How To Choose  A Spiritual Path? | Gurudev On Kundalini | Old Wisdom Talk By Gurudev

How To Choose A Spiritual Path? | Gurudev On Kundalini | Old Wisdom Talk By Gurudev


  1. I believe art of living Sri Sri Ravi Shankar official YouTube channel is not delivering gurujis latest updates.. what will we do listening to what he said in the past.. we want to know what he is saying in the present moment.. that's what official pages are for.

  2. Practical knowledge… From my Master…. Knowledge is always new…multi dimensional…. Yes…Sudarshan kriya !!!!! Amazing!!!!! Pranams Gurudeva

  3. Oh Guruji I hava done both ..
    For last 10 years ..
    I have done sudarshan kriya regularly and also have taken great shaktipat Dikshas ..
    I am happy now ,and just it happed because I have served a lot as well as followed all instructions.. stayed in Ashram for years ..which is not possible every person living in society.
    Thanks a lot guruji for your love , compassion and grace.
    I have done this because I was so interested in practice of tantra and seeking it's place in todays era ..
    Due to my merits and loyalty I mate my Satgurudev , who instruct me take guru hridaydharan , and then Guru Tattva Ekikaran Diksha to overcome my situation.
    But these are the dark ages of kalyuga and everyone is not so lucky to found a soulmate …
    And I can definitely tell you this question was asked by foreigner ..
    They can't digest due to their culture , and the place.
    I have done this because I was a student who have just completed HSC exam and careless about his life , family and everything.
    Jai Gurudev.

  4. I counter sri drohi as under is your kundalini awakened from mooladhar chakra and reached sahasrara chakra reading about kundalini yoga and lecturing on kundalini I also can do but ravishankar have you mastered kundalini science my moot question to you sir a yogi who has mastered kundalini never aspired for worldly wealth sleep on comfortable beds a master of kundalinii is self reposed doing penance avoiding human contact happy in his lone isolated abode in a remote place not involved in politics not hankering after real estate public attention wealth worldly pleasure have you guruji given up on all these worldly attachments as a teacher of kundalinii and a yoga master please examine your own soul and conscience sir with great regards sir

  5. Pehle mujhe koi ye batao in guru ji ka name hi Shri Shri hai kya bahut confuse hu Mai Mai bhi Shri Shri Jatin Jindal rakh sakta hu kya ? Idea badia Laga mujhe name Mai hi Shri Shri Laga lo sab respect karenge 😂

  6. This is for me….eternal truths…. never go out dated….they are like space…I enjoy silence… solitude and longing to experience monastic life….then also not keen for Shakti path….or Kundalini…meditations are great….then next to patanjali's ashtanga yoga….for body mind and soul….three stage pranayam and sudharshan Kriya….made a deep impact in the life of millions of people on PLANET EARTH…..💕🧘

  7. Yes Gurudev Sudarshan Kriya is really powerful♥️♥️🌹🌹. Respect all paths and follow One path😍😍. Blessed to be with you Gurudev 😇😇🙏🙏

  8. is there any Solution for thyroid, over weight, fear , nervousness., knee stiffness, restfullness, eyesight. thank you

  9. This is amazing!! I transcended to the time when Guruji spoke this live!! 😍 Indeed it's truly said, "Ekhi sadhe sabh sadhe, sabh sadhe sabh jaye!!" 🙌

  10. Hi sir I am from Nepal I love hindu religion and but you can't give answer dr zakir naik why you can't say which religion is true my family is all hindu but now I also found hindu religion in side so many fault so how can call hindu is true religion muslim believed Quran but quran is true religious book for human muslim all people saying so what is true can you give me answer I want to flow true religious so plz help me to give answer thanks 🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳

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