How to use animal intuition through animal messages

How to use animal intuition through animal messages


  1. Thanks for watching! Please comment and let me know – What animal are you frequently seeing right now?! 🐬🐮🐷

  2. This is going to sound crazy, but early one morning (around 4:30 AM) when I was walking my dogs, a cougar came running out of nowhere. It was being chased by a pack of coyotes. By some miracle, my dogs didn't make a noise. We were not seen by the coyotes and were able to make it safely back home. I have no idea what the message is, but I feel that someone was watching out for me that morning!

  3. You know that this is one of my favorite topics! In my experience, it can be difficult to feel/recognize life signs if you've not been raised with an ethereal consciousness – it is something that requires an open mind and willingness to learn about. However… I have always felt deep connections with all animals! It feels so natural. Of course they are communicating with us! I think of them as the bridge for humans between the ethereal plane and our material world (and now Madonna is singing in my head, LOL).

  4. I love Trish!!! She's so fun!! Thank you for this video! I see Hawks everywhere and it's nice to know that it means something. 😊😊😊🦅

  5. I haven’t really payed attention to what animals I’ve been seeing, but i am interested in starting to take note. Thank you!

  6. This is amazing because I was on my way to a school to do 4-H and I spotted an Eagle that flew right by my car and landed in a field. It was like he looked right at me. And then you posted this. You have awesome timing. lol. Thank you.

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