I Dressed According To My Zodiac Sign For A Week

I Dressed According To My Zodiac Sign For A Week

*music* Hello friends and welcome to another video This week I’m gonna be dressing according to my zodiac or astrological sign So for a while I’ve been seeing these posts all over Instagram With different clothing items categorized as different zodiac signs And it made me wonder if dressing like one zodiac sign was a thing In general I’m not someone who follows astrological advice to the tee but I think it’s fun to read and I would say that it is sometimes right As for my sign, I was born on July 16th, so I’m a Cancer, which, if you don’t know, is also a crab. I definitely think that in terms of names and mascots, we’ve gotten the shaft. As Cancers, we are supposed to be, from what I know, Caring, emotional, sensitive home bodies. We crave comfort and love. I think that description is somewhat reflective of my personality, it’s not 100% on the nose, but it’s definitely a little right. In terms of fashion, I would interpret Cancer’s traits as liking comfortable clothing of all sorts. Which is actually pretty on the nose for me. So after doing a little bit of research, I think I found enough zodiac outfit recommendations from different sources to test them out for a whole week. I’m curious to see if they’re accurate at describing my current style sense, and if they aren’t, see if they uncover an underlying style desire that I have not yet explored. Alright, let’s go. So, for day one, I pieced together an outfit from a few different posts from a zodiac Instagram account. I am trying very hard not to get these shoes dirty. Oh! [Don’t] mess with my groove! I took posts mostly from this account, @zodiacsteen, and the outfit consists of a pink corset top, a pair of dark wash jeans, a white pair of Vans sneakers, and a pink iridescent lip color. And also, these sunglasses. So out of this outfit, I already owned the lipstick and the jeans, so I had to go get the sunglasses, the top, and the shoes. So, I, as a Cancer, had about 40% of the items that they recommended for Cancers. Or things that were close enough to sub in for the items. There isn’t a ton of visibility into the decision-making behind these posts, but I did message a bunch of these accounts. One of them did get back to me, @onelastbreakfree, and they said that they mostly try and match the items to the personality of the zodiac sign. I think that the pants and the shoes fit in with that. They’re pretty comfortable and simple. The top is a little more questionable, because it’s, like, a corset top, so there is some, like, boning to contend with. and just general, like, sucking in of that soft, crab-like underbelly. I think the spirit of it is that it’s supposed to look like lingerie, or something to wear to bed, which would make sense for a home body, or someone who likes to stay in, but, I would prefer a flannel top. Or some type of… of sleeping shirt. Overall, I would say this outfit is pretty neutral, except for the top, which isn’t really my style. This corset also has, like, very structured boob parts, so, like, my boobs are looking pretty big, which is… it’s not bad. It’s new. So besides these Instagram accounts, there are also a lot of other websites and publications that have written about style suggestions according to your zodiac sign. Like, with day two, I went with this outfit from Stitch Fix. Tyler’s so used to me wearing all black that he’s just, like, casually putting an open cup of coffee in the car. I’m wearing a white shirt and a white scarf. This is not okay. So, in this outfit, Stitch Fix recommended to me a denim jacket, a white button-down shirt, a black-and-white infinity scarf, a black A-line skirt, and colorful pumps. I did actually have some of this in my closet already, this denim jacket is mine and this black skirt is mine, so I had to find this infinity scarf, this white shirt, and these pumps. So they basically defined the Cancerian style as sophisticated, loves to dress up, elegant and feminine. They say that Cancers are usually the most overdressed people in a room, and were into, like, classic, clean lines. I’m not sure about other Cancers, but I wouldn’t consider myself someone who, like, goes for, like, classic style, or, like, classic silhouettes all the time. I wear a lot of really weird stuff. I wonder what Stitch Fix would say about the clear plastic jeans. That said, I do somewhat relate to the “overdressed” vibe in that I like a lot of dramatic flair, but, also, I like to wear a lot of leggings. So, I think I’m somewhere in the middle. In terms of this outfit specifically, I think that the silhouette overall does kind of suit my fashion sense, and this outfit also does check the comfiness box. I think that they were going for… they were kind of like, overdressed, sophisticated elegant look with these, but my feet were not made for walkin’. [T] How’re your feet feeling? I feel like I need a specialized wardrobe for, like, [T] Okay, yeah. “Where Are My Birkenstocks?” is the title of this outfit. So, my day three outfit was from PopSugar. [T] You’re so tall and long in this thing. [S] I am the beige Gumby. From the photos on their website, they recommended to me a statement camel-colored overcoat, a white button-down, black pants, this red lipstick, and these black boots. With heels. Always heels. So, of this outfit, the things that I already had were the pants, the boots, and the lipstick, and then the jacket and the white button-down are new. It’s weird I didn’t have a white button-down in my closet before this. I think I just had, like, a lot of… different ones that were… mostly black. In general, they said that Cancerian style is classic, sophisticated, and feminine; and they suggested colors like taupe, beige, and red; which sounds a lot like what Stitch Fix said. I do feel, that, besides the heels, this outfit is pretty comfortable. Like, I’m pretty, just like, warm and cozy under here. I think the jacket in particular has both the sophisticated vibe and the cozy vibe. The coat is very, like, um, muted Carmen Sandiego. I do feel a little bit like I’ve got secrets inside. I wouldn’t describe my personal fashion sense as classic, sophisticated, and feminine; but I do kind of like this outfit that they suggested to me. This is definitely more dressed up than I would dress on, like, an everyday basis, and I do feel a little costume-y. Like, it’s kinda, like, bringing me into some type of character; but, I like that about it. ‘Cause I will say that, uh, a thorough line of my wardrobe is a little costume-y. [T] One of these days, you’re gonna turn around and just gonna be naked. [S] Surprise! “Dressing Like I’m Naked for a Week”. [T] I think it’ll also be called, “Getting Arrested for Flashing People for a Week”. So, my day four outfit is from thelala.com, which is, like, an online magazine. And for this outfit, they suggested that I wear a maxi dress, with daring cutouts or a high slit. The description said, “lots of cutouts”. Uh… there are a lot of them. In the photo on their website, they styled their outfit with a red clutch and wedges. So, for this outfit, I already own these wedges, but the dress and the bag are new. At least these aren’t, like, stiletto heels, but for some reason, we’re always going with the elevated shoe. From what I can tell, crabs… …don’t wear heels. So I don’t get it. [T] I don’t know if that’s the real litmus. *laughs* They say that Cancers are very emotional, which I agree with, but they say that that emotion translates to wanting showstopping pieces, “head-turning fashions”, I think they said. Pow. *tries to pow tune of Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get It On”* [T] Little Angelina Jolie right there. [S] *singing* I’ve been feeling fine today… Is that how it goes? I don’t completely understand the jump from emotional to show-stopping maxi dresses, maybe it’s, like, a dramatic thing; like, I’m trying to be dramatic. Maybe it’s Cancerian because it flows. Like the woh-tah. I do like maxi dresses, so that’s true; I don’t usually go for, like, intense cutouts, especially not in the boobage area. It’s not a lot of coverage there. [T] I feel like this is the dress you couldn’t wear at Disneyland. [S] No. If they had recommended more of a leisure maxi dress, I think it could make sense, but with the dramatic cutouts and the wedges, it feels a little too much like an evening gown to be Cancerian in my opinion. So, my day five outfit is from Vogue. Such a nice day today. I’m feeling so positive. And bright. So for this outfit, they recommended a white camisole blouse thingy, some patterned leggings, tan low-heeled sandals, a tan handbag, and opal earrings. The things that are mine are the earrings, the top and the shoes, and the things I had to buy are the bag and the leggings. So they actually had a pretty lengthy article about Cancerian style, and even kind of tried to justify each item, which I thought was cool. They mentioned that Cancer is a sign that loves tradition, home, and family, and I think that they were saying that the warm tones of, like, the yellow and the beiges kind of remind one of home. I feel like a sunflower.
[T] *laughs* Photosynthesis. And then they mentioned that this flowing peplum silhouette is kind of, like, a watery, fluid look, because, you know, Cancers are a water sign. [T] You do look a little like you’re at a day at the beach. [S] I was gonna say I feel, like, a little bit like an umbrella. Interestingly enough, this is the outfit that made me feel like a completely different personality. Something about this outfit does make me feel a little bit like a food blogger. Like, I feel like this outfit would work well in an Instagram theme. If the theme was beige and white, you got me, and then you got the cappuccino. [S] Oh, maybe it’s the peach emoji! [T] It’s got a hidden meaning. [S] And the hidden meaning… …is butt. Overall, I liked some of these individual items, but altogether, the style was just a lot more proper and preppy than I usually dress. [T] You just pricked yourself? [T] You’re sniffing like a dog. *laughs* [S] How are you supposed to do it?
[T] I don’t know! My day six outfit was piece together from recommendations from Glamour. They mentioned specifically a white-buttoned down, Yoga pants and very high heels. I apologize if anyone despises the socks with this out fit


  1. Cancers are literal home bodys some of these feels so inaccurate a cancer would far prefer being comfortable in sweats if anything I feel that they prefer to be in dark and earthy toned clothes and if anything they prefer to blend in rather then stand out because they are introverts and want to be left alone and i feel like the more essentric pieces they would wear would be maybe a crystal necklace or cool earings something that relate personally to them but isnt over the top

  2. As an Aquarian with the moon in Pisces, I like looking at clothes blogs and ideas about fashion but then go away and do what I went. My dress sense is best described as all over the place or, comfortably confused! 🙄😊

  3. June 30th cancer- aye

    But please I can’t be the only one who immediately thought Viktor from YOI when I saw this outfit- 5:03

  4. Safiya I’m also a cancer my bday is July 22 so cool that one of my favorite youtubers has the same zodiac sign as me

  5. This might sound wierd but you have the same bday as my grandma and my bday is the 11th july soo… IM A CANCER TOO! [P. S ᴸᴱᵀˢ ᴮᴱ ᶠᴿᴵᴱᴺᴰˢ]

  6. Why didn’t you show the website? I mean, I found it already.. it took me searching up astrology websites and looking for the sun shaped logo thing that was in the top left corner of your video.

  7. I truely loved the vogue outfit on you it was super flattering 😍❤️ it was really different from your usual style but I actually really liked it 🙌🏼 either way you look great

  8. Hm she looks like a libra or smth…“I‘m born on 16th july so I‘m cancer.“ OMG SHE‘S CANCER TOO!! (Born on 17th july btw lol)

    And I‘m also tall.

  9. 3:08 Safya realizing that she's touching the boob of the corset, trying to move it away from there, landing on the other boob haha I love it

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