How to Meditate: 3 Body Position Options

How to Meditate: 3 Body Position Options

Hello! My name is Carolynn Anne Budgell and I’m
a yoga and meditation instructor in Vancouver. The wonderful thing about sitting in
meditation or doing your meditation practice is there’s not one right way
to do it, depending upon your body type or maybe
your experience level, there are many ways for you to get
comfortable for meditation. What you mainly want to focus on is
having a long and open spine, relaxed shoulders and an open chest for your meditation. So the first position you could try is simply lying down on your back on the earth. Have your legs bent and your feet flat
on the ground. This is a great position especially if
you’ve had a really long and stressful day just simply lie on your back, keep your
shoulders relaxed, have some deep breaths, and just relax into the ground below you. Another option for meditation is sitting
in a chair. Sitting in a chair is wonderful if you
get knee, hip, or back pain, or if you’re the office. Find a really
straight back chair, sit upright, again keep your spine open, your chest open, and lean back into the
chair. And finally the most traditional
meditation position is seated, maybe on a cushion or a block you could sit cross legged, or you
could sit on your shins with your legs bent. You just want to keep your spine as
elevated open as possible so that you can really
be alert in every moment and remember you can
modify any of these positions that you like by
using all kinds of props so that you can find the most
comfortable position to enjoy your meditation in. I hope these tips help you. Try out all the positions for meditation and see
which one works for you. Namaste.


  1. Great video. Finding comfort in the seated meditation pose should be our first priority. Prapatti is a meditation cushion/yoga prop company that specialized in the seated meditation pose. We encourage practitioners to learn how to properly support their body with the right height cushion, written and video instruction as well as free video consultations are offered to anyone interested (no purchase necessary) . No only are more comfortable when we are properly set up, we optimize energy flow! Metta

  2. This is the real secret of life — to be completely engaged with what you are doing in the here and now. And instead of calling it work, realize it is play.

  3. Thank you for the help! I'm just getting into it, and I have middle back pain when I meditate in a seated position, so I will try it lying down, but I know I will have to be more mindful about staying awake that way. Anyway, I appreciate your help and hope you have a great 2018!

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  5. I'm off to a meditation retreat in December with no meditation experience what so ever. I've researched roughly what to expect and understand that there will be 10 hrs a day meditation. I'm 58 yes old and have arthritis in both knees not enough to stop me walking but slightly painful when trying to sit crossed legged I'm also concerned that I may cause my knee more problems by trying to sit crossed legged so these options are a relief. (I just wonder if these poses will be course acceptable?)

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