How did I become a spiritual Master ? Where did my knowledge come from ? Do I have a Group ?

How did I become a spiritual Master ? Where did my knowledge come from ? Do I have a Group ?

I decided this path is because I have my
own problems in life when I have my problems I have been
searching for the answer of my life problems. I have been to many many
temples seeing a lot of great teacher great monks and all those teaching the
general teaching a good teaching I mean in fact they are very good teaching but
they are so broad and I cannot like when we are in such a bad time in such a
desperate time you will try to use use use your smartness your intelligent to
try to understand in the fact it does not right
so I comes into into my group at that time that I don’t know they use these
Karma cards and identify my problems and I say how do you know it right they are
not like speaking in in general knowledge of goodness right but they
pinpoint into my you know they pierce into my my direct problems and with that
direct problems comes the slowly the teaching inside the prayers so at that
time I become realized that oh my god I have been searching for the for the
answer but sometimes the answer to my life when I have when I am in in the big
pain it needs Precision’s so at that time I
become curious about it and after I did a lot of practice and I find the
solutions in my life amazingly
both magical and both reasonable so magical experience or a miracle zoom to my life and the logical explanations that make me wiser I become fascinated with
with such an idea that it is fully contrast to my material life I was
graduated in master degree of a computer engineering in Thailand I did not put my
my my trust in the spiritual knowledge because it is mythic it cannot have a
specific answer to my life but once I encounter my own specific problems and
it do solve my problems then I become curious about how do how does it happens
I can use my intelligence I can try to find a lot of ways but I cannot find why
my exit but why these these kind of reading this kind of spiritual knowledge
bring me to seek for the answer of myself so I journey into the forest and
in that deep forest I found my grand master she is the one that answer
everything in my life and pierced through my heart word by word I don’t
know what to say I cannot compare how this thing can
happen so I become I become eager to be to learn more to study more how can you
know me and how can I help myself and if I can help myself how can I help my
loved ones my my families my friends and other people around the world at that
time I start to walk in this path and knowingly and intentionally but because
of this group give me the Precision’s knowledge of who
am what I am doing wrong and how to fix it
I got all the answers there so that’s why I found my path this group is not
like so popular in Thailand it is a hidden group inside the deep forest so I
feel that oh my god I don’t care about your fame I care
about what you say is what you solve my problem and then I use this same
technique to solve thousands of problems after I become a master and it works it
is what we call the pdj group the Palungjit Dharma Jakarwan. Palungjit it is
mean you pure the pure heart of yourself that is originated in you you are not
pure because you believe in social value too much you have too many wanting
you have too many this and that and that’s why you become disappointed in
life so but if you take all the wanting out you will find that yourself
are truly a pure power being said the pure power can link with the pure power
of the earth or the nature around us we have to live in among the nature to
understand the energy that hidden in the Pure power of the nature or the earth
itself has the spirits and the third power is the universe power is the power
of god they are so pure and so deep and so fine that only the pure power can
connect with the same kind of pure power we found that secret we can talk to the
divine with the pure power if we are not pure we have too many too many if and
then and even then we will have to deal with all those if then first and then
after we become pure we become we take away all these
wantings then we become pure we sent a message and we receive a message very
very clearly so we don’t need to pretend so what do you know you speak you know
what you don’t know you’re done you don’t know I am the master that learns
to be a master I did not born to be I learned from my
mistakes and once I fixed my mistake I become the role model of fixing our own
mistakes that is how I become the master

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