How to BECOME the Solution to ANY Problem You Are Facing in 5 Steps! (Law of Attraction)

How to BECOME the Solution to ANY Problem You Are Facing in 5 Steps! (Law of Attraction)

how to become the solution to any problem you are facing in 5 steps law of attraction it’s not uncommon to encounter things
that throw us off-track but as humans we are solution based and that is part of
the creation process to work out the things we don’t like in an effort to
create more of what we do however what appears to be a problem can become the
central focal point due to the emotional responses and feeling States it might
trigger rather than realizing that within the problem itself there is a
solution we are to become the solution to solve
the uncertainty of the situation in order to make it more satisfactory the
first step in doing this is to make peace with what is happening by
accepting it any problem that has manifested is the result of something
that was created by past thinking and believing it’s a residual effect of
something we previously fostered the manifestations you are seeing now are
the results of the overall dominant vibration you held in the past whether
they appear to be negative or positive to you just realizing this one point
makes whatever is happening easier to accept and by accepting what is
currently taking place we let go of any how to become the solution to any problem you are facing in 5 steps law of attraction “make yourself a solution” resistance that may continue to prolong
that specific reality this gives us the chance to alter our overall state of
being so as to make an adjustment in circumstances as long as we believe we
have a problem the law of attraction will keep bringing that to us the next
step is to realize that your higher self has a different point of view than your
ego self it sees everything as an opportunity for a solution and growth
this is easy to recognize because when you think about what you may consider to
be a problem your emotional guidance system triggers and gives you an array
of uncomfortable sensations simply put thinking of something we
don’t like doesn’t always feel good but to the higher self there are
opportunities to grow rather than problems and as with the previous step
this is helpful to understand because it turns the idea of a problem into an
opportunity to create something amazing the third step is to realize that you
are the vessel for the solution the higher self will work through you to
create something new when you allow it by permitting the higher self the
opening to come forward front and center the solutions to anything we are facing
begin to present themselves with this understanding you’re not solving a
problem you’re expecting to become the how to become the solution to any problem you are facing in 5 steps sadhguru “law of attraction” solution to something new that is why
the quandary is there to begin with for you to create and become the solution
that is the only reason it exists within the problem are all the answers to
create its opposite this is simply a fact of the law of duality which states
that everything is on a continuum and has a complimentary opposite within the
whole by accepting the genius within the problem that it is there to offer you a
solution something better than you’ve experienced before and realizing that
you are the channel that allows that to happen because it is within your
perception and because the higher self can and will work through you any
resistance that may have kept the so-called problem alive can easily begin
to fade away the fourth step is to explore the possible solutions of the
problem by writing it in question form for example you may write things down
such as what are the good points about this problem how can I interpret this
differently what would the best solution to this problem look like what would
this solution feel like or you can be more specific by writing things such as
where do I want to be in the next six months what do I want my life to look
like what can I do now to begin creating these changes these types of questions
send the mind in search of the positive side of the problem which is the
solution to it they help us move past classifying
certain things according to the patterns already established in our brains
this assists in going beyond any how to become the solution to any problem you are facing in 5 steps law of attraction boundaries that have been created by
challenging them the fifth and final step is to define your solutions and
declare them out loud make this step creative and fun for example you might
state I am a master at finding wonderful careers that are perfect for me or I am
a specialist at locating amazing houses at an affordable price I am an expert at
creating money or I’m a world-class champion of relationships I am a skilled
authority at solving any problems that arise or I am a top performer when it
comes to spreading happiness and joy these types of declarations assist you
in becoming the other part of the problem the part that you are ultimately
seeking they help you to feel as though you
already are the solution and put you into a vibratory state that aligns with
that the more you repeat these types of statements the more they become an
ingrained part of who you are you may even choose to write them down and put
them in places where you will see them several times per day to become the
solution to any problem we create the openness for the new possibility to be
the new reality Einstein once said no problem can be
solved from the same level of consciousness that created it the
solution exists at a higher level of consciousness the goal is to overcome
the limitations of the conscious mind and access the higher levels of
consciousness so that we open ourselves to that space of solution and
possibilities we are to be the solution instead of being the problem anytime we
shift our focus and begin creating better feeling States we are using our
time productively to reach the ultimate goal the solution in fact our focus and
feeling States are a large part of the solution we are not here to solve
problems we are here to be the vessel for the solution by allowing our higher
self the opportunity to work through us and bring us more experiences that
inspire us and fill us with joy how to become the solution to any problem you are facing in 5 steps law of attraction


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    This one is spot on for me right now! Thanks Jessica. You've done it again!!!

  3. I'm so grateful for you it seems that I need constant reminders even though i'm quit well versed in this knowledge my mind easily slips to darkness

  4. So create the solution do u believe. In a targeted person? All of us for years cant get anywhere 1000.00 cars in 7 min. Coming home. everyday theres something gone. i hide things write it down well enough do u not think. That there is something beyond facing and changeing ur thinking and perceptions and giving up all likable issues u have just isnt enough? Don't u think there is such a program to eliminate certain people that have had no problems with the law but when working with my job the people liked me and then it was should i just accept its my doing so i can go on iam 67 and its the 1st day if my retirement. But i open my my blinds and in one second and 2 police go by then 10 min later the fire squad goes by. This is everyday.just some more advice is it all my fault thank u

  5. I always feel so enlightened when I watch one of your videos. 😇 Thank you for taking the time to make these. 😊

  6. I agree with much of it, but not all problems are self-created; sometimes challenges show-up out of nowhere. It would have helped for you folks to use one example using the steps.

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