Hypnosis Talk: The Neurology of a Problem

Hypnosis Talk: The Neurology of a Problem

How do we know what anything is? You have a beautiful brain. Here’s the prefrontal cortex and then everything
in here you have your neurons. Let’s say you have a neuron over here that
fires off and over here there’s another neuron that’s nearby, but it’s not doing
much of anything. When two of these neurons fire off at the
same time, it creates an attraction like a magnet, like when you have two electromagnets
and they’re switched off they do nothing they’re inert. You turn them on and make sure the polarization
is in the direction and they’ll draw together. Have you ever seen something like that happening? If not, go on YouTube, it’s a simple experiment
that’s kind of fun. The point is this, there are different layers
that happen when it comes to learning and as far as I’m concerned it’s all a question
of learning, whether it’s therapy, education, if we have some, because I don’t think this
educational system really is one. Whether it’s sports, business, sales or
influence, it’s all just an example of learning, as far as I’m concerned. So what happens, the first level rule is,
when neurons fire together they wire together. So, at first they just fire together, it’s
purely electrical activity but let’s say (drawing) this is a brain cell and they have
these little branches that come out of the brain cells and here’s another brain cell
and when they’re firing off at the same time these little branches start slowly reaching
out towards each other. You can actually see them. The longer the firing process goes on, you
can actually see them like little amoeba in soup, reaching out tentacles towards each
other. These tentacles actually start growing, they’re
adding as they go along. Eventually they meet up and create a very,
very, very fragile bridge. This stage then, the firing stage requires
a lot of effort and energy because the signal is weak. It’s kind of like listening to a radio station
that’s completely detuned, where you can just about make the hint of music out but
it’s a lot of effort. Because, these signals have to compete with
all the other brain signals in order to harmonize. Once they connect up, however, they’ve actually
got a hard line, the signal gets a bit stronger now and less energy is required for these
two neurons to fire simultaneously, which is the first step of actually learning. But they’re still inefficient because, anyone
who knows about electricity, this is no different than a copper wire, although it’s made of
different materials. This induces a magnetic field because there’s
electricity going through, this magnetic field if it’s not shielded is basically sucking
energy out of the system, which means it’s still inefficient, although it’s more efficient
than this version. So, for example, your cell phone requires
more energy to talk to the tower than if you actually plugged it in. Here’s a classic one. If you plug in your cell phone to your laptop
to download something, it’s faster and requires less energy than if you use the Bluetooth
sync up. Because sending information without a hard
line has to compete with so much more stuff and is more scattered over the energy that
you have to up the energy levels for it to complete. Once you have the hard line it’s better,
but they’re still inefficient because the signal is still being lost. Think of this as a leaky pipe. A leaky pipe is better than throwing water
across a canyon, which is what this really is, but it’s still inefficient. Do you get the analogy so far? So then the brain does something really interesting
and this is called myelinization. All the white matter which people used to
think, all the wonderful scientists used to tell us was completely useless stuff and irrelevant,
turns out to be the key to all the learning that we do, the key to everything we want
to achieve in life. What the myelin sheath does is it’s an insulator. It controls the electrical activity within
its sphere so less of this leakage occurs. It basically blocks the leaks in our pipe. The thicker the myelinization the more insulated
the wire becomes, the less energy is required in order for the signal from this brain cell
to get to this brain cell, which is why things become easier. Thoughts become easier. The thoughts you practice become easier because
you not only have a hard line to send them across, you’re no longer throwing them across
the canyon, you’re not sending them across the pipe, then the pipe has actually become
plugged so it stops leaking and eventually the pipe becomes thicker, really thick. Both the neuron and myelinization becomes
thick and chunky, which means more information can flow even further with less energy and
becomes more efficient. Do you see the basics of the idea here? It becomes faster too, absolutely. The analogy that it’s a bit like there’s
water and water falls on the ground and it makes a path. Each time you have that thought the path goes
deeper and deeper and my job is to create new paths. That’s exactly it and that’s all that
Mind Bending Language is designed, there’s no difference. Mind bending language is not magic that suddenly
supersedes to how the brain works. This is still the core mechanism in the background. The problem is with a big problem is this
becomes so intense that as soon as this one fires it’s not just a two neuron network
it’s hundreds and thousands and they’re all lighting up in little shockwaves. Our job then is to find what the weak point
in the system is that we can interrupt so those shockwaves no longer occur


  1. I wish Igor would come to Perth Australia. I think he is one of the best teachers around. I love his style. Thank you for sharing!

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