How to Find Paranormal Claims – Our Haunted Travels

How to Find Paranormal Claims – Our Haunted Travels

hello my friends and welcome to another
episode of ghost stories in folklore hello my friends tonight I want to share
with you some of the resources that we use here at the penny need to find the
paranormal claims different locations around the world if you are looking for
real haunted locations these resources can guide your research below in the
description we will put a link to a page on our website that contains all of
these links that we are going to talk about that you can find on the Internet
my friends so let’s get started the first site we want to talk about it
the Shadowlands dotnet we have been using this website for many years to
look up claims at locations what you want to do when you connect to the site
is click on ghosts and hauntings then if you do not see a menu at the top
scroll down on haunted places here you will find a
directory that lists haunted places by state or countries if you are looking
for a particular location you can click on that state or country and scroll down
and you will see hundreds and hundreds of paranormal claims the next location
we want to talk about is haunted houses calm these website not only lists real
haunted locations but it also breaks them down into different directories
that you can use to find even more information and if you are into it my
friends they also list Halloween haunted houses as well
won’t you click on real hauntings and attractions you can again browse by
state if you want to and retrieve a listing of locations within that state
once you drill down and select a location you can find out more
information including the history and some of the hauntings that take place
there the next place I want to talk about is haunted places dot-org again
there is a map that you can browse by but the interesting thing about this
website is it also tells you all the locations that are closed the one that
you are looking for as well it’ll also give you the distance as to how far away
that location might be from where you are searching of course it would be a
fail you are not to mention panic itself which these are locations that we
have already researched and added to the database on all database you can browse
by state by map or view the most recent and top the rank two locations once you
find the location you just bring up that page and just like our videos you can
find out the history stories paranormal claims any evidence that we may have
found to prove or debunk the paranormal claims we also list additional resources
for the location now if it is a location that we have already created videos for
we will also attach them to the page as well the next location I want to talk about
is legends of there is some great American history and
legends of ghost stories information listed on this website you can actually
get lost for hours looking over all of the information that they are providing
on this saved another resource is Wikipedia
there is actually a page on Wikipedia listing haunted locations in the United
States now this is not all of the haunted locations but it is a good
resource to go and look to see if you can find paranormal claims about a
particular location another resource we have used for some time too is ghost
village calm ghost village calm is actually built on a community where
people have submitted their real paranormal experiences so this is a
great resource to search to see if you can find information about the
particular location now if you need to dig even further one thing that you can
do is start looking at websites for paranormal societies or groups there is
a resource called paranormal societies calm and on this website it will list
international groups or US groups once you click on that you can pick a state
and try to find a paranormal group that is close to the city of the location
that you’re looking for in most cases if there are hauntings there they may list
on their website a investigation report that will document the paranormal claims
at the location another thing that you can do as well is look to see if the
location has a website they may actually have information about the paranormal
claims or even offer tours that you can take to learn even more so these are
just some of the resources that we use to research the paranormal as sort of
different locations if there is a resource that you use that we didn’t
mention please leave it in a comment section below as we would be very
interested in more resources again all of these links are linked off the page
that we have down in the description and we hope you enjoyed this video if you like the
episode of ghost stories in folklore be sure to hit the like button
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  1. Excellent resources, Borris! I see myself doing some browsing/research in the near future😀! Years ago I wanted to join a group called PINKS (paranormal investigations of Nebraska an Kansas) but my wife killed that idea right away. She didn’t want me bringing anything home with me by mistake, lol! Still, I do enjoy learning about the paranormal!

  2. Ok this was awesome friends SUPER useful information loved it sledgehammered that like button and sharing to Twitter with a full watch

  3. Borris, thank you for showing us where you find your info! I would have never known about any of these without you. Love Shawn and Marianne’s in depth research for the locations! Should have known there was a wiki page on this. Ha! Groups are always a good resource. Great video.

  4. If you have other resources that you use, please let us know here in the comments. Can never have too many resources! 👻👻👻

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