How to RESET Your Internal Programs to ATTRACT What You Want! – With Law of Attraction Exercises

How to RESET Your Internal Programs to ATTRACT What You Want! – With Law of Attraction Exercises


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  2. Here's a question keep singing program your subconscious mind by subconsciously programming okay what are you doing something that subconscious are you programming your subconscious mind or are you reprogramming your conscience mind into from a bad habit to a good habit list site can you program your subconscious mind cuz your subconscious mind already knows or are you just reprogramming your conscious mind 2 more factual resonance of your subconscious mind I think you're not programming your subconscious mind there's a conscious mind already knows it's your conscious mind that your reprogramming and if you were to actually tap into your subconscious mind you'd already had the answer so you wouldn't have to program it in the first place

  3. And I believe that when it says when he's saying that you're like opening a newspaper in your conscious mind is looking at all the stuff and recognizing it is that really conscious mind doing that or are you looking consciously 4 things ofthat actually interests you that's what you're actually searching for it's something that consciously doing it not so consciously subconsciously would be completely aimlessly not looking for anything at all and coming up with something that you've never heard of before and becoming interested in an unconscious bias and that's something you've already been interested in or heard of

  4. I kind of disagree athletic saying as in I believe if you were to read first but he was saying as in if you're asking yourself a question and you doubt yourself it's going to cause you to hesitate halt pause stopand that's question yourself because you did not listen to your subconscious to begin with when you start questioning yourself that's conscience thought not subconscious so you're actually needing to program your conscious thought into recognizing that your subconscious should take over as in saying evil person kidnapping somebody they know that it's evil and maybe the first time they do it like if you steal something you hesitate you pause you get nervous because your subconscious is telling you it's wrong but after a while you don't program your subconscious into thinking it's right so you don't pause or hesitate you just simply ignore it and quit listening to what you should be listening to so what you need to do this program you conscious thought into into what is real what is actual coherency of all of the energy that is all around us everything is energy anything that has mass is energy everything in our universe our round our world has mass which means it is energy there's nothing in our realm that isn't there's a thing that I call either people used to make fun of me saying it was all something about trying to say something about Star wars or something but it wasn't like that it's an energy that if we pay attention to and recognize and conditioner mine and are empathic ability to sympathize with it to correlate recognize it and adjust to its Harmony its frequency we should be able to tap into it almost well with others subconsciousness and the funny thing is it's just recently I'm not comparing myself to this person at all because that would be completely idiotic but I was so I watch a lot of learn things that some people just don't you know and I found it interesting that Nicole Tesla had this thing that he called the aether and when they explained it they said it was an energy that he's described that we should all be able to tap into and was not exciting but it was generously shuffle filament of a little bit of happiness inside of me to hear that because other than him I don't know anybody else thought like that and you know I wish I knew more about it or what he thought but he was a conscience tapping subconscious visionary a real one of a kind mind you know I'm not testing to be anything like that but it's just nice to know that somebody else specially somebody recognized had an idea like that that everybody made fun of me about I don't you still conscious mind is your first thought your first reaction and if you question that that means you have to condition yourself to recognize and not question your so your first thought you're so your natural instinct it's always right always the only time it's not as if it's been influenced and it's not a natural thought your natural thought would be that first split-second sometimes you don't even know what it is you might be like what was it because you weren't paying attention to recognize it it's that it's a feeling it is emotion it's an emotional feeling spontaneous intuition I probably more but that's the best way I can describe it on a layman's terms without like trying to go into some confusing stuff but don't try and change your subconscious thought your subconscious thought is what's right and when you when you second-guess yourself that's when you're wrong and that's your conscious thoughts second-guessing your subconscious you're so cautious is what gives you your dreams gives you your basis on moral on anything that might sustain you has you know that you're a good person now if you're sitting there thinking I'm a bad person this and that and you got something going on in your mind you're in your feelings fighting that that's just your subconscious saying well you know better than that come on you know you're a good person you just not listening and you're not looking at what it's trying to show you pay attention always pay attention

  5. I don't know I have a real problem with this I can see trying to program yourself to think positively I think you're worthy and stuff like that because everybody is you just have to know it too feel that it's true you so conscious already knows that if your subliminally trying to change what conscience already knows you you are brainwashing yourself into something that somebody is telling you how to do whether you makeup a thing or not somebody just told you to do that your subconscious already knows what's right and wrong what's good what's real or not you just have to listen to it and you have to vibe with the universe the subconscious is connected to the universe that's where how you get your intuition and your dare I say Pathak like capabilities to understand or just know that somebody's not giving you the whole story or chill recognize that something is not right that's intuition and that is your subconscious mind that's not a conscious thought that's I can reacts numotion you feeling emotional reaction going on like a almost like two chemicals combining to create bubbles or static electricity which says hey something's not right here that's your subconscious mind your conscious mind may just pass it over but you should always be conscience alili consciously trying to be aware of your subconscious that's what you should be trying to program yourself to do is to completely be aware of everything and listen and recognize those feelings of the subconscious not of the conscious if you trying to change your subconscious you are going to be wrong you are going to mess up and you will have an incapacity to recognize certain things as of maybe truth or a ning capable of feeling of rationality even know something says this should be rational but it's I just can't I can't put my finger on it just doesn't seem right now if you have program yourself to do that that's your subconscious and there is something that's not right but if you're program yourself to do that you you probably think that more often than you should I just I think Skype is saying it necessarily wrong it's just reversed the conscious and the subconscious and then it would be right

  6. Catch – 22 : 18:42 Repeating a program over and over, the S.C. will detect resistance and reject the program. But the 2nd method of training the S. C. 19:20 is to keep repeating the program over and over. DO WHAT ? ?

  7. The brain has modules that conflict not the hemispheres . We actually have 2 brains just like most of our organs have a spare. This is why a person can get one side blowen away with a shot gun and can use the other side to as though they still had both hemispheres and can still calculate math and music with just one side. More recent studies reveal that both hemispheres are involved in almost all cognitive tasks. Thanks to fMRI (functional magnetic resonance imaging) and other techniques like MEG.

  8. The thing is that I am AMBIDEXTROUS so I use both 🙌 basically all the time. And equally whenever.
    My mom is a lefty and my dad is a righty

  9. So it feels weird if I use one more too much.
    I feel "off."
    I have to use the other hand til for about the same amount of time or til I feel equally balanced ⚖ again.
    That's why it doesn't matter when I get my blood drawn I can use the other side. I can read upside down. And am a lefty when it comes to batting. But I don't know if I can bat right haven't got the chance to see.

  10. Heavently Jesus I attrack my police academy uniform my badge my two guns handcuffs I put it on today as righteous and I do my work as soon as possible and get blessed paid for my job in the name of Jesus Christ blessed miriamrosa

  11. On some real shit as a hardbody native of Brooklyn and jus me being me I wish to inform you that you have shifted In a way my whole existence thank you

  12. I have a drink problem. There have been periods of sobriety in my life that have been fantastic/wonderful/awesome but somehow I always slip back into self destructive, alcoholic drinking. I end up in debt, in prison, in psych wards, homeless, friendless, pennyless. When Im sober Im good…money in my pocket, good relationships, a roof over my head, self esteem etc. Just cant work out why I keep hitting the bottle and destroying myself? What's the subconscious programming there?
    Fed up of yoyoing between pissed and sober….

  13. Reinventing & redefining ourselves. We can rewrite everything about our lives. The thing I've discovered by this…constant surprise in the new things I attempt. "Why didn't I do this years ago?". Wasn't prepared or ready. Excellent video!

  14. What if u attract what u want but the person or situation or object is with held from u of the answer no is issued or ignored when u are in the process of making something happen. Bc I’ve believed from the time I was a child it can happen what u think but what can u do when ur environment goes against what u r doing.

  15. We are very powerful machines who are unaware of our greatness. Only if we had known would we become whatever we dream of.

  16. Je remercie l’univers pour la générosité de khadidja envers moi je remercie l’invivers pour les merveilleuses choses qui m’arrivent dans la vie

  17. This video quintessentially represents why so many people who win the lottery go right back to where they came from in life, or those who are fortunate enough to get somewhere up the ladder in earning a greater income end up self-sabotaging. Until watching this video nearly two years ago, I had no idea why I struggled in financial markets, I would make it so far and then fail, but all the knowledge for what to do and pattern recognition was there, I knew what I was doing, but still failed. As the video states, the sub conscious reads everything within sight, but will only direct attention to what it is congruent with the program. I eventually got as far as making $37,462 in the best month before allowing myself to lose over $41,727 in a day and then wiping the account out the following day. Thanks to this video and a number of other self help videos with Dr Joe Dispenza, Tony Robbins and Bob Proctor, I have got my life back on track. For this, I am truly grateful.

  18. I'm a simple but spiritual man, if I see a thumbnail with a brain and blue electricity coming out of it I click.

  19. I have a Reiki friend who did "muscle testing" on me. I was intrigued, but unable to find any information about it on the web. And now I came across clear instruction on how to perform it, wow. Thank you so much for posting this. Where can I learn more about "muscle testing"?

  20. It's great information… Its exciting to know we can change our reality. But still I think people are born with different brain capacity, some people have higher IQ than the other. IS it possible to increase our IQ as well?

  21. When I was a kid growing up,I was happy until about age 11..It was then that I started to learn not to tell people my goals or desires or else I would hear about a million reasons why it could never happen. It took a few years,but I finally got the nerve to reject those suggestions and go for my dreams anyway.

  22. Does anyone understand the muscle method at 12:34? I don't really understand the principle. So after we say a statement/affirmation, we feel how our muscles reacts by contracting it and if the statement is resisting our subconscious programs, we feel weak or a twitch within our moving ?

  23. Thank you so much Universe for educational How to controls your minds, attracted what you wants.
    Laws of attraction.
    To reprogramme and rethinking.

  24. A very excellent video. Too bad they didn't accept the right brain left brain functions which is clarified in a comment by the author in the pre video segment. But suffice to say muscle testing is a very important technique to learn and value as a way to get information from the body. I have been trained in several ways to muscle test but I do resort to the one main one that I feel very comfortable with and Trust although it took me nine months learn to trust it. And that is through many courses I took from a company called three-in-one Concepts and the modality is known as one brain. Extremely powerful techniques in Corrections to change and re – program our belief systems and therefore the actions which must follow to have a truly changed Behavior and making a new choice. But the real key is one must identify envelop oneself in the feelings to go from the negatively-charged feelings to a positive desired State of Mind. And I have a whole barometer of words because our body is a barometer of feelings on any given issue that must be identified to help us make the movement from the negative to the positive. And bottom line is it's all about choice. and I especially liked author's statement about the necessity of repeating an affirmation several times before the subconscious will breakdown its resistance basically and then you can take in the new program. That's why advertising is so effective if you're not aware of what it is doing to you and therefore propaganda as well is repeated over and over and over until you finally believe it even if it's totally untrue. Which is so sad in our day and age of political advertising, product advertising,. People will say anything to get you to believe it whether it's true or not to get you to buy it!

  25. The voice talking on vid sounds like the SON of Kalabar from the movie called halloweentown .😂I love that movie & watch it so much ,I had say it 💙

  26. You got the hemispheres the wrong way around, left is logic, right is emotional. Great video altogether though, congratulations!

  27. Great videos ..but I think It would be a lot more useful and helpful if you could show more relevant and expressive images instead of just related images ..:)

  28. Part 1 How the Subconscious Mind Works, starts at 0:21
    Part 2 How to begin reprogramming your subconscious, starts at 16:01


  30. गेलवेस्टन (अमेरिका). टेक्सास के गेलवेस्टन स्थित डेनीज रेस्त्रां की एक वेटर कार को खरीदने के लिए रोज पैसे बचाती थी। इसके लिए एड्रिना एडवर्ड्स घर से रेस्त्रां और रेस्त्रां से घर तक की 22 किमी की दूरी पैदल ही तय करती थी। इस दौरान उसे पांच घंटे लगते थे।
    यह बात मंगलवार को टेक्सास के एक कपल को पता चली। ये ग्राहक रेस्त्रां में ब्रेकफास्ट करने आए थे। इन्होंने वेटर एड्रिना एडवर्ड्स का सपना साकार करनी की सोची। दोनों गाहक बिल अदाकर चलेगए, लेकिनडिनर के वक्त दोनों फिर रेस्त्रां पहुंचे। तब उनके हाथ में कार की चाबी थी।
    कीमत में दूसरों की मदद करें' इन ग्राहकों नेबताया, "हमनेडिनर के बाद एड्रिना को गाड़ी की चाबी सौंप दी। कार देखकर एड्रिना की आंखें खुशी से भर आईं।" महिला ग्राहक ने कहा, " उसे यह थैंकगिविंग लगा होगा, लेकिन मैंने उसे मैरी क्रिसमस कहा। उससे कहा भी कि वह जब कभी इसकी कीमत अदा करना चाहे तो दूसरोंकी मदद करे।"
    महिला ने कहा, "मैं हर दो घंटे में कार का सपना देखती थी। घर की खिड़की से जब भी बाहर की ओर देखती, तो लगता वहां एक कार खड़ी है। फिर जब मैंने देखा, कार की जरूरत दूसरों को मुझसे कहीं ज्यादा है। तब मैंने ऐसे लोगों की हर संभव मदद करने के बारे में सोचा। पिछले साल अलबामा में भी 32 किलोमीटर दूर से सही वक्त पर ऑफिस आने वाले व्यक्ति को उसके बॉस ने कार गिफ्ट की थी।"
    अगर आप अपने सपने को विजुलाइज करें तो ब्रह्मांड का सिद्धांत हमें वह चीज अनुकूलित परिस्थितियों को उत्पन्न करके दे ही देता है

  31. Positive position created by your self if it is positively going then happiness created then any program can be in success.

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