How to Wake Up (without coffee)

How to Wake Up (without coffee)

Nithyananda How to wake up without coffee in the morning One of my Guru’s, Annamalai Swami. In course of conversation he told me that we are not the body. We are beyond pain and suffering. When I was sitting alone and contemplating about it, “we are are not the body, we are beyond pain and suffereing,” what does he mean by it? I actually experimented, I took a knife and cut my thigh to see. Whether we have pain or not. Of course, I had pain and was taken to hospital. Stitches were done and all that has happened. But I could not think what my guru had uttered was lie. I was continuously contemplating. I had a yoga guru, he was also a Paramahamsa. One day he explained, he usually comes to the house where I was born and brought up. He will come home early morning, 4 o’clock, and drag me out of bed and take me to the temple and teach yoga. I was a kid. Sometimes the moment I am out of bed he will make me drink coffee, so that i will not go back to bed. One day he was telling…. See before coffee how you feel, that you want to lie down, and nothing other than sleep matters. Just a cup of coffee you are ready to listen to me. And suddenly I become more important, yoga becomes more important. All the ideas that you should do yoga makes more sense Without a cup of coffee all the ideas that you should sleep makes more sense. Just with a cup of coffee, all the ideas that you should do yoga and take care of your health, build your body, so you can get enlightened. All these ideas makes sense He made a very important statement which I want to translate in English for all of you. He said… The physiological, psychological, neurological effect on you, is not you. Please understand One guru made a statement, “you are not the body.” The other guru made a statement, “the physiological, psychological, neurological effects happening on you is not you!” How many of you clicked with that second statement? Actually both statements finally mean the same. But the second statement suddenly made so much sense to me! Yes. Please understand, because I could see my seeking is not just equal to a cup of coffee. But…. A cup of coffee can make such a big impact, it can just drive away the sleep. Make the whole yoga happen in me. With enthusiasm, excitement. So when I was analyzing, a cup of coffee cannot be equal unto my seeking. Or equal unto me. Understand, the idea he conveyed to me, my yoga guru is…. Whether you have the feeling sleeping is more important, that is my first priority. I don’t care about anything else. Or, you feel no, after a cup of coffee, the thought current, no I have to be doing, this has to be done for my enlightenment. For my growth. Whether you have this thought current before cup of coffee, or thought current after cup of coffee. Both thought currents does not matter Both thought currents are not you. Both thought currents are empowered by you, not you. That is what the master, my first guru means, Annamalai Swami means, you are not the body, you are not the mind. When Annamalai Swami told me “You are not the body, you are not the mind. You are beyond pain and suffering.” The statement did not make sense for me But when my yoga guru explained, physiological psychological happenings are not you. It really made sense Actually, when I had the click, Oh! Psychological, physiological, neurological effects happening on me is not me I tell you… From the next day I didn’t need coffee to wake me up. The understanding physiological, psychological effects happening on me is not me. Liberated me! Not only from coffee, after that never ever I understand something called low mood or depression or not feeling well or stressed I tell you All these words are really strange still I’m not able to comprehend those words When people come and tell me I really feel bad for them But I feel ‘oh God I’m not able to grasp what they mean by this word.’ All those words have no meaning in my life Because to such a clear understanding


  1. Swamiji in this discourse beautifully reminds us that all our Physiological, Neurological and Psychological ups and downs are not us.. Whether we drink coffee or not to become totally energetic in the morning after we wake up, doesn't matter… as our ups and downs are not us.. With this understanding when deeply bolted in us, we don't require coffee or tea to wake up.. Very Interesting!

  2. I only drink coffee out of habit in the morning because it's a quick wake up and goes well with internet browsing. There are times I do not drink coffee (rarely) and those times I find I actually have a faster start and get more stuff done before lunch time. I'd rather practice the latter.

  3. I've heard this my whole life and now I finally feel what that truly means. I have a clear vision of what that looks like as well. thank you thank you thank you. maula mere maula mere maula mere.

  4. Swamiji shares in this video as a technique to wake up in the morning independently of coffee
    But also to wake up in life.

  5. When our energy flows freely we do not need coffee to start our day.  Learn how to establish this energy so that you never need coffee again.

  6. For me this video should be titled as How to wake up in the morning without Tea because that's what I drink every morning. After listening, I was just thinking about my habit of drinking tea and I felt so clearly that I wasn't drinking it because of any need. It was just a habit and just something to do. Maybe like wanting to eat or chew. The fact that I feel energized by it or feel depressed if I don't have it – is NOT ME is very interesting. I don't have to identify with my depressed thoughts or with my high moment thoughts. No need for guilt or for elation because neither define who I truly am. Even if I fall into either moods, just remembering that there is a bigger picture which I need to keep seeking.

  7. The psychological neurological physiological effect on the body is not you! This was the statement made by swamiji's Guru to Him! He could see that His seeking was not equivalent to a cup of coffee but a cup of coffee can make such big impact. It can drive away sleep, and make the body to do yoga! Swamiji was analysing, cup of coffee can't be equivalent to seeking. the idea of the thought currents before and after a cup of coffee doesn't matter. Both thought currents are empowered by you but are not you!
    When annamalai swamigal told swamiji You are not the body not the mind and beyond pain and suffering., it dint not click on Him but when His yoga Guru told Him
    the physiological psychological and neurological changes are not y you, it anything in your life you're not able to grasp where your logic is not ready to penetrate be very clear it is simply incompletion which your logic doesn't want to see! deep sense to swamiji !

    The next day He don't have need for coffee! Not only coffee! After this cognition, swamiji is not able to relate with stress low mood depression not feeling well.
    all these words dint have any meaning in swamiji's life!
    I'm Taking these truth as an initiation for my life from today too

  8. This is a great video it helps us all think about our limiting beliefs and patterns. Thank you so much Swamiji!

  9. It is such a great liberation! The many years of suffering and pain can be solved within a few minutes if you follow Swamiji's technique. And it works with all the addictions, beliefs, patterns and cognitions. Thank you Swamiji for this powerful Spiritual teaching <3

  10. Coffee in the morning is just one example of the myriad of addictive patterns we hold onto, and i was never a coffee drinker, but definitely a caffeinated tea drinker. I stopped drinking caffeinated tea five months ago – only a cup of herbal tea in the morning now, and sometimes I even forget to make myself a cup! I find I do not struggle with tiredness in the morning if I have 6.5-7 hours of sleep (reduced by 8 hrs), but I am putting up a psychological, physiological barrier to sleeping even less. I am curious – how long did any of you struggle with a reduced sleep schedule until it naturally became part of your muscle memory? Are you currently struggling with tiredness/sleepiness – what have you noticed about your mental/emotional/physical state while in that moment?

  11. Another layer of Internal thought pattern was peeled to the point where the meaning of depression or low mood does not make any sense. Thank you Beloved Swamiji, it makes perfect sense to me.🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  12. The idea that 'We are not the body, we are beyond pain and suffering' is as much an illusion as any other. The suggestion that a belief, idea or thought could 'liberate' us may sound attractive, but it is false. First, the idea that we could be or have ever been 'not free' is a yet another superstitious concept, and secondly, we ourselves made it up. As with all appearances, metaphors are illusion, too – they have no substance or independent meaning, even if they are pronounced by an important-looking guru. 🙂

  13. I strongly feel even this sacred truth every physiological/psychological/neurological feelings we experience are that happens to us but they are not me if can be made to become part of our cognition by repeatedly contemplating on it we can go beyond duality

  14. When I see the video, I can spearate me and my body.. I live in this body and am not this body. My mind is just an ornament on me and not me.. When you understand that this whole life scene all emotions are a movie and you are unaffected by anything, you are in the most luxurious big cosmic lounge.. Come to IA and enjoy the cosmic travel..

  15. I'm having a hard time understanding this one. It all makes logical sense, but when I think about how to apply this teaching in my life I worry that I would neglect my health and caring for my body. I struggle enough to take care of myself already. I don't know if believing that I am not the body can work for me. I feel so disconnected from my body already.

  16. It's so interesting to see what small things keep us from being consciously connected to our energy and potential!

  17. Physiological , Psychological Effects happening with you is not you.
    You are not what you think yourself as you.
    You are not body.

  18. Cool!! This actually applies for everything in life! Not just coffee in the morning, but also newspapers, food, etc! Thank you Swamiji!

  19. Swamiji i feel energy moving in my third eye what to do and i tried to open my third eye bt i am struggling help me Plizz

  20. How do you feel about yerba mate? It is a very nutritional herb from South America that also helps with energy. Also I was curious on his take of marijuana.

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