How To Trust Yourself -Teal Swan-

How To Trust Yourself -Teal Swan-

How To Trust Yourself Hello everyone. Today I’m gonna to talk
to you about self trust. Most of all, I’m going to teach
you how to trust yourself. Self trust can be summed up as the assured reliance on your character, ability,
strength and truth. Most of us have spent our
lives listening to our parents, to our government, to our
teachers and to our bosses. We’ve been raised with the idea that we do not know
what is best for ourselves. Instead we’re taught
that other people who “know more than we do”, know whats best for us. Because of this, we choose what
we think we are supposed to choose. We try to live according to
what our society says is right. We allow ourselves to be
who we are told that we are. And we are caught in an endless
struggle of seeking approval and reaching for recognition. The result is that we
lose trust in ourselves. The cost of shaping ourselves to fit the desires preferences
and expectations of others, is losing ourselves. And when we lose ourselves we
become frozen without direction, unable to make our own choices. In my opinion, the two most painful states that you can be in, in
this particular universe is the state of self-hate and the state of self-distrust. But the funny thing is, one of them comes from the other. Self-hate comes from self-distrust. Self hate is the result of
you proving to yourself that you are not on your side. Instead of beating around the bush, I’m just going to jump
right into the tips. I’m going to give you a handful of tips for how to begin to trust yourself. Tip number 1 is: Develop Self-Confidence. Self-trust and self-confidence
are like a married couple. They go hand in hand. When we use the word confidence, what we mean is your ability
to depend on yourself. If you don’t have self confidence you wont feel able to depend on yourself. When we understand that lack of self-trust goes hand in hand with self-confidence, we can easily see that
not trusting ourselves, is a self-worth issue. It’s an issue if devaluing
and invalidating ourselves. We don’t trust ourselves, we lack self esteem and we do not perceive our own values. One of the reasons that
we don’t trust ourselves is that we do not accept
our own abilities, talents, intentions, and value. This means, that step one is, you have to begin to acknowledge and take not of your own abilities, your strengths your talents, your virtues. Anything that you could see
as positive about yourself, is going to enable you to
find more trust in yourself. Tip number 2 is: Allow yourself to do
what you’re good at and what comes easily to you. We live in a culture that’s
based around the idea that effort is virtuous. You’ll notice that things which you are really passionate about, that you are meant to do, are actually
things that you are very good at. But we keep telling ourselves the lie, that anything worth having is hard won. So we don’t allow ourselves to the thing which comes
most naturally to us. This is a detriment to society because imagine the kind
of society we could have if we could allow ourselves to
specialize in what they’re good at? And allow other people to
specialize in what they’re good at? And now we have the perfect society
made of people who specialize at what they are good at. If you continue to do things that you are not good at,
that you struggle at, that you think you need to or should do, you’ll continue to feel as if there’s
something wrong with you, as if you’re not good enough. This will decrease your
ability to trust yourself. If we always feel as if it is
a struggle to do things, we will always feel as if
we are behind the pack. So own up to the things which you excel at and focus on designing your
life around those things. Give yourself permission
to take pride in them. And give yourself credit
for your successes. These steps will give a hefty
boost to your self confidence and subsequently, your self-trust. If we’re doing the things which
we’re really meant to be doing, which really give us joy, and of
course, we honest about that, what you’ll notice is that
they are effortless. Even if you have to extend some
sort of energy towards them, it wont feel like effort. It’s not going to feel like struggle. Tip number 3: Let go of your attachment
to finding the right answer, and instead, find your right answer. those of us who have a
decreased self-confidence and a lack of self trust, are obsessed with idea of right and wrong. We have to figure out the right answer. The problem is, we cant
get anyone to agree. Because this life is lived
through perspective. And no one person share
their perspective exactly with someone else. That means, everyone is going to disagree. Those of us who don’t trust ourselves, fear making the wrong decisions so much, that we procrastinate making any choice. We trust everyone’s opinion
except for our own. It’s important for us to realize that when we’re facing
a problem or decision, there is no such thing
as one right answer, that we have to somehow find. So, we have to gain perspective By eliciting other people’s opinions, but by not weighing them in
order to make our final decision. Instead, we need to
make our own decision. We can use inquiry to question
our current perspective and consciously choose a perspective which serves our highest good. Every single person experiences
the world in their own way. So we make decisions
about what right, based on our own individual
assumption, judgements perceptions and past experiences. And like I said, no two perspectives will be the same. And no one can see the situation
from your perspective. Your also never going to be able
to have all the information that you would like to have,
in order to make your decision. You can’t know everything. And so sometimes you
have to take a risk by making a choice anyway. You cannot find a right answer, all you can find is your right answer. Tip number 4 is: Take risks. Even if those risk might result in mistake or what you would call failure. Those of us who don’t trust ourselves, hate the idea of taking risks, because we hate the idea of mistakes, because our self worth is so wrapped up in
getting everything right. But here’s the thing, if you don’t take a risk,
you’ve failed already. I’ll tell you a personal story; Way back when, I was in my sports career, I was a professional skier. And as usual before races, I would be in the bathroom throwing up. Because I hated the idea
of potentially losing. But one day, I was on the chair lift, on the way
up to the start of the racing gate, and I realized, I’ve lost 100% of the
races that I didn’t run. It was a really important epiphany for me. One that people could really benefit by when they’re struggling
with self distrust. We like to think that if we
don’t take risks, we don’t fail. But the truth is exactly the opposite. If we don’t take the risk,
we’ve already failed. While it can be scary for
us to take risks in life, It’s one of the best ways that we
can build our capacity for self-trust. Taking risks takes courage and courage makes us
feel better about ourselves. It allows us to see what
we’re really capable of, which in turn, helps
us to trust ourselves. And don’t forget… If you don’t take a risk, to see if you can trust yourself, you’ll never know that you can. Tip number 5: Take responsibility for your choices and the consequences of those choices. Both if they be good, or bad. Owning the responsibility for the
decisions we make is crucial when we’re developing
trust in ourselves. We need to experience both the
process of making a decision and the process of directly experiencing
the results of that decision, so that we can learn. if we fall into the trap of denying
our part in the decision, or blame others for
the decision we made we end up depriving ourselves
of the opportunity to learn. Likewise if we escape from the
consequence of our decisions, we miss the opportunity for
getting the feedback we need, so we can make different
decisions in the future. This is the same thing
as robbing ourselves of an improved life, in the future. Also, you can’t blame someone else, without simultaneously acknowledging
your own powerlessness. When we’re trying to trust ourselves, we have to see ourselves
as worthy of trust. We cant see ourselves
as powerless and weak, and trust ourselves at the same time. When you blame someone else, you’re recognizing them as the
victor and you as the loser. Who are you really going to trust? Someone who is going to let you down? By blaming someone else, you acknowledge the fact
that you can let yourself down, that you are the one who is powerless. And so, instead of it
benefiting you in any way, you may have removed
the blame from yourself, but you’ve also acknowledged
yourself, as incapable. Tip number 6: live your life according
to a sense of integrity. If you don’t life your life
according to Integrity, you cannot develop self trust. Take some time
and ask yourself: “What does integrity really mean?” You’ll find that authenticity and
integrity, go hand in hand. What does it mean to be authentic? Lack of integrity can reflect out
into the world in big ways such as intentionally
sabotaging someone else or stealing from them. It can also reflect out into the
world in small ways such as, telling little white lies, gossiping,
or not standing up for yourself. Any lack of integrity,
erodes the self concept. Identify what it means to you personally, to have integrity. No one can decide this for you because no two people have
the same values, morals or ethics. Identify the areas in your life where
you are not living with integrity. And then pick three changes
you can make right now to restore that integrity. For example, in order to restore integrity you could write an “I’m sorry”
letter to somebody who you’ve been feeling guilty
about for quite some time. You could come out of the closet,
and admit that you’re gay. You could repay money that you
stole, when you were younger… The list goes on and on. Tip number 7: Acknowledge the ways that
you do trust yourself. We, when we identify that
we don’t trust ourselves, often feel like that’s it’s own statement. “I don’t trust myself, period, the end.” But the reality is, we all trust
ourselves relative to some things and we distrust ourselves
relative to other things. And when we’re trying
to develop our self trust we have to acknowledge the things we do trust ourselves with. When we are looking
to develop self trust, like anything else, we are looking
to strengthen a vibration. Focusing positively toward the ways
you already do trust yourself, strengthens the vibration of self trust. So me, for example, I might not trust myself to rebuild a car, but I can trust myself to make
a really good dish for dinner. Take some time to compile a list of all the ways that you currently
know you can trust yourself. Compile this list, by filling in the blanks as
many times as you can. I trust myself to ________. For example, “I trust myself to be loyal to
the person I’ve committed to.” Or, “I trust myself to be loyal
to my own happiness regardless of weather or not that means breaking a commitment that
I have made to someone.” some other examples might be… “I trust myself to care for my pets.” Or, “I trust myself to do exactly
what I say, I’m going to do.” Nothing is too small or too
large to be included in this list. Any kind of trust, no matter what it is in, is important because it is trust. Tip number 8: Listen to your feelings. Feelings always have an
important message to share. They always have value. Most of in this world have no idea what emotions actually are. We’ve lost touch with the fact that they are the compass
leading you through life. They are always the instant
feedback about the truth of who you are and where
you are in this moment. If you’re ignoring that, then you’re out of touch
with yourself completely. The average person views
feelings as a menace, something to fight, something
he or she is powerless to, a drawback, and even
something to distrust. The average person has no idea
what purpose they serve. So most of us are living in a tug of war between being a slave to our emotions and flipping around to
wage war with them. We have a multi-billion dollar
pharmaceutical industry set up to make a profit from
chemically aiding people to suppress their feelings
and change them. This is especially sad considering
that your feelings are the compass guiding you through
this adventure called life. They are all the guidance
you will ever need. That’s why intuition speaks to
you via the root of your feelings. It is only when you
ignore your feelings, that you become convinced that
your feeling have ever failed you, or are negative in nature. This tip goes hand in
hand wit the last tip, when it comes to trusting yourself. And the reason I saved
this one for last is because it is the Holy Grail of self-trust. The reason you don’t trust yourself, Is because you have made a living practice of abandoning yourself. The reason that you don’t trust yourself, is because you abandone yourself. You do this by not listening to and not honoring your feelings. You violate your boundaries, you run from your negative emotion. The Holy Grail of learning to trust yourself, is to stop abandoning yourself. So, I’ve invented an acronym. The acronym is STAY Stop Abandoning Yourself The first way to stop abandoning yourself is to stop running away from
your negative emotions. This might sound a little interesting because self help experts like myself are always trying to teach
you how to feel better. But the reality is, when you
are attempting to fell better, or feel different, some part of you is abandoning
the truth of how you actually feel. Have you notice that when you
start to feel negative emotion, that negative emotion, is overlaid with a kind of panic. It’s overlaid with a kind of panic because one aspect of you being knows
that the minuet you feel bad, your gonna want to escape yourself and escape that feeling. You can’t try to escape a feeling without simultaneously
trying to escape yourself. That is the same as abandoning yourself. So what we do when we’re learning to trust
ourselves, is exactly the opposite. Instead of trying to feel better or change our emotions
or escape the way we feel, we learn to completely be with
our emotionalism unconditionally, regardless of weather they
feel good, or feel bad. This teaches you that no matter how you feel, you will be there for yourself. Which is the opposite of how the
people in your childhood life, dealt with you. Their participation and approval of you, was conditioned upon you feeling good. Every time you felt bad, they tried to immediately change
it as if something was “wrong” or they tried to leave, until you felt better. All of those types of actions taught you to do the
same thing to yourself. And a lot of us do it
in very harmful ways. A lot of us use addictions. We try to escape our emotions by doing something that
ultimately harms ourself. So the message is,
when I feel bad, not only am I going to
try to escape myself, (which is abandoning myself) I’m also going to harm myself, as well. I teach a process which enables you to be with yourself unconditionally in my other video on YouTube titled: Healing The Emotional Body So if I were you, I would look back at that video,
and follow that process and it will help you to learn
how to not abandon yourself by running away from negative emotion. If you begin to stop abandoning yourself when you’re experiencing negative emotion, you will come to trust that you
will always be there for yourself. You will feel a deep sense of
inner peace arise within you, a deep sense of inner peace
you never knew could exist. The next part of the equation, of not abandoning yourself, is to develop healthy boundaries. So I’m going to talk to you
about boundaries for a minute. Boundaries basically means having a sense of self versus other. When it come to participating
in the physical dimension, the individual perspective, and experience is what is currently
serving the expansion of this universe. And so, we perceive a difference between ourselves and
the rest of the world. This individual perspective
is a kind of boundary that defines us form everything else. We have to hear again and again
from self help experts and physiologist that it is crucial to our well begin
to develop healthy boundaries, but what are boundaries really? Boundaries are guidelines for
how someone relates the self to the rest of the world. They are rules of conduct built out of a mix of beliefs, opinions, attitudes past experiences and social learning. Personal boundaries operate
in two directions, affecting both the incoming and the
outgoing interactions between people. Personal boundaries help
to define and individual by outlining likes and dislikes, what is right for them personally,
or wrong for them personally, defining these things helps us to know
how we will and won’t be treated by ourselves and by others. Here are some sign that you
may have unhealthy boundaries: Saying yes when you mean no, or no when you mean yes. Feeling guilty when you say no. Acting against your integrity
or values in order to please. Not speaking up when you
have something to say. Adopting another persons beliefs
or ideas so that you’re accepted. Not calling out someone who mistreats you. Accepting physical touch or
sex when you don’t want it. Allowing yourself to be interrupted
or distracted to accommodate another person’s immediate wants or needs. Giving too much just to
be perceived as useful. Becoming overly involved in
someones problems or difficulties. Allowing people to say things
to you or in front of you, that make you uncomfortable. Not defining and communicating
your emotional needs in your relationships. Now the biggest problem when
it comes to boundaries is not other people
violating our boundaries, It’s us violating our own boundaries. Every time you let yourself do something that
doesn’t feel good to you, you are violating your own boundaries. You are betraying yourself. If you let someone violate
your boundaries, you are violating your own boundaries. Because you are betraying yourself. Anytime you go against,
your personal boundaries, you violate yourself,
you abandon yourself and you allow self-hate to rule the day. I’m going to simplify the concept of boundaries for
you in a very concrete way. Your boundaries are
defined by your feelings. Your feelings will always tell you whether a boundary of yours has been violated. No matter what boundary it is. For example, if someone said
something that hurt you, it means they crossed an emotional
boundary and you will feel hurt. Which is you indication that your
boundaries need to be reasserted. Another example could be, someone ask you to a party which
you don’t feel like you want to go to, but you go anyway. You feel bad. which is you indication that you have violated your own boundary. This is why it is so
crucial to be in touch with how you feel all day everyday. We can think of a boundary
as an imaginary line that defines and separates
your personal happiness, your personal integrity,
your personal desires, you’re personal needs and
therefore, your personal truth, from the rest of the universe. He who doesn’t listen to and
respect his own feelings, violates his own boundaries. End of story! So it’s crucial to start
paying attention to and listening to and discovering
how you truly feel. It’s so important for you
to know why you like and what you don’t like, what you want and what you don’t want. To start to define who you are, and really know who you are, so that you can live in
a state of authenticity. Because then and only then, will you be able to live according
to your own boundaries. Because only then, will you be listening to your feelings. Your feeling are speaking
your personal truth. It is crucial that we not
only know who we are and what we really want, but also, that we know that we are
know for who we are and what we really want, by others. When we are ashamed of who
we are and what we want, we have poor boundaries. And we are shamed for who
we are by others, all the time. This person has no self trust. This is the person who’s feeling were invalidated as a child. So you can understand what led to
this issue of yours with self trust, I’m going to explain a common scenario that arises from childhood; A child begins to feel angry because their parent is always working
and never has time to be with them. The child expresses that
anger and is invalidated. The parent says: “I spend more time with you
than any other parent I know spends with their child.” And the child is shamed
for being ungrateful. The child learns that the
way they feel is not true and that they should be ashamed
for feeling the way they feel. That emotion is suppressed. Anger is not acceptable, so the child creates a false self
that cannot express anger and who says: “thank you”, all the time. Over time he or she believes that who they really
are is happy grateful. They have never really admitted
to the fact that deep down, they truly feel angry, So how do you know if you
have setup a false self? You fear other people
thinking negatively of you. Ask yourself these questions: Do I know what I really want? Do I let other people
tell me what to think or believe or how to feel? Do I do things I don’t
really want to do? And say yes when I really want to say no,
or say no when I really want to say yes? Am I afraid to let people
know how I really feel? Am I afraid of people
thinking negatively of me? Beginning to pay attention to how
you feel and honor your emotions, which leads to not abandoning yourself, is like Pandora’s box. You can’t open that box
and ever close it again. It changes everything about your life. Absolutely every aspect
of your life will change as a result of doing this final step of the how to trust yourself process. Now, trusting yourself is a process. It’s not something that
happens over night. But trusting yourself is
the inevitable byproduct, of beginning to really
honor who you truly are and admitting to who you truly are. Have a good week. Subtitles by: Jason Ray & Tanya Duarte Subtitles by the community


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  30. Another good one to meditate upon. While playing rudiments on my drum pad…how I like to listen. Drumming is my chill zone for the mind…mid 60's and been watching a number of the older ones….consciousness is key to a better way of just living life. Where was this years back? I wasn't ready for it back then, but now, so cool a vibe to take it all in…while playing paradiddles, mindlessly. Shows we can learn insight anytime the mind is willing. Cool people, this lady now and that's a good thing.

  31. your eyes are so alive! wierd comment i know but i digress ..

    no really though you have such a clear view of what is at the root of a lot of issues that we face in our society and personal lives that you are able to take complex topics and break it down into simple workable steps.

    thank you so much

  32. This point is so true. My first year in college pointed out the thing that came easy… Marketing. It was 2nd nature. But I came in going for accounting and could not imagine something so easy was worth going to college.
    Oh well.

  33. I cannot explain how perfect your understanding you share with all the people. It opens many doors of my existence. If you have not heard it today thank you. Your gift is appreciated.

  34. My mom used to hit me in the back of the head every time I made a mistake. So now it's hard to take action because I'm afraid to be wrong

  35. I want to see beyond the “realms of reality and humanity.” Everything is unrealistic in this WORLD 🌍 because it’s designed for CAPITALISM and CONTROLLING HUMANITY…

  36. I have always tried to be a CHRISTIAN but, reluctantly I cannot believe something that was written and designed to CONTROL HUMANITY. It’s been my lifetime belief that men wrote the books of the BIBLE and men wrote the BIBLE and Roman Emperors controlled the writings of the VATICAN in order to control the WORLD and HUMANITY. Whatever they didn’t understand or misinterpreted, THEY MADE UP of which is MAKE BELIEVE…

  37. 한국어 자막 감사합니다. 부끄러움에 대한 것도 자막 기다려요. ♥ I'm waiting for the subtitle : how to overcome shame

  38. Brilliant talk, Teal! So inspiring and so needed, this could be a course all on its own. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and insight!!! Love & light my friend!

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