How Nick Shares his Paranormal Passion with his Kids

How Nick Shares his Paranormal Passion with his Kids

[Music] my kids are still really young I ate about six and Chloe it’s two but anabella’s she loves playing like ghostbusters she’ll run around the house with her flashlight with that little sister and logo looking for ghosts he’s how he’s saying I’m looking for Casper the Friendly Ghost so know she’s been watching cartoons and sometimes she’ll catch my show that’s on TV paranormal lockdown and she’ll be like I want to be like you and she’ll be running around investigating our house and stuff which is really funny and I love it I think they have a great time and I hang out with them and they’re like little tent that we put up in our living room and she has a great time doing that and she’s very open and who knows maybe someday she’ll follow my footsteps she just says all wild as I am


  1. That's so kool how ur little girl wants to follow in ur footsteps. I know Jason Hawes from TAPS/Ghost Adventures, has a Daughter, SAMANTHA, that started when she was 4yrs old, & still does it now as she's in her 20's:)

  2. at 13:13 you will see an apparition. PLEASE check this out…maybe you might want to check this place out.

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