How to Spiritually Transform and Get Happy with Landria Onkka

How to Spiritually Transform and Get Happy with Landria Onkka

Welcome to Landria Onkka on YouTube here to help you break through those fears Live an amazing life. I’m gonna give you the tools to manifest anything. We’re gonna talk about that today How do we change our lives? How can you do it now? You can watch my two thousand-plus videos on my channel and of course I post them numerous times every week and I view all these things to think about we must practice but how do we stay in that frame of mind when you watch the video and you go out there and Somebody is a jerk or your boss treats you badly or your spouse is not Spiritual and you are and on and on and on basically Functioning in the world that is very does which we are part of that too When you’re in a weakened state, you don’t see it that way when you’re waking you just basically say, okay I’m in a dense planet, but this doesn’t affect me but then you know And it’s sometimes tough to be around and see it and experience it because it doesn’t feel good But you don’t react to it Now if you’re not in that state if you’re not in their waking state, how do you do it? I want to talk today because it’s Sunday Sunday’s when I start to give you more tools. I want to talk today about how We’re going to train you To start letting go of the negative thoughts and know what they are See when they come in. We know that we should let them go. We know they feel bad We know that we’re manifesting negative stuff, but we don’t know. How do I let it go? How do I get these thoughts just stop they have a mind if they’re oh, no, they really don’t it’s you it’s the collective It’s all everything. That’s all connected. Everything’s entangled So you’re picking up on the planetary density if you weren’t here, you wouldn’t have any of that stuff But we are here we do share it and then you’re a part of that because your existence Somewhere else and 500 billion other existences and informs you’ve taken that energy comes with you You don’t know what you may have brought forward that is here to work through some of the past things that you didn’t Master it’s not karma negative thing punishment. It’s none of that It’s that you know what I didn’t forgive in my last life So you’re hearing you know, why do I have nasty parents? Because you said you know what? I have to master this lesson so you came here and you said oh, I’ve got nasty parents because in my last life I was supposed to forgive or Whatever the situation is you’re going to be tested not enough like something is testing you you’re testing yourself To say can I pass it this time? I have the answers. I got the answers in my last life for 500 lives I am here and can I master this? Because when I mastered this this all goes into the collective it raises the frequency we’re all learning our own lessons raising the frequency and we’re contributing to others to raise the frequency some of us have big missions To teach others, but we all still have our own journey going on. Nobody escapes this All right. Once you come in this dense world, you don’t get out of it. You’re going to experience this stuff so even awaken people do experience the fears the Negativity the sadness and stuff. They just don’t allow it to rule their lives So it’s really not as difficult as you’d think we think all that goes away and it doesn’t it just has no effect It’s like watching a bad kid in the room run by screaming and you get to the point where? It’s okay big big whoop. It doesn’t even interrupt your conversation So here’s what I want to talk to you about first of all You know, I changed my life six years ago. I was an investment banker for 25 years in the financial world That was brutal. Okay. I owned my own business so I’m an entrepreneur but you know what that doesn’t really give you control when you’re Chasing clients and you’re out in a industry you don’t love So part of what we’re not doing and Realizing is criticals is starting to show Completely out of the lives that can’t possibly work It can’t work when you’re going into a job with people that don’t respect each other and don’t respect the planet and Maybe you’re working for a company that is doing this t stuff to the planet or food or anything else. Yep You’ve got to say no and this is this is bigger. Yeah, I have to pay my bills Landry at the expense of what? Because at the end of the day when you’re in your deathbed Transitioning over to you know, the next amazing thing. You’re gonna do you’re gonna go I blew it. I I had every probability Resting now. You don’t have to go big broke. You don’t have to give up your income I had other probabilities available to me and I didn’t take them. I didn’t take the higher choice I didn’t choose to stop destroying the planet. I didn’t choose to stop see working with negative people I was saying it’s okay by Continuing and I know this is what we as a society are doing we continue to eat the crap put the chemicals on our lawns on our bodies and we’re saying yes to those who are unconscious and Or making conscious bad choices. Okay, we as Enlighten awaken being spiritual beans have to say no Not take the drugs not do the whatever. This is how you change the world? Otherwise, you’re fueling it and sitting there and complaining. This is why here much many times from people Very very rare on my channel, by the way, you guys really got your act together But everyone spells some what about this and what about that? I’m like, yes, what about it? What are you doing every day to contribute we look at this like something out there nasty that’s happening And that that we’re not we’re not contributing to that So then we say what about it? and then we go, you know use plastic or buy our kids toys that are gonna be in the dump next year or We’re doing all these things and we have better choices to make so how do we get out of this? It’s possible and I’m not saying it’s gonna happen overnight because we got ourselves deep into some stuff here So I have a course called breakthrough fear It’s on land Riya on If you go down in the description, I don’t know how much longer I’m gonna do this because I have new courses coming out Down in the description. I have a code that says inspiration with land Riya It gives you 25% of hundred bucks off. We’re talking pennies a day For a year for you to change your life. This is pennies a day a couple pennies a day, right? I didn’t work it out, but it’s it’s not even the price of a cup of coffee Well, definitely not it’s break the cup of coffee We’re talking pennies pennies a day for you to have access to not just videos here to feel good for a while Taking you through how to break through this fear because fear is what stops you Fear is what stops you from going after what you want fear is what keeps you and negative thinking if you weren’t afraid Right, we’re here. So where’s it coming from we find out where it’s coming from if you weren’t afraid When things arise and you will have challenges You’ll know what to do with it. And it has no threat. Therefore. You don’t go into negative Fearful thinking that fuels it that keeps you in manifesting things You don’t desire and this scope happens over and over and over again We’re not switching over to dad has no effect on it on me. And then you go into the thinking that math That’s something amazing. And you see the challenge not as something negative but saying okay, here is my Call from the universe saying Alright, this isn’t working this must change if this isn’t working something has to shift and then you shift over here and then Something opens up and all you’re doing is focusing on that You’re focusing on the okay shifting into something higher Oh shifting into something just different, you know Sometimes you’re doing higher a level kind of you know spiritual things and it’s just not where you want to be Okay, when it shift over here and then you and this is all we do and we we go into What is at the core of your personal fear? What is it? Is it abundance? Is it just not feeling like you’re good enough? That’s the big one. Oh my gosh You guys just don’t feel like you’re good enough. Give me a break people copyrights Um, I’ve had several people by the way, write me and tell me they’re ugly according to WHO the maker That’s an insult Because you chose this body like can I change my body? I’m like no. No, you chose it. You have to play it out You’ll look beautiful as soon as you know, you are every single one of you is amazingly gorgeous Gorgeous, you’re not old get over that. Damn. I’m old. I’m I’m ugly. I’m This has to change but you have to work on it. You have to know step by step How do we get through this and that’s my personal thing and it came from here and then you bless that too We we remove it we dissolve the the Resentment or the negative we dissolve it because now you see it so differently, but it takes practice and it takes training breakthrough fear an amazing course that has five star rating and everybody that writes me has said that has Changed their lives and I have people that because you have access for a year taking it over and over again people Tell me that when they every time they take it again, it breaks them through even bigger people are manifesting money Jobs repairing relationships and I’ve got all of these testimonials you can go on my website. These are real people saying this stuff Go get the training. So that’s number one. Then. I have webinars on that site that you can take live with me for three hours it’s Let’s say it’s 39.95 if you use if you’re in my manifest anything List my email list Which you can sign up for down here five ways to manifest anything you get codes for 25% off of those alright, then you can take that code and If you miss the webinar You can bot purchase that I resell it on the site so that it’s you can buy it anytime You don’t have to be there just those three hours and for three hours You can pick the subject you wanna to work on I have manifest anything and then break through you like create a new reality How do you ship to new reality? And then I have a three-hour one called activate your magic We that ones coming up December 7th. And if you use No Limits you get 25% off $29.95 for three hours if you miss it, you get the replay for free. Okay. So even if you miss it your money isn’t Going down the tubes If you don’t get it and it goes on replay you can play it over and over and over again I give you endless access for a year. That’s crazy. I spent a lot of money on these Okay so I’m telling you my whole purpose is to make these affordable and give it a really long period of time for you to work on them and Give you all the tools you need all right, so the last one that we’re gonna that when I’m doing to suffer 7 activate your magic is why mantras don’t work and If you’re doing them, why isn’t it working? And then I actually give you five of them I list them and if you go to the my story I list them I give you five mantras To use and then I teach you Why they don’t work and how you can get them to work. So instead of thinking about all this stuff you can see the mantra but we learn how to Get that mantra to be effective. So when you say it after you take the course when you say it’s gonna work If you go if you shift into what you learn from the the webinar, okay? These are teachings that I’m getting downloaded on this later Ianka is not know this guru coming up with stuff. I’m just an open channel for this stuff that comes down And so when I get this I teach it to you Go get the training The other thing the last thing I want to talk about is are you working in something and you don’t have good skills or you? Can be easily replaced or you hate what you do and you want to get out? You don’t have to leave your job you guys have seen my ads run them all the time a highly spiritual community of people are quitting their jobs or just learning new skills and This internet training platform gives skills not here’s how you make money online You know now that nothing wrong with that, but if you don’t have skills with it You’re just doing the same thing chasing money chasing money with nothing to back it up. It’s an education system You actually learn how to be an expert at this to the point where you can have your own clients you stuff People don’t know how to do there’s a diamond dozen people in MLM and pyramid schemes You know, what if that’s your thing, that’s fine. But it do you really want it. Are you passionate about that? Do you really want to do that for the rest of your life? So get a real education get skills And by the way, I mean, I seriously I spend this much money on on the basic membership. I spend that on a weekend No problem with food and drinks out with my friends. It’s not expensive. Okay, so Go here. This is a free Workshop series, you’ll get an email that explains How do you make money online and what is this training? And why is it different? Why how are you going to learn skills to apply to anything? No tech experience. That’s what you learn No business experience. That’s what you’re going to learn And no products and services required you’re going to learn what affiliate marketing is why it’s so powerful and so many people are doing it And you’ll also learn that this education teaches you how to create any business online your own It’s not like sell our products. It’s like here’s an education to use for anything It’s going to empower you so here is how we’re gonna start our new here and I wanted to have this conversation with you because if you are not Going and getting the help you’re sitting there Who’s training you right now? The same brain that is creating the same stuff out that you don’t like is trying to correct it This is when you get teachers to help you shift into something different Shift your mindset and you find the person that talks to if it’s not me Go get the training and stay on it. So when you get in that situation and you go back to the old patterns somebody has taught you how to change that and gives you something that works for you and That is what is so important Finding that thing when you go back into the old habits to switch into and then you shift into a completely new reality This is a fact you’re not the same person so If you learn how to have that thought over here instead the same one you have over here you are now going to start to Change your reality and you have to do this more and more and more But if you if you don’t get the help, you’ll go back into the old habits We all do it and you’re on your own and who you had to talk to the same brain, you know you’ve seen Hecker t dog playing the ego on my my Is my little puppet friend here on my channel? He plays the ego He’s the one talking to you going you can’t do it. Who what who are you to think you can be rich? Oh, you’re not good-looking You’re not smart, you know and and then you’re like that’s who you’re stuck talking to as yourself and it’s usually not good So I wanted to present that because I want it. I’m giving you the tools I spent I literally every single day work on all of the things that I’m going to give you I’ve got publications a mobile app that are you’re gonna love and a new Course coming out. So if you haven’t take break through fear if you don’t take break through fear you’re gonna miss out because this is a manifesting course and it’s a requirement for you to take break through fear because I want to Teach you how to move past the fears before you go into manifesting. That’s the one big thing that you desire All right, we gotta handle it first cuz you can try to manifest anything If you can keep going to those negative patterns, it’s not gonna change so Start making some decisions if it’s not my teachings find the help get the new skills to get out of that job because when you get the pink slip You don’t want to start learning internet marketing or get an online education then do it now So then when somebody says time to leave you go. Thank God Finally now I can go use these amazing skills that are relevant to the 21st century you Know your whole and perfect strong and powerful Loving harmonious and happy everything I’ve done To this point when I quit my investment-banking Career and wrote a best-selling award-winning book wrote two other books after that. I have a fourth book coming out I have a television movie. It’s called the rooftop Christmas tree. It’s playing right now all over the world You can watch it and you know me, you know, somebody has a television movie how that happened I kept training in the internet. Quit my job Shut down my company and said I I’m done I’m a I need to make a decision and you can do it to get the help get the help I got the internet training and it changed my life. I wouldn’t be here talking to you without it Why is that so scary? Why do people so afraid to educate themselves learn new things? Go after it go after your amazing life, it’s there it exists It’s just the stories and they had that stop you that’s creating something that you don’t desire Let’s learn how to break past it Blessings to you, my friend and I’ll talk to you in the next video namaste


  1. Thank you so much you have helped me get over my fear of pursing my dreams. Today I’m going to NYC to pursue my acting career! You have been so helpful. I love and completely trust the universe and it has guided me there! It’s amazing how much spiritual awakening has transformed me and I’m about to live the life of my dreams! Thank you!!!

  2. 💗💗💗 Thanks for all you do! I have transformed over this year, and it all began when i came across your channel one day. I just received your Manifesting Journal from Amazon and can't wait to put it to use today. Sending love and light to all! 💗💗💗

  3. Wake up. Eat plants. Animal agriculture is incredibly destructive to the planet. If we all went 90% plant based, we would save the lives of trillions of animals, reduce human death by chronic lifestyle related disease, reduce carbonb emmisions, pollution, ocean dead zones, and deforestation, and free up an incredible amount of land for less water intensive plant foods. Preferably we would shift the paradigm to a society where it is NOT ok to use animals whatsoever. But "Vegan" is still a dirty word for some, even though its literally just a way of life which seeks to reduce harm.
    Anyway, thanks for always growing, Landria 🙂

  4. Hello again Landria. Firstly, so much love and light and joy to you! Secondly, some positive news. Lately, I've nuckled right down and am going straight after setting up my own jewellery-making business (specialising in gemstone jewellery). I recently enrolled onto a local business support project so I can get training on all business aspects, and upskill in jewellery-making too. Thankyou for your inspiring messages. Namaste.

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