How the U.S. Air Force Induced Out-Of-Body Experiences

How the U.S. Air Force Induced Out-Of-Body Experiences

Some of the most interesting studies into
near death and out of body experiences were run by the Air Force, right. As airplanes
got faster and faster and faster over the past 20 years, right, pilots kept flying themselves
into GILOC, gravity induced loss of consciousness, right. And they kept crashing. So a guy named
James Winnery was a guy kind of charged with solving this problem. And what he did down
in Texas he spun like 1,000 pilots in a giant centrifuge into GILOC, right. And as he was
doing it he noticed something interesting. GILOC means you pass out and if you’ve experienced
it what actually happens is your vision forms into a tunnel. It looks like – if you’re
watching it it looks like an old television set turning off where it goes down into one
point and then disappears, right. So it looks experientially a lot like you’re walking
down a long dark tunnel which is kind of one of the classic near death experience phenomena.
What he discovered along the way is that as he started spinning people towards GILOC kind
of the longer he spun them people started reporting out of body experiences.
And after they were out of their body if he kept spinning them it would turn into a near
death experience, right. So he’s the person – the U.S. Air Force is the person – the
U.S. Air Force discovered that out of body experiences and near death experiences are
actually on the same continuum. They’re part of the same chain of effect. Now a lot
of it has to do with the right temporal lobe. There’s other things going on as well. And
there are, of course, certain mysteries, right. There are unsolved things and near death experiences
we’ve got lots and lots and lots of research that shows people report things when they
were supposedly dead that they should not have known about at all. So there are people
who died on operating tables, right in research studies came back, were brought back. They
had near death experiences and while they were dead the nurse would take their glasses
off and put them in a drawer. And later when everybody was running around looking around
for their glasses the person who was on the operating table at the time, the patient,
was dead at the time said oh yeah, they’re in the bottom drawer over there. This is Pim
van Lommel study that was actually done in the Netherlands. This is where that actually
happened but there’s lots and lots of experiences like that. So somewhere along the line information
is getting through, right. We don’t know that yet. That’s still the mystery but a
lot of the other stuff we understand the biology behind it now.


  1. ok what. he just dropped the bomb shell about the glasses thing and didn't go on to explain this further. that deserves an extra couple of minutes lol

  2. What the fuck is out of body experience.
    People dont have that, we cant get out of our body's.
    "They hallucinate" + " theirs a lot of mysteries " = " out of body experience"
    ANd fuck you with this countless "cases". Was a fucking solid one that proved this bullshit once and for all.
    They had an electronic that showed a code at random in the operation room and no one confirm it and documented and reported yet.


  3. LOL The Air Force induced out of body experiences because it was bringing is test subjects close to death in its g lock experiments. If it didn't shut the machine down those test subjects would have died.

  4. In 2001, Parnia and colleagues investigated out of body claims by placing figures on suspended boards facing the ceiling, not visible from the floor. Parnia wrote "anybody who claimed to have left their body and be near the ceiling during resuscitation attempts would be expected to identify those targets. If, however, such perceptions are psychological, then one would obviously not expect the targets to be identified."
    The philosopher Keith Augustine, who examined Parnia's study, has written that all target identification experiments have produced negative results.

  5. Excuse me mate, I was pretty sure these events had not occurred in testable environments. I've heard neuroscientists discuss this stuff before and they seemed adamant that these were non-quantifiable occasions based on anecdotal evidence

  6. There might be something into what he's talking about but what he calls research sounds more like UFO research. It doesn't sound like he knows what proper researchers do at universities. Actually I'm not impressed with the state of sciences in general either but to mix stuff up and feed it to the general public looks a little sketchy to me. For example, a lot of people don't know nothing can be proven outside of mathematics … btw, isn't this the flow state guy?

  7. I have had many out of body experiences. if I had to guess, I would say they were caused by very high level of endorphins.

  8. Disappointing that he references anecdotal claims for which there is no actual evidence alongside the important realization that these phenomena are brain based.

  9. yeah bullshit. This was a thing in the 90s so docs started to stick images on top of equipment that can be seen only from top. So far nobody ever guessed one photo…

  10. Well who could have guessed that anecdotal 'evidence' would be used in this video. Because people aren't liars and aren't open to influence and won't EVER embellish stories to make them more interesting.

  11. Y'know, Big Think, this is starting to sound a bit like anti-scientific, pro-woo rhetoric. It started off fine, I'll grant you, but… the ending left much to be said.

  12. The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence. — Tesla

  13. What a pant-load.
    Dead on the operating table is not dead.
    Also there is nothing to leave the body to gain information of said glasses in a drawer and such.
    Consciousness is a process, it is not an object that can do anything.
    Fucking substance dualism nonsense with this clown.
    He should prove his shit, or shut the fuck up.
    He certainly shouldn't spread his bullshit as facts.

  14. Well….this is REALLY interesting, but I would like to see more neuroscience study on this topic

    The guy is a journalist after all. Still, hell of a mystery! The OBE stuff though has been WIDELY contested and shown to be flawed and largely relying on anecdotes well after the fact (anecdotes being the WORST kind of evidence). This COULD be a thing, but if so? It will require a lot more thorough research to clear up.

  15. You want to know what it will be like after you die? I mean really die – not just be unconscious for a few moments. EXACTLY like it was before you were conceived… NOTHING. You will not be aware of anything. Why is this so hard for humans to understand / accept? They'll make up all kinds of odd things to try to explain something so very, very simple.

    I was half joking with a co-worker a couple of days ago about her mom's recent statement that she would haunt her after she dies by turning lights on and off. I suggested that they should then learn Morse Code so that they can carry on actual conversations instead of just watching lights flicker. Of course this will never happen but there are some that actually think that the dead have the ability to haunt / visit the living in some way. NEVER happens outside of someone's imagination. But I suppose it does (occasionally) make for some good entertainment. (The movies Ghost and The Sixth Sense for example.)

  16. Unless you have an OBE there isn't really a way of proving its existence I don't think.
    Its just one of those things science will never accept. So the only way to prove its 'real' is try and have one your self. And if you can actually see some form of reality that's great but the general scientific method wont tell you anything because in the end its all anecdotal. So dont just brush if it off because science, try to do it and then report back. Thats the best you can hope for.

  17. Really Big Think?? Im noticing more and more pseudoscience like this from this channel and you are gradually loosing the respect as a credible scientific-based medium.

  18. Tease! What is it that we now understand? Which studies say exactly what? The link between out of body and near death was a bit more than obvious! The only point that seems new is that the Air Force studies tied into this. This discussion needs more meat.

  19. I have to say, when I read the title I was hoping to find a way to induce an out-of-body experience that doesn't involve somehow acquiring a massive centrifuge. :p

  20. All these "mysteries" happen when the brain is dying or about to die and the mind is totally fucked up.  Gee, I wonder why.

  21. I remember I read a study that found a high grease diet prevented G-lock(in pilots), nothing too major but pretty cool just to know that dynamic.

  22. I sometimes wonder why this channel even exists. Every time I come here all I see is ignorant children pretending they are smart by saying everything in the video was wrong and stupid, even in cases like this when it's a totally non understood field that needs much, much more studying. But no, it's not already proven as true, so it's wrong and your are ignorant for even trying to understand it. God, this generation is so fucking retarded, the human race is fucked. A thousand years of advancement and getting away from ignorant bias, and we are right back where we started from one generation of pampered, ignorant, self-entitled brats.

  23. If your totally unconscious , why would an illusion restrict itself to your immediate surrounding , or even to anything death related, like seeing loved ones and such

  24. If you guys want to try and induce an OBE, I can give you some faint instructions if you have time to kill. Be in your bed on your back, hands by your side. The trick is to be conscious and aware just on the onset/border of you going to sleep. Simultaneously, you should imagine a certain feeling. I can only describe it as going down in an elevator and having that feeling of a G-force in your stomach and it should raise you up ironically. Also imagine that an invisible circular…thing…around your head starts going down your body and as it goes down, makes the parts of your body numb. Eventually you won't feel your body and it should be easier to amplify that rising feeling. Don't ask how I know this, I just know I tried this once, left my body, checked the time, went back, opened my eyes and was 1 minute later. Kind of a scary process actually and combined with my beliefs (not knowing whats on the other side) I prefer to not do OBE's. Believe what you will and take it as a form of entertainment

  25. First, I don't understand how you can tell what's happening in the brain of someone in a centrifuge, unless they rigged up some kind of massive MRI that can run spinning fast enough to produce enough force to knock people out. And then there's that vague mumbly bit at the end about near death sensations being real? Who wears their glasses for surgery and what surgical staff would allow that? Yeah, no, too little information to make any sense of this.

  26. The question is: "How is it possible for these people to form memories when they´re brain-dead?" We don´t see the activity of the brain, which is needed to form memories.
    Independent of God or HardcoreAtheism, this is an interesting phenomenon. I recommend you to look into the research of Sam Parnia, the leading cardiac arrest doctor who lead the AWARE study.

    Perhaps our consciousness is found on a much smaller scale or it could be immaterial. This would be a discovery, as great as our discovery of atoms.

  27. I read in my studies that, contrary to popular belief, the brain is most active when it is in the process of dying. The hypothesized reason for this is that in this process, it is fighting harder than ever to stay alive, it's a part of every creature's survival instinct. This creates a state of hyper-awareness, which is why patients can know that they almost died without having to be told. (I doubt the credibility of claims stating they knew about things that happened around them, usually it's embellishment, and people who are involved come out and falsify these claims quite frequently.)

    I don't know about the rest of you, but that makes dying even more scary.
    It basically assures that you are entirely aware that you are dying just before you fade out of existence.

  28. I wish we can verify that out-of-body experiences are real so that we can move onto the next question of.. "WTF IS GOING ON??". Life would be more interesting.

  29. For the first part of the video I kept saying, all we need is some verification – something they can't know or have seen, but have knowledge of. Then he finishes off claiming a single instance of a patient in the room covered in shiny surfaces, having seen someone put glasses in a drawer while in a near-death experience. :-/ (if they were brain dead there is no coming back, so verbal slight of hand doesn't save him on this one.)

  30. May be consciousness rising from the body to join the whole and get redistributed. That accounts for an out of body consciousness that translates to real world spatial knowledge of the glasses. Interesting

  31. Consciousness is an extremely personally experiential phenomenon. Everyone that's demanding "SOURCES. EVIDENCE OR THIS IS BULLSHIT" needs to think about dreams for a second. If someone came up to you who has lived their entire lives never having had a dream and you told them "last night when I was sleeping it was like I was flying on mars naked with Kim Kardashian" they would think you're crazy. There is no way you could empirically prove to them that it happened. Does that mean it didn't? Of course not. There's a lot to this universe and the human experience that we simply don't have explanations for or just don't understand how they work, but that doesn't mean they don't happen. I know you're trying to be ~scientific~ by demanding hard evidence, but one of the most scientifically integral things you can do is simply admit you don't know something.

  32. Is Big Think aware that this guy made a claim for whish there is no sufficient evidence for? Seriously?

  33. I'm skeptical of the claim about the patient pointing out where the nurses glasses were. I've never seen anything significant published about information reported after an NDE. For instance – a random number.

  34. I don't like this guy. He doesn't belong on big think. I like cold hard facts not third hand stories. I don't care if you can tell me where it happened.

  35. For anyone who is interested. Out of body experiences are absolutely real. I can feel the objects i posses and the places I´ve been to. I can feel my computer, my monitor and many more items. If someone goes to my apartment 2000 kilometers away from where I live now, I would feel it in real time. I can feel a small Maria icon that is in my flat 2000 kilometers away. I can feel a hotel room where I slept and many more things, so there is no doubt that out of boy is real. So if out of body is real, which it is this means that people have a soul that is not cdependant tothe physical body. anyone who disagrees is rediculous because I can proove that out of body is 100 % real. the people who scare others and say the human is only the physical body and the brain shold be ashamed, because that is not nice at all. Out of body, telepathy and telekinese, mental healing, all of it is real.

  36. there were also studies where they controlled for more variables and put an item above their head and the NDE provided nothing after they awoke. so it's nonsense. the dying brain expells chemicals. not a crazy complicated issue.

  37. It is interesting that that can be simulated. It falls a little short to explaining how a sleeping person or injured person would see these things. These people are not being spun at the time of there experiences. Good factoid though. 🙂

  38. If you are going to make claims about research showing OBE then put links to the study or else I will assume you are just talking out of your ass.

  39. The cases where "accurate" information gets through are spurious. Not once has anyone passed the test in which you place a placard with randomly generated numbers too high to see normally, and the person is able to see it and accurately recount it due to a veridical out of body experience.

    You also have to deal with the brain confabulating memories of the time period of unconsciousness by incorporating what information they have gained in the time between the NDE and reporting the experience.

    For example, when someone has been in cardiac arrest and is revived and put in a coma to let the brain swelling go down, he may overhear a nurse talking about where his glasses were put and who put them there while he is coming out of the coma and confabulate a memory of the event. Seems perhaps implausible, but these cases of accurate reporting of non-trivial detail are quite rare and under further inspection, often not accurate

  40. Science has been wrong before in the past about numerous things. This includes parallel universes which would have been viewed as just pure fantasy a few centuries ago but now many scientists including Stephen Hawking and Michio Kaku are open to the possibility of other universes or multiverses. For those of you who doubt extrasensory perception just rememer there are people who can hear, taste and smell color it's called synesthesia it was studied by scientists in the 19th and 20th centuries until scientists stopped researching it in the mid 20th century and largely ignored and scoffed at it until recently. Then you have Tibetan monks who can raise their body temperatures to extreme levels that can allow them dry wet towels and survive in cold climates. So you see scientists can be wrong about things that seem to extraordinary to be real. It's good to be a little open minded.

  41. Interesting video.

    I have read about pilots having Out of Body Experiences during G-Force training. It makes sense that a brain deprived of oxygen, not excluding loss of blood supply could produce experiences where people feel as though they have detached from their bodies. Because the overwhelming majority of people hope for life to continue after death, OBEs and NDEs are often given credence. They are given more clout than the current scientific explanations which exist. Although there are some fascinating stories about OBEs, it is truly important to remember that they are anecdotal. Even if people report seeing things that they "should not" have seen, how does that verify that have a soul? Additionally, how can we be sure that this "soul" left their bodies? There is still research needed on the brain during these circumstances. For now, even if we were to believe some of these accounts, all we can really do is shrug our shoulders and say we don't exactly know how or why some of these experiences occurred. At the very least, I always ask myself, why would anyone be under the impression that their brain is giving them more reliable information when it is in a state of confusion, then when it is functioning at full capability?

  42. For anyone wanting more information on the glasses thing, there are many books that talk about all of the studies done on astral projection called astral projection and psychic empowerment.

  43. USAF has been gifted, by ETs, technology from Orion. regressive "soul capture" devices which are used for astral ops, spying and locating. I don't think they use it now, the looking glass hasn't been used for a few years now due to the cutoff point after 2012. the ETs gave them this technology knowing full well it was harmful. they use implants which can be triggered (by remote) to cause pain in the body. this throws the consciousness out and then canisters tuned with the astral operators DNA will "hold" the soul until it is time to send them back. these USAF operators must have some spooky dreams!

  44. If you actually look at the out-of-body experiences which are part of the near-death experiences, you will realize that they are completely different from what this video is claiming! CLICK THIS LINK TO SEE 180+ different people tell how they "died" (temporarily) and were then revived. They tell us the similar, amazing, wonderful things that happened to them while they were dead! The 180+ short videos in this playlist give strong evidence that your life will continue after death. Belief in life after death is not yet supported by science and is not obvious to a thinking person. We have not discovered any other life in the universe. The vast blackness of space appears cold and forbidding. We grow old and helpless as life slips from our grasp, but these NDEs give us REAL EVIDENCE that our lives will go on. After watching all of these, I have lost my fear of death and gained confidence that life after death is real and wonderful!

  45. Okay! Spinning your body too fast can transform, or change your reality! Isn’t that what the near death experience is? Changing, or transforming your reality, Isn’t that what death itself is? The old me is dead! The new me lives! Oh No! The old me comes back, and realizes there’s no such thing as death.

  46. I didn't believe in out of body experiences until I had one. Few years ago i was sleeping on my couch and woke up at around 3am. Was a weekend and didn't have to work so I tried going back to sleep. I had my eyes closed listening to the wind outside blowing through the trees. I was really relaxed and had peaceful mental pictures going on. Next thing I know I'm floating above my body in my mobile home basically touching my face to the ceiling. Sounds comical but I started flying around the mobile home uncontrollably bouncing off walls. Suddenly I flew through the ceiling and I'll never forget seeing the roof of my mobile home from that view because it looked so strange. What separated it from a dream is it felt like being fully conscious. I don't believe it's your spirit leaving your body, but i know for a fact it's a real phenomenon. It's weird that the human brain does this.

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