How to Reduce Thoughts in Meditation – Sri Guru

How to Reduce Thoughts in Meditation – Sri Guru

How to stop thoughts during Meditation?
–SRI BEN PRABHU Though you may say that
we are patient and enthusiastic both, but actually when we sit with our eyes closed,
still our mind keeps running outside. You experience this or not? This Shlok is just for that. In any way you bring yourself back inside. ‘In any way’ means what? I have written 4 to 5 points in my diary – ‘In any way’ means… When you close your eyes, you will have thoughts.
Which thoughts will they be? Imagine if you have a thought about a river, then add one more thought to it consciously that “the river itself is the God!” You have a thought about a mountain “The mountain is also the God itself!” You have a thought about Honey Singh? then “Honey Singh is also the God too!” You have a thought about Shahrukh Khan?
Then “Shahrukh Khan is also the God itself!” [Applause] Instead of flowing away with your thoughts,
with every thought, just consciously add Oh this thought… It also has God within it! But for this you need to have awareness.
And your awareness will be enhanced because with every thought, instead of flowing
what are you doing is “It also has God within it!” Oh that guy! He called me this… Well, the one of who spoke is also God,
the one who heard is also God! With every thought, consciously add the belief of the presence of God. In this way, your thoughts would be lesser
and God, God, God… In everyone… [Applause] Because it is not that you get only one thought. You get a set of thoughts.
But in all variable thoughts, what is constant? God!
So, that which is constant will empower And that which is variable, separate,
will all dissolve… [Applause] This is the first way. Have you ever been underwater? Ever went in the water, if you know swimming, etc.? I too don’t know But some time back I experienced
going underwater. Everywhere water, water, water and water only! And from that… I got that same moral only,
wherever we go there is only one network of understanding. And that network taught this only that like underwater, where everywhere is just water and water… everywhere there was water. I was told to shut my nose after taking a deep breath
and just dive down, so I dove,
and saw what is this world! So much silence, so much clarity,
it was some different world altogether. But I got the moral that that like when we dive underwater, we are surrounded by water from everywhere, similarly, the world in which we are living is all surrounded by God itself! [Applause] Go and experience this someday. Third. A seeker feels that when he remembers God,
he is flooded with other thoughts. But when he is doing other things, at that time
there is no thought of God?! Ok then, we can explain it like– When we do other things, we don’t have thoughts of God, But when we remember God, there are lot other thoughts. Where are all these thoughts coming from? Where are these thoughts coming from?
Coming from you or from outside? Coming from inside, that is for sure! These thoughts come from within, so this means that all these waste is coming from? It is from within you only. When you do other things, you don’t have thoughts about God. But when you remember God then the mind immediately starts throwing out all the wastage of thoughts and empties it. In this way too you can remember God!
[Applause] You should know that each one of your thought is garbage only. And that waste is not emptied when you do other things. This garbage empties only when you sit to remember God! In any way you have to connect to God. That’s why these are all ‘tricks’ (like grandma’s tricks). Why do we feel barrier in thinking of God? Because we think of ourselves belonging to this world, and think of God as some secondary person. I tell you, believe yourself as belonging to God and then think of God, there will be no barrier. [Applause] You believe yourself to be a part of this world and then think of God, this means God was always a stranger for you! I tell you this new way that – I definitely belong to God… Empower this feeling, strengthen it and then sit for your Sadhana. There will be minimum thoughts disturbing you. And still if the thoughts disturb you
then a Yogic Kriya says It is a very small and lovely Kriya. How many of them are in total? 112-114, as you like. From it, there this smallest Yogic Kriya that when you sit for Sadhana
and a lot of thoughts disturb you then start blinking your eyes. In front of any object, focus and blink {Blinking} Blink like this, focusing only on one object. Not looking here and there. [Laughter]
This is no way. On any single object, focus your eyes. And, when you blink, what happens is that The outside vision gets cut Is it not? You won’t see the full picture outside. When you blink, the outside vision gets cut.
And more the outside vision cuts, more of your thoughts will be cut. [Applause]
This is a Yogic Kriya. You experiment it.


  1. Thank-you our Divine Master. Thanks for your remedies (nuskhe))for spiritual journey 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  2. Dear Sir. or Sister. please don't put English subtitles in between. it is very disturbing. Instead have an English audio translater. Great Video By Guru Sister. Thanks God and Guru.

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