he didn’t tell us! – That’s true, that is very true. I guess this is pretty good, this good. – Yeah!
– Okay! – Okay, so smash the
thumbs up if you think this is going to work. As of right now I think he knows it’s the camera roll, right? – He probably has a good idea especially ’cause you had his phone, I’m sure he’s figuring it out by now. – I know, this is so good I’m so excited! – Back at the flower shop here. I need to make sure that
I get my wife some roses ’cause I think the reason
why she’s mad at me, it’s one of two things. It’s either I didn’t get
her flowers the other day, and I got somebody else flowers, but you guys know what that was for. Or she wants to go through my camera roll, and there’s nothing on there. Only stuff that I’m a gonna be like protecting her for so, let’s go pick out some roses for my wife. – But we have to see
what’s on his camera roll, he’s hiding something and we need to figure out what that is. – Look at, a nice bouquet of red roses nothing says I love you like red roses, so I hope she likes these. – So Daniel, when Matt
comes back I’m gonna dump out his coffee. – [Daniel] No! – I have to, we have
to do whatever it takes to see the camera roll. – [Daniel] Okay. – Hey babe, I got some flowers for you. – [Daniel] Whoa, whoa whoa whoa! – [Matt] What? – Wait Daniel this
isn’t your coffee right? – No it’s, it’s–
– It’s mine, it’s my coffee. What!? – [Matt] That’s my coffee! – [Rebecca] I guess it must have been from yesterday or something. – It’s from today. – You didn’t want that did you Daniel? – [Daniel] It wasn’t. – It’s not Daniel’s, it’s mine.
– Dang. I’m sorry. – Daniel are you hungry? I feel like we should grab some lunch. – [Daniel] Yeah! – I agree it’s been a long day so far. – [Daniel] Yeah okay, you hungry Matt? – Definitely hungry.
– Oh, Daniel when we eat I can fill you in on what
happened on the 24 hour challenge in the woods Daniel. When we got the first device
– Oh yeah ’cause like this rattle snake that came in.
– What? – I didn’t film it though.
– Oh by the way, Daniel I forgot to tell you–
– I know, it’s crazy. – I literally saw a rattle
snake but we didn’t film it because we were going down the hill, so. – [Daniel] Yeah. – Yeah, let’s go to lunch though. – Okay.
– Where we going to lunch? – [Daniel] I don’t know what do you want? Let’s go.
– Let’s go – C’mon.
– You want me to? – [Daniel] Yeah I guess. Lunch time huh? – Hey, Daniel do you like Subway? – [Daniel] I do. – Okay, so do I. – [Daniel] Matt? – Okay, so lunch is on me today. – Sweet, nice. – Rebecca do you wanna split
a sandwich like we always do? – So Daniel, I was
thinking do you like tuna? We could split a tuna sandwich – [Daniel] Wait, yeah yeah. – Yeah, the two of us? Okay tuna, yeah, that’s good. A foot long tuna sandwich. This is fun huh Daniel? – [Daniel] Yeah, what
are you gonna get Matt? – We’re together, yeah. Just these, and then we’ll get
two of the oatmeal cookies. – [Daniel] Oh but but did you– – What?
– Did you? Rebecca, I can’t believe
you didn’t pay for Matt. – Part of the challenge! So Daniel how do you think we should handle the meeting at five o’clock when the exchange happens? – [Daniel] Yeah, well
tell me a little bit about what happened in the wilderness. – Hey, there’s a bigger table
over there if you guys want. – Oh–
– Daniel this is a great table, we have
such a great location. – Sure I’ll get a chair I guess. – [Daniel] Before you sat
down, we were talking about the plan for the day. Do you know what happened
on the 24 hour challenge? – [Daniel] What happened? – Okay there was multiple quadrant, and we had to split up. – [Daniel] Oh! – So, Daniel there are
more than one quadrant. Someone is dropping it off,
someone is picking it up, so there’s going to be at least two. We’re gonna have to like
split up or something. – That’s what I just said. – Daniel, I think we just need to focus, it’s just the two of us today
on this mission so we just need to do it .
– There’s three of us, I’m here, I’m here. It’s better for three right? – How’s your tuna sandwich Daniel? – [Daniel] It’s good,
it’s kind of awkward. – So where do we go? – It’s right up here. – Okay.
– Awesome. – Right up here, oh this looks familiar, we’ve been here before. – You’re right, we have. – Yeah it’s gonna be right, you can just make a left up here. – Okay. – We’ve definitely been
here before Daniel. – Yeah.
– Daniel have we been here before?
– Yeah, yeah, yeah we have. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – I’m not really a big fan
of my car but I’m just– – Wait this is my car. – It is what it is, y’know? – Yeah, you don’t really– – Sometimes you just
drive cars you don’t like. – Oh.
– What? I didn’t know you didn’t like this car. – Okay so Daniel I’m just
gonna park right here right? – Yeah, just any spot’s fine. – Okay.
– We just need to get there, hopefully the other
quadrant’s not here already. – Hopefully the quadrant’s not here. – It’s almost, it’s almost five. – Okay, we need to get going. – Yeah we’re right on time. – All right, so Daniel are you ready? – Yeah.
– Two person plan, you follow one I follow
the other okay, okay? – Three people are here. – There’s only two of us, we got this. – Okay, if we have to split up.
– Three is better than two. – Yeah.
– Okay. – Okay. – I don’t know.
– Three people. – I know, I don’t know, sorry. Let’s just go. – So it’s here Daniel? – Yeah, it’s up a little bit further. – You think like right around the corner? – I think so I think it’s at the structure that we were at before, you remember when we found
that computer device? – Oh yeah, it was us and someone else. So Daniel since it’s just the two of us we need to run up there, find the device as soon as possible, and get out of here. – [Daniel] It’s a good
idea, it’s a good idea. – Can I go with you guys? Are we breaking, is it two of you guys? – She said two, but I don’t know. It’s right up there there
was a structure that we found the device before, it’s
just around the corner inside that big metal structure. – [Rebecca] And Daniel
you remember this is where the secret meeting was. – Right, yeah, with the quadrant member. – So we’re gonna make a run for it, we’re gonna get there, find the device and get out of here as soon as possible. – Yeah we just really gotta sneak in and be like spy ninjas.
– Almost five right now. – Yes, it’s the power of
two, we got this okay? – Yeah.
– So on the count of three we’re gonna run over there,
we’re gonna sprint there, we’re gonna start
searching and we are going to find the device, okay?
– Gotta be quick, yeah okay. – Are we ready? – I think one of us should stay here. – Okay are you ready Daniel?
– He’s gotta good point. – Three, two, one go! – [Daniel] Matt, Matt
just keep a look out, keep a look out, we’ll go, we’ll be quick. Okay go go, Rebecca I think
it’s already like five. – [Rebecca] I know I know
that’s why we need to hurry! – [Daniel] Careful, careful. – [Rebecca] Last time we
found something on here. – [Daniel] Oh it was way down there huh? – That one person we’re not gonna mention, he climbed down.
– Wait, Rebecca. – What? – [Daniel] You gotta, I
mean Matt had a good point I mean I know that you’re
trying to prank him but. – And I’m doing a good job right? – [Daniel] You’re doing a good job but the other quadrant
could be here though. – Okay well. – [Daniel] He had a good
point at least he’s like, he’s help guarding us but he’s alone. – I mean we still need to find the device. It’s part of the prank
we’re just getting him back, I mean he did something similar to us. – [Daniel] Okay, you’re right. – He didn’t tell us the truth. – [Daniel] You’re right
okay, let’s look around. – Rebecca’s still not talking to me, I can’t believe she’s this mad at me for not showing my camera roll. You hear that? Hold on, guys I think I heard
something right up here. – What’s that?
– Who’s calling? – [Man] It’s . – [Woman] Oh, pick it up. – [Man] I’m gonna put it on speaker. – [Caller] The location for the device has been compromised. Retrieve the device as
soon as possible or else. – It’s the quadrant. I need to warn Rebecca. I’m gonna send her a text right now. She’s not responding to me. – I remember something up here, I think it was down below last time. Zam Fam when we were here on this bridge, we found a clue, do you
remember where it was? I think it was in this video right here. Maybe go check that out
after this and let us know. – [Daniel] Zam Fam do
you guys see anything? – Oh
– What? – Just got a text from nobody. – [Daniel] Wait what’s he saying? – It’s no big deal, c’mon. – [Daniel] Ugh, okay okay, look look look there’s writing down there. – [Rebecca] You’re right. – [Daniel] Is that anything? – [Rebecca] It’s in red Daniel. – [Daniel] Oh, red like the Red Hood? – What if the Red Hood took this over? – [Daniel] Oh yeah. – Do you think we need to go down there? What if the device isn’t there? – [Daniel] Oh, maybe, and
the gate is open down there. – Okay, okay, let’s go down. – [Daniel] Okay, careful, careful. – I bet the device is down here. – [Daniel] You think the
computer piece is here? Wait.
– it’s not important, Matt– – [Daniel] Wait Matt’s trying to call? He’s trying to call and he tried to text? – We’re ignoring him, we’re in
the middle of a prank Daniel. We need to see his camera roll, we have to continue this ’til he shows us. – [Daniel] Okay well let’s
hurry and let’s find it. – I think we might have to go
down into that tunnel Daniel. – [Daniel] Way down there? – Yeah, I’m gonna try. – [Daniel] Okay careful, careful. – Here I’ll put my phone right here. – [Daniel] Okay. – Wait, hold on look look look! That looks like a computer part right? – [Daniel] Way down there? – Yeah!
– You’re right, it does. – Doesn’t that look like something, Zam Fam do you think that’s the device? – [Daniel] Oh man! – Right, for the super computer. – [Daniel] Are you gonna go out there? – I’m gonna do it Daniel. – [Daniel] Okay careful. – Okay Zam Fam Do Not Try this at home. Oh look my feet fit right in. – [Daniel] Oh they do, yeah
don’t try this at home. Rebecca your phone’s ringing again. – Just ignore it. – Whoa, okay. – [Daniel] Careful, careful. – There.
– Whoa! – Okay, he’s calling again,
I’m just gonna ignore it. – [Daniel] Whoa what is this? It’s like a hard drive. – What, I just got like
15 texts from Matt. – [Daniel] What? – I opened it, it says
“Warning quadrant is here.” – [Daniel] What? – Okay okay so so so we have
the device, we need to go. – Okay go, c’mon.
– We need to go! C’mon c’mon!
– Careful careful! Find Matt, we gotta find Matt. – C’mon we gotta get, him where’s Matt? – [Daniel] Where did he go, where is he? – Quadrant!
– What!? – [Quadrant] They have
the device, strip her. – [Rebecca] Oh my gosh it’s Matt! – [Daniel] Matt, watch out! – [Rebecca] Matt, be careful, it’s two against one battle royale! – He’s so good, what do we do? You wanna go, go, let’s go! – There’s one behind us,
there’s one behind us go! Oh they fell, they tripped. – [Rebecca] Now’s our chance! – [Daniel] Go go go! – [Rebecca] Get in. – Go go go. – Okay, got the device. – [Daniel] Got the device, let’s go. – [Daniel] We have two
parts of the super computer. – Yeah yeah yeah, two and I
don’t know how many are left. – We need to get back to the house. – Daniel, we need to
get back to the house. – [Daniel] Wow, man, thank
you Matt for being there, that was a crazy battle royale. – You’re welcome – Yeah thanks Matt, that
could’ve been really bad. – You talking to me now. – Yeah okay, fine. This was a prank, I was
ignoring you for 24 hours, the Zam Fam said that I should do this but it’s only because we
want to see your camera roll. – I just did a battle royale. – What are you hiding? – I’m not hiding anything,
if you guys wanna see it. – Yeah! – Here it is, I’ll unlock it, okay. – It worked! – Yeah I hope you’re happy,
I need some air though. Okay, I’m gonna go upstairs. – Well I’m still gonna look at it. – We’re looking at it now. – All right Daniel, so
I don’t know why Matt’s been hiding this from us, I mean. – Let’s see what we can find. – Aww, it’s peanut you guys! – Oh he’s in a camera bag. – He’s in a camera bag! – To go film with us, that’s cute. – Aww, he looks so cute. – Oh, Blackjack wants to look. Aww, brothers. – Peanut and Blackjack! That is Blackjack. – He got scared? – Yeah, so someone sneezed at the airport and Blackjack was like. – Play it again, play it again. You gotta put that on their Instagram. – I will, so you guys make sure you’re following
Blackjack and Peanut on Instagram it’s @blackjackandpeanut, I will link it below, what’s oh! – What’s this? – Yes, we are jet skiing right now. – [Daniel] Wow. – Okay.
– Oh, that’s a cool photo. That’s when you guys. – You were being suspicious Daniel. We didn’t trust you here. – Kind of the way that you
weren’t trusting Matt, too. – Yeah you’re right. And then Peanut! That’s our cabin! You guys let us know why you think Matt was hiding this from us, I mean these pictures are so adorable. – What is that!? – I had Matt get highlights. – Oh my gosh.
– I didn’t make him, the lady was like “Oh you
should try this for summer.” – I thought it was a
robot, but it was Matt. Oh man.
– You guys please screenshot this. – These are all fun things, why would Matt be so concerned about this? – I think he put this on his story so it doesn’t make sense. – So weird.
– Wait. You guys, Zam Fam, what is this? – It’s a Red Hood. – [In Video] Don’t worry Red
Hood, I’ll get you Rebecca. – What? – He’s gonna–
– He’s gonna bring me to the Red Hood? My husband?
– What? – He was gonna do that? – That doesn’t make any sense, he hasn’t said anything about that. – That makes sense why he didn’t want us to see his camera roll Daniel! – Right, right. – I’m gonna go confront Matt you guys, I’m confronting my husband
because he was going to give me to the Red Hood. – Wait wait wait. – That’s crazy. – Hold on, hold on, wait. – What?
– Rebecca look. There’s one more video. – I mean, I’ve seen enough. – Just watch, let’s see what this says. – Hi Bec, I know what you
find on here might hurt you, but please know I did
everything to protect you okay, I love you, please, just, I did everything to protect you okay? It came from a good spot, so. Love you babe. – See, I think he knew that
you were gonna find this. – I feel bad. – Maybe he just had to
say that to the Red Hood to like get out of the
meeting safely, y’know? Like maybe, it’s to protect you. We should, let’s go talk to Matt. You should go talk to Matt. – Yeah, no I should. All right Zam Fam, I
think I’m gonna go up, and I’m gonna go talk to Matt, smooth everything over. I don’t wanna be mad at him,
especially when he sends like a cute message like that. – Yeah, okay let’s go find Matt. – Matt, Matt, where is he? Matt?
– Matt? Matt, where’d he go?
– Matt? – He was up here right, Matt? – [Daniel] He said he had to
come out here for some air. Where would he have gone? – I don’t know, Zam Fam, so I’m gonna shout you guys out right now on the Game Master network that scored 100% on the last quiz. If you wanna take today’s
quiz for a shoutout, go to thegamemasternetwork.com,
take the quiz. Shoutout to you guys in the Zam Fam that have worn my merch
and tagged me on Instagram, check out the video right here because Matt is missing and
we are about to go find him, let me know what you think happened, we gotta go Daniel. – Let’s check inside,
I don’t know where he. – Okay.


  1. Who's commenting in the first 60 minutes for commenting on me Ignoring my husband for 24 so I could go through his camera roll?!!

  2. Rebbca you are a wife now and you must not ignore Matt you don't even know the way he feels and I think you should not do this again and what he loves you and you just ignored him you should say sorry to him and you should say I love you and I will never do this again

  3. Im in the ZamFam squad!!!

    πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ why did i find this funny???!!!!

    I feel bad for Matt cause Rebecca is ignoring him but just to see what is in Matt's camera roll


  5. Rebecca why don't u tell him to show u his camera roll instead of doing a prank cos I feel bad for Matt in this is a sad prank πŸ˜”πŸ˜”

  6. I love you guys canol.πŸ˜»πŸ˜»πŸ˜»πŸ˜»πŸ˜»πŸ˜»πŸ˜»πŸΆπŸΆπŸΆπŸΆπŸΆπŸΆπŸΆπŸΆπŸΆπŸΆπŸΆπŸΆπŸΆπŸΆπŸΆπŸΆπŸΆπŸΆπŸΆπŸΆπŸΆπŸΆπŸΆπŸΆπŸΆπŸΆπŸΆπŸΆπŸΆπŸΆπŸΆπŸΆπŸΆπŸΆπŸΆπŸΆπŸΆβ€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈπŸ§‘β€οΈπŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’›πŸ’œβ€οΈπŸ§‘πŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’œβ€οΈπŸ§‘πŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ’˜πŸ’–πŸ’—πŸ’“πŸ’πŸ’žπŸ’œπŸ–€

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