How to Trust Your Intuition:  It is Specific to Your Path & Your Guides

How to Trust Your Intuition: It is Specific to Your Path & Your Guides

hi everybody it’s Sloane Rhodes here I
wanted just to make a quick video today about the importance of trusting your
intuition now I made a video some time ago about this but I wanted to just kind
of reiterate how important it is especially when you are doing spiritual
work to trust your own intuition trust your own instincts because you know
we’re all different you know my personal path and my approach is going to be very
different than yours there may be some similarities but truthfully you know you
bring something to the table that I could never have and that is you and
vice versa right so we’re all very different and you know have fun with it
I mean there there really is no need to be grim or or judgmental of other people
you know everyone’s going to be a little bit different trust your guides be
authentic and honest with yourself that’s the first step really because
when you when you trying to further an agenda or you’re trying to force your
will on to your intuition or whatever or someone else or you’re judging someone
else for how they do something you know we don’t know what’s going on inside of
the people we don’t know other guys and angels and intuition are telling them to
do or lead them to or from so you know just worry about yourself or not even
worries have fun with it you know it’s a fun light process I mean when you feel
flooded with the love of spirit or God or source energy or whatever it feels
amazing like you feel so good and so you know take that energy raise your
vibration have fun with it and know that pure love is is nothing that’s going to
cause you pain you know it’s it’s a fun process so you know I don’t know if you
find it helpful but that was what I want to share with you today and in the
meantime you know I really do wish you well and your journey I hope that you
have fun with that and if you enjoy the videos please like share and subscribe
you know I appreciate it or leave a comment and in the meantime really truly
course you will


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