Honest Meditation:  Let It F*ckin Go

Honest Meditation: Let It F*ckin Go

Find a quiet space where you will be undisturbed. Darken the room and turn off your phone. Sit or lie down where you will feel warm,
comfortable, safe and protected. Take a moment to quiet yourself. Allow yourself to be here, in this beautiful
fucking moment. Take a deep breath and relax. Allow your eyes to naturally close as you
begin to connect with your inner world of thoughts and feelings. Let go of any worries and stress. It’s all just fucking bullshit. Know that right now, there is nowhere else
you need to fucking be and no other shit that needs to be done. Relax and finally enjoy some fucking time
to yourself. Take in another deep breath, and feel the
air nurturing your lungs. As you exhale allow all your stress and tension
to release… Your life is no longer going to be a giant
clusterfuck. Breath in peace, breath out the bullshit… With each breath in, feel clear, pure energy
spreading throughout your body. With each breath out, let go of every fucknugget
that’s ever tried to ruin your life. None of those dickheads know your true power. With each breath you begin to feel lighter. Let go of all the douchebags that tried to
rain on your awesomeness. None of those mother fuckers can begin to
understand what a legend you really are. Breathe in and appreciate the silence. Breathe out and let go of all the cock suckers
who pissed all over your happiness. Let it fucking go. Your mind is now completely relaxed and free
of thoughts. As you slowly open your eyes to a new and
beautiful world, breath out knowing you have let it all fucking go.


  1. Hi there…haven't watched this yet but just wondering if it's ok if I do a reaction video using this as the video I'm reacting to? Want to check this out in a couple of hours so please let me know if it's all good … OneLOVE c

  2. hahaha I cant stope laugh sheet fuck HAHAHAHAHAHAH I NEED HELP HAH HA HA HAHA . I am not Looney or mad
    no HA, I am just got a damaged soul that need rum. But I am not 21 yet so my morals have convinced my spirit that lemons are a good substitute for now.

    This is how I meditate now lmao still cant meditate but fuck that at lest I am trying Ha HAHHAHAHAHAHHAHHAHAH HAHAH HAH HA HA AAHHHHAHHAHAHHAH

    …damn I am very fucked up

  3. I want more of these! the only guided meditations to actually make me smile. and that's what we all need In the mornings is a good smile😊

  4. Fuck nugget caught me off guard and I started cracking up! Seriously though, new found love for these videos…they help.

  5. This is the only meditation video that helped me sleep. I have chronic insomnia and this hilarious shit was a godsend. Thanks man

  6. This is so funny. I do meditations and thoroughly enjoyed this truth. My page is miracle girds. Not as funny as you.

  7. Maaate, you should NEVER have stopped doing these!
    I d/l'd both, you & one other vid on here just fuckin saved me…
    To know I'm NOT FUCKIN MENTAL, & it's the other pricks who are… is one hell of a relief! Seriously, even if I only believe it right now – I'm still getting through tonight! Which wasn't looking flash at an earlier point.
    So cheers!👍❤

  8. Struggling mental health team making me unhappy they bullying me struggling with deepression on my mind bullying aswell

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