How to Cultivate an Attitude of Gratitude?  | #iFeelGratitude | Spirit of Gratitude

How to Cultivate an Attitude of Gratitude? | #iFeelGratitude | Spirit of Gratitude

if we wish to become cheerful optimistic
and hopeful if we wish to eradicate negativity pessimism and gloom from
within ourselves what can enable us to do this all we need to do is to count
our blessings and we have so many of them agreed there are deficiencies in
our life everybody is cup is half empty but how
can we forget that it is also half full tell a child thank your father for all
that he has done for you the child says he is doing his duty his father did it
for him he is doing it for me what is the big deal this is ingratitude in the
same way we too have received so much the eyes with which we see the ears with
which we hear the earth we walk upon the air that we breathe the food that we eat
you see unhappiness is not a reality it is only the way we think and happiness
is only a shift in her emotions to be happy remember all the different gifts
that we have received and to feel gratitude in our hearts for them
now you may say Swamiji what ultimately have I received let me tell you the
story of one man who was always whining about the deficiencies in his life until
one day an itch started in his eyes that completely transformed his perspective
he went to the doctor and the doctor diagnosed it as a cancerous growth for
which the eyeballs would have to be removed otherwise the growth would
spread in his body this man was shattered on the appointed
hour he entered the surgery ward with this thought that when I come out I will
have no eyes however when the doctor entered his eyes he found out that it
was just a rare fungus behind the retina he cleaned it up and stitched back his
eyes finally when this man’s bandages were opened he discovered that he could
still see now he was thankful to God for the gift of sight we have received these
two instruments fitted with a hundred million receptors each with the help of
which we can enjoy the glory of the crimson sky in the Setting Sun relished
the majesty of an eagle in flight enjoying the entire spectrum of seven
colors of that aesthetic rainbow like that we have received
so many wonderful blessings let’s turn our attention to the end and then as we
stop whining about the cup that is half empty we will be so overwhelmed by the
half-full gifts we have in our life that we will find a hundred million reasons
to be cheerful to be optimistic to be enthusiastic so let us start a wave of
gratitude not only for ourselves but in the entire world the community around us
let us offer this wonderful gift to our near and dear ones enable them to become
cheerful by remembering their blessings by feeling gratitude and thereby
creating a ripple of the wave of gratefulness which will spread true from
the individual to the family to the community to the entire world and bring
about a paradigm shift in the way we feel the way we think and the way we
become by exercising this muscle of gratitude
in the etheral heart that we all possess I invite you to feel the maximum
grateful you can and to bestow this gift upon your near and dear ones you


  1. Thanks 🙏 Swamiji ..we are so grateful to you for teaching us all this wisdom like stop whining and start counting the blessings . #iFeelgratitude for all the countless blessings received 🙏 I recommend watching this video daily 👍

  2. Swamiji says our unhappiness is not real. It is a self talk program of negativity that we are running in our minds and experiencing the outcome. Let us now run a program of gratitude through our minds and experience being cheerful and hopeful.#IFeelGratitude

  3. We all get so caught up in everyday life with problems at work, issues with kids, challenges with spouse, etc. that we forget to be thankful for the graces that have been bestowed upon us. With this video, #SwamiMukundananda brings us back to valuing the simple things in life.

    I intend to watch this video everyday to internalize the sentiment of the attitude of #iFeelGratitude. I just wish there was also a guided meditation to go with it.

  4. Precious and priceless video clip. Thank you Swamiji for teaching us this valuable lesson which we totally ignore. I am so grateful for everything in my life. Radhey Radhey.

  5. Thought provoking 6 minutes many things happen every day in our life and we take it for granted, don’t even appreciate them. Thanks for reminding concept of gratitude.


  6. What beautiful explanation by dear Swamiji on the topic of gratitude. Let’s all take a moment to ponder over the precious gifts given to us by the supreme lord. It’s more about imbibing the feeling of gratitude and showing in your actions. #ifeelgratitude
    Let’s all spread this message for everyone to benefit!

  7. Swamiji thank you 🙏 A perfect solution to all problems 😊 . By keeping a positive mind we will find fruitful solutions to existing problems and our faith and Gratitude will strengthen further 🙏 … our enthusiasm will spread ❤️😊🙏🌺#iFeelGratitude

  8. Thank you Swamiji for another reminder to be grateful for everything we have by God's grace. I am grateful to God for giving me an opportunity to love him, and serve him. I am also grateful to every experience I had so far which helps me learn and grow everyday.

  9. Beautiful clip on Gratitude Swamiji! Whatever God gives us, it is enough to be thankful.Without gratitude, we can’t feel or see all the gifts that God has given us.

  10. Thank you Swami ji for this wonderful video. It is so true that we don’t express our gratitude enough for whatever we have got from God and where we are today instead we keep asking for more. Today I express my gratitude for everything that God has given me. Thanks again for this eye opener.

  11. Swami Ji – Thank you very much for the powerful and sublime reminder presented in a concise, simple and effective manner! Expressing gratitude rather taking things for granted is a sure way to enhance the bliss, joy and peace in life! Truly appreciate your guidance, dedication, passion, and mission in uplifting body, mind and soul; and spreading the wave of optimism!! Radhey Radhey!

  12. Thank you, Swamiji, for showing us the way how to show our gratitude towards God always for everything ha has bestowed upon us!!🙏

  13. We should be thankful for everything we have rather than repenting for what we don’t have as a lifetime is also deficient to count the number of blessings we have.#iFeelGratitude

  14. I am so grateful to have a spiritual mentor like Swamiji who is constantly guiding and uplifting me in my spiritual and material life. Thank you Swamiji for everything.

  15. I for myself first thing I do when I wake up, is pay my gratitude to God, for letting me enjoy this beautiful earth, savor the sights and sounds of nature. I acquired this feeling of gratitude after God gave me a lease on my life, after my unexpected heart attack. I am also at times filled with the gratitude to Swami ji for opening my mind to the spirituality that I had been struggling with. This is GREAT MESSAGE from Swami ji which need to be spread around. I will try to adopt it in my daily life.

  16. What a wonderful message! The Universe loves gratitude, so each day i will make a commitment to be grateful under all circumstance no matter what is happening around me.

  17. Radhey Radhey Swamiji – Namaskar!! Thank you for reminding us to pay gratitude to everything we have received. Feeling grateful towards Lord RadhaKrishna for giving me my mother, father, brothers, sisters, relatives and friends. Feeling grateful for getting a human life and opportunity to serve god through service to people in my life. Radhey Radhey!!

  18. Very true Swamiji ! In the time of disappointments, when I start thinking about the plenty of blessings that we have received from God, it immediately brings me back to platform of joy and cheerfulness. Then, I realize that we have received so much that there is no reason to feel disappointed. Thank you.

  19. Thank you for this beautiful video reminding us of the need and importance to be grateful. The story illustrated in the video is very good.

  20. Swamiji, the sewa you and raseshwari didi are doing by creating these beautiful small videos for us are unimaginably helpful. These videos are so simple yet effective that can be understood by any layman like me.
    I THANK YOU and DIDI JI from all my heart and on the behalf of all the satsangees worldwide who are daily availing the benefit of these little creations.
    THANK YOU MAHARAJ JI for giving us such lovely Bhaiya and Didi.
    Radhey Radhey

  21. Thank you so much, Swamiji for a wonderful and insightful lecture. We take for granted what we have and desire what we don't have. The desire of wants creates misery. If we focus on what we have and thank God, we will be much happier.

  22. Superb message on gratitude! Always count your blessings! Share this wonderful message with all your friends, family, colleagues, and community!

  23. Dear Swamiji: We are most blessed with a Guruji like you to open our mind. We thank God for the gifts He has showered on us.. When I think about all the blessings which we have, most importantly our family, and our good health etc. which we take it for granted every day. I am very thankful to our Guru and God.

  24. What a spirit of Gratitude. I wish this wave of Gratitude spread across each and every person in the entire world. #iFeelGratitude

  25. Thank You for making us realize what all we have received in our life.Totally a new perspective of seeing life.Wish I can continue to see it all the time. But will definitely try to watch this video frequently #iFeelGratitude

  26. Very nicely explained how to develop attitude of gratitude and be happy. Swamiji has impeccable style. A powerful message explained in a simple manner.

  27. Appreciate your wonderful message(s) pujya Swamiji !! We have endless gratitude in heart for Radhe Krishna's mercy bestowed unto us. We are eternally grateful for the innumerable blessings in life !!!

  28. Counting my blessings! this video certainly hits a chord and reminds me of the unlimited graces bestowed. Spreading this feeling of gratitude is the most beautiful expression which we can feel from within.

  29. What can I comment Idon't understand. But this wonderful message on Feel Gratitude can be the turning point in our life ,

  30. Thanks for this beautiful message Swamiji.your words of wisdom inspires me in being a positive person and improving my thoughts everyday.

  31. If we could make it a habit to count what we have every morning and feel Gratitude, we can improve our mental and physical health to a great extent.

  32. If we count the Gazillion blessings we have received and we are receiving every minute of our lives, there is no scope for sadness or gloom. When we see life as a wonderful gift and an opportunity for spiritual growth. Let us use every moment in our life to spread joy and happiness in the world. THANK YOU SO MUCH SWAMIJI !!!

  33. Beautiful Thanksgiving message!
    Grateful and thankful for all the Graces God and Guru has showered on me. Thank you Swamiji. Radhey Radhey.

  34. Thank you swamiji for such wonderful explanation about God's blessing.In our day to day busy life we forgot that God has given so many precious thing.Radhey Krishna.

  35. This talk is so powerful and inspiring that I am beginning to feel the gratitude for everything we received from God. We take all these things for granted without knowing how blessed we are to get the human birth and to receive divine knowledge. Thanks, Swamiji for this speech. #iFeelGratitude for having listened to these words of wisdom from the Guru.

  36. Swamiji says that when we desire to do give in any way, try to invoke the quality of devotion by expressing deep and sincere gratitude to God for all the graces he has bestowed upon us. This is what invokes the desire to give and engage in all kinds of seva. Thank you, Swamiji!

  37. To be cheerful is the aim of many. And the simplest way for achieving it is to just remember the priceless gifts in our lives.

  38. Our biological father gives us so much..! Imagine how much our eternal father has given us without any expectations in return.
    We must be grateful for what we have!
    It is difficult to remain cheetful or pass on cheerfulness to others, when one suffers from incurable disease, ..but I am sure there must be a way. Can you suggest swamiji please?
    Thank you so much

  39. The power of the "Attitude of Gratitude" is truly amazing; needs a shift in paradigm- Stop whining, count your blessings, be grateful for all the gifts God has given us, be optimistic and spread the wave of gratitude – Thank you Swami Ji!

  40. Thank you Swamiji for reminding us the eye opening gratefulness we have received through God . We must thank to him for everything we received .

  41. Shri Swamiji uncovers the deeper reason for all our worldly whining for material things! We are thankful to Hari – Guru for such a wisdom . #iFeelGratitude thanks a lot 🙏
    Extremely powerful way of keeping positive attitude 🙏 Must listen daily before starting the day 👏

  42. Swamiji beautifully says that gratitude makes us feel humble and humility is essential for spiritual growth. We need to be grateful for our sensory organs, the intellect, the mind, the human body, the beautiful elements in nature, our Guru, and a lot more we have received from God. Thank you, Swamiji!

  43. Swamiji beautifully says that we never realize the gifts received from God until we lose the things we take for granted. If we were grateful for the human form, intellect, mind, body, things that sustain the body, and elements in nature, we would experience humility and gloom will cease to exist. Thank you, Swamiji!

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