Hotel Conneaut Paranormal Psychic Fair April 19 – Our Haunted Travels

Hotel Conneaut Paranormal Psychic Fair April 19 – Our Haunted Travels

we’re here in the ballroom of the
haunted hotel Conneaut for the psychic fair hello their pair peeps and welcome to
another episode of law honey travels I am your host shun Lee that’s right we’re
here at the hotel Conneaut we’ve been here all weekend for the psychic field
within our livestream Saturday right out there by the lake so hopefully you check
that out but if you are into the paranormal history forensic type videos
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be assured to hear from us next time we put out a video right so we have been
having a blast I almost am almost losing my voice because we spoke at one o’clock
today and I’ve been talking to people they’ve been coming up and telling us
their stories I’m a just awesome time we got travel Boyce is here with us we’re
almost out of books and got one phone book left we just had a query actually
let me share some footage with you from this weekend of the fair so you can see
what it’s all about and maybe next time you come and see us
so we’ll be right back all righty pair of peeps we are here at
the paranormal psychic fair walking around got some footage I’ve shared some
of that with you I’ve started at 10 o’clock today met a lot of new pair of
peeps so gave out a lot of cards if you guys are seeing this please leave us a
comment said new Menace here live that would be pretty and yeah this is one of
our favorite events what we like to do it’s a second time tonight at ten
o’clock are there going to be going with ghost town and we’re going to have a pretty good time
tonight so supposedly here in a little bit my co-host is gonna be joining me
which would be pretty cool and then we got to get ready once we wrap things up
here for our live show 5 p.m. so I just wanted to share some of this stuff with
you guys and talk to you later honey angry that’s creepy so give this temperature I saw a spirit there you go
pretty cool I mean this place is and everybody’s so friendly we just have a
great time do you have a good time like she’s gonna say she had a bad time yeah
we did the ghost hunt last night we’ll put out a video about that I got to
interview another parent on hope over here they were talking about roads I’ve
got some really cool stuff there with Andrew we investigated the amusement
park Friday night so we got some great videos coming up and right so we’re gonna start wrapping
things up here shortly and head back home a little bit of rest
tonight all right cool until next time happy hunting
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an Aggie videos thanks for watching happy honey


  1. Looks like you had a great time and there was lots to see and learn! Epic music to go with this!!! Glad you had a good time.

  2. Haven't been there in years this was awesome sledgehammered that like button ty for bringing back some great memories

  3. Oh, Wow.. my friend lives in Conneaut Lake… she would have told me about this, but they’ve had a death in the family. Told me a lot about the history there. I believe her father played at that Hotel, he was a member of the Dixie Doodlers back in the day. Very Cool ! tfs. 👻😎👻💜💫

  4. Hiii guys!!!! Oooo a psychic fair, that sounds so fun! Aw yay travel Boris came too! It looks like you guys had a lot of fun! I would definitely want to check something like this out sometime!

  5. Looked like a great turnout. going to watch the amusement park next. Do a lot of the groups there have YouTube pages as well and if so is it a good place to network to do collaborations?

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