HISHE Disney PIXAR Compilation

HISHE Disney PIXAR Compilation

She will be okay, but she won’t remember I have powers. It’s for the best. Listen to me Elsa Your power will only grow. There is beauty in it, but also great danger. You must learn to control it. Fear will be your enemy. So you’re saying we should lock her up alone in a castle until she’s safe to be around. What? That’s not what I said. That’s a terrible idea. No. So you’re saying we should teach her to be scared of herself. Are you even listening? I just said fear is her enemy. So you’re saying to teach her to bundle all her feelings up till she gets this freedom complex and Wait and see if she gets over this whole powers thing. Oh, wow. You guys are bad parents. No, I’m not saying to do any of those things. So you’re saying- Stop saying soooooo! Every time you say that you say the wrong thing. Conceal don’t feel? Oh my gosh! The answer is love. Okay?! Wow love thaws, pure love heals. Okay, just… come with me. I know a place that can help. Hello Elsa, my name is Charles Xavier. Welcome to my school for gifted youngsters. Where’d it go? Where’d it go? That other song is gone! Here I am! Here I am! And my claws are grey! This girl’s name’s Storm! Obviously ice doesn’t bother me Yeah!!! Boy aash miss you in Cleveland boy Hey, aren’t you curious how I get around so fast I have these rocket boots go home, buddy Now this is because I don’t have powers, isn’t it? well, not every superhero has powers, you know, I Invented these I can fly. Can you fly fly home, buddy? I work and wait you made those my boots? Yeah, pretty cool, huh? Yeah, they are ha ha and you think you can make me some stuff like that? Would I that mean I gotta go get married real quick, but let’s talk in a few days. Huh? How does that sound? Ok? Guess who’s getting rocket boots? So, yeah He was obnoxious but the key that spirit plus he apparently had a lot of money and could make me lots of really cool gadgets You know what? That’s like, right? Yeah That sounds a lot like child labor. You wanted to be involved. Plus he’s a good guy now Fellas looking good kid. I mean, can you imagine if I turn them away? Much to say this cafe scenario might have been something completely different here So ignored I know right? Who would ever enjoy that? I think you’d be surprised. So then what happened? Well, it’s been years But some people try to sue me for saving their life the government wrote some laws telling us to be normal but the supers just laughed like try and make us ha ha you guys are lucky you didn’t have a Civil war or something over that Hey Hey, honey, ready to go. Oh Sure. Do you guys know the missus? Nope, you look familiar Have we met yeah, she does seem familiar You sure you’ve never seen her before? Nope. This this is the first time No capes It was a man called And I known how deeply I was to be involved. I would have obeyed my first impulse and walked away And it occurred to me a family of warmth I knew had been blessed with a litter of Cubs Surely they would take care of the nine cub Bagheera brought us a picnic basket for lunch What have I done you’re Unbelievable. They ate the Mancow you gave a baby to a pack of hungry wolves. What did you think was gonna happen? they were supposed to raise him like Tarzan I don’t know just not eat him This is the jungle baby. Only the strong survive Bagheera I heard you killed the man-cub then I so much despised a thanks for the assist. I did not assist it was the wolf I did no such thing. It was the wolf. I do not want to be like you Wolves are carnivores. I said those wolves are carnivores forget about that baby and sleep tight Yeah May I mean those wolves are carnivores I said the wolves are carnival’s its mother nature’s circle of life Hmm your voice Sounds oddly familiar. Hey So does yours? well I’m afraid I’m going to have to digest you know, who Bala My dad says I’ll have my own room in San Francisco and there’s hockey and pizza and lots of great, uh, Riley Sorry brain for it Now stay calm it’s gonna be okay everybody. I think I’m gonna be sick Sadness we’ve got to get Riley’s core memories back to headquarters before we lose any more islands of personality Maybe these mine workers know the way back there clearing out old memories. Yeah get rid of this one, though Sometimes we like to send it up to headquarters Josefa giggles Wait, did you just send that memory straight up to headquarters? Yeah, could you do it again? I don’t see why not Well, that sure was easier than forming a human ladder of imaginary boyfriends and trampolining back up to headquarters you can say that again Bing-bong. Oh Are you stealing Riley’s memories? I think that’s frowned upon. It’s okay. He’s lovable. I want to come back to headquarters with us Hey guys yells it up here great I think we learned a valuable lesson today that we really need some safety mechanisms to get back to headquarters quickly So this never happens again, I mean seriously No, silly never let sadness near the core memories again now back to your circle sadness if you say so joy Hey, this place is nice So there we were your core memory spilled all over the place But joy and sadness handled it very well what you didn’t know you have little people living at your head Oh, yeah, they’re great and it started creepy as it sounds Hello in there guys. Oh, it’s so good catching up with you Riley Riley Oh, no, did I just blow your mind? Mom We’ll get about me bah Imaginary Help your evil son get back memories before here B-bomb I Love hockey. I met my friends. I love my family speak on I hope he’s never ever changed So totally normal right guys, right? guys, oh Joy are you crying? Yeah. Why well, do you think you’ve got little emotions at your head – It’s better if you just don’t think about that Alright, let me get this straight a man in a kabuki mask attacked you with an army of miniature flying robots Microbots Microbots Yeah, and he was controlling them telepathically with a neurocranial transmitter. I know because I invented it and this transmitter you made control these Microbus yeah. Yeah, it interprets brainwaves. Well, couldn’t you just use balloon man over here and I like trains program him to control your whatever microbots so you can get them back and we can call this a I like to Eat FIIIIIIIIIsh and I like trains Catfish Callahan ah But I was so closing my revenge plot on Kree Labs for taking away my daughter wait, you have a daughter? Yeah, she got trapped into a portal they created so I was gonna use your microbots to use that same portal to destroy their lab so you’ve had the portal that your daughter was trapped in this whole time and you ever even bother to look inside to see if She’s still alive and your plan was then to suck up an entire building into that same portal making it nearly impossible for her rescue Well, I was really busy with you know, my revenge plan. Plus I had to make this cool-looking kabuki mask I like TRAINSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS And I would have gotten away with it too if it wasn’t for your darn robot You Aladin you just won the heart of the princess. What are you gonna do next? I don’t know I’m suddenly not okay with lying to everyone Actually your line is genie. I’m gonna set you free. I can’t what if they find out I’m not really a prince. Did you take your dumb face this morning? You think this is pretend did you forget the song and dance number? We prayed it through the city? I granted your wish sir. Guess what you are a prince Okay, let me break it down for you I’ll if someone evil got this lamp and wished to be a sultan or a wizard boom They would actually become those things where it’s means you actually have 75 golden camels and you are literally strong as ten men I thought that line was a bit extreme. But hey, it was fun. Rhyme birthday. Oh, we altered your history Goof. You are a prince So stop whining you idiot. How much do I gotta hit you with this? I still feel like a lying liar didn’t tell her that We’ve literally been saying that to you this whole time trust me it won’t even faze her. Okay fine didn’t L? Don’t forget to take this with you. Oh, right That could be a mess one night different. You wouldn’t want to clean up So I’m a prince but it’s all because I made a wish so you inherited royalty without doing anything to earn it Yeah, sounds exactly like a true Prince to me Excellent. You’ve fallen in love after only one day how realistic You two shall be married at once today I Now pronounce you husband and wife I always cry at weddings Jeannie thank you so so much. I’m gonna keep my promise and set you free But first I’d like you to grant Jasmine one wish. Oh heck why not? I wish For this story to never be made into a live-action cash-grab done Or I’ll see what I can do What? Nothing done and now Jeannie wait a minute You sure you don’t want to pass it around make sure everybody else got their wishes in I mean we could fix a lot of problems out. I wish for your freedom. Nope. All right Do you think your father will be upset about this you’re right he’ll be upset I shouldn’t tell him Yago should be back with the lamp any minute now Henry Henry Well, of course I am son I just got washed out on the rivers all Did you die when you got washed down the river Through quite a lot several storms chased by predators drugs Even survived waterfowl Well, since I’m way bigger and stronger than you, there’s no reason I wouldn’t have survived those things as well I mean, it’s just common sense Look how high my neck sticks up out of the water Let’s get you both home Did you kill that critter that was stealing all our food Well then no sorry, son Once upon a time in a faraway land a young prince lived alone, but had everything his heart desired except parents apparently The prince was only 11 years old. I think it’s it’s not completely clear Anyway, he was a super selfish spoiled brat, but weirdly despite a large staff He still answers his own castle door One night a haggard old lady showed up needing shelter, but the prince dismissed her for being super ugly Suddenly she became a beautiful enchantress So the Prince immediately slammed the door because well he saw a Suicide Squad and that movie sucked Belle are you happy here with me? Yes What is it if only I could see my father again they miss him so much Well if you can You can look at him in my magic mirror That’s silly just bring him here like to live. Yeah, this castle is huge and he already knows about us You should just live here with us. Do you mean it of course I Mean unless you want to go back to your provincial life. No that town things were crazy I sing a whole song about it and wanting more than that stupid place then it’s settled you and your dad will live here But not as my prisoners but as guests Hahaha B No, don’t stop we’re talking At least I got to see you one last time I’ve still been stabbed Who know? Yeah, I guess Don stabbed me in the kidneys ah and shot me with an arrow I’m still dying beast. No sadly. The curse said nothing about puncture wounds Beast. I love you also My name’s not beast. You know, you never introduced yourself. Well, you never asked either I’m sorry, you really are? funny Well, at least we had furniture team or Prison guest person guest Stockholm Syndrome is the best. Oh wait. No. No, it’s not my dear this beast You should detest candles and clocks singing twirl that the Masters plan unfurl The accessories are accessory to kidnapping a girl but the cursed so it’s cool. Come on girl. Don’t be a fool Dancing and birdseed should not impress a messed up. Love story bill has a thing for peace prison guest prison gas prison gasps Come on Nemo, let’s get you home Um, I actually have no idea how he got here nor do you oh hi you must be greed. Oh, yeah Okay, not helpful. What do you mean, aren’t you paying attention to how you got here? I mean sure wait bro the EAC for a while but we literally passed out a couple times before that plus who knows what happened while we were inside that whale oh, Oh, I know. Do you have an address? Yeah, it’s an enemy in the ocean an anime in the ocean an anime in the ocean. I’m gonna remember that okay Nobody panic. We just need to retrace our steps We know raagh universe steep swimming oh This is hopeless, maybe we just go back to Sydney. I got friends there. Why? Thank goodness you scare me for a second, but seriously, we’re moments from dying I’m bored. I’m bored And not shiny Living in the ocean with the girl who dropped all this gold. Oh, it doesn’t matter What are you doing sir? Let an old pro show you how it’s done Zazu turn around Simba is practicing his pouncing skills pouncing. Oh no sire. You can’t be serious This is so humiliating Simba did you just eat sassou? Yes Circle of life right suppose we are lions after all Simba what have you done? It was an accident Nobody means for these things to happen But the king is dead and if it weren’t for you, he’d still be alive. That’s not how I saw it Simba step away from your uncle Your uncle is the reason I died. Wait dad. You just told me that when we die. We turn them to the grass Why are you in the cloud? Never mind? Not right now Simba your uncle threw me into the stampede and is a real jerk, but no I would never do that Okay, I Didn’t oh, yes you do I was there What are you doing here? So Robbie, I’m his mother. Mama is always near the Cubs does This distance Oh That’s big talk from the dead lion clean or just say maybe this wouldn’t have happened If you kept a closer eye on your son, why didn’t you just run in the direction of the Stampede you big smart king? Oh Great, see if you would have been around scar would never about the Chuckster king Yes, God killed him let’s get him let’s Run, you better run don’t come back So gonna haunt that lawyer We are Bobby for me subha is too soon told you I couldn’t wait Hungry Get it away I can’t catch it. I’m gonna have to Hey, no need to thank me. I’m just your friendly neighborhood spider-man. Oh dang it They kind of escaped – those goggles made Lucius go crazy. They’ve probably done the same to mom and dad We have to find them and take off everyone’s goggles But how well I’ll be invisible and you can do your thumbtack move from school You know what you run so fast the camera can’t even see you. You mean really use your powers really use our powers? Yes Look out Across I think all of you for representing your nation’s commitment to superheroes what you’re all being brainwashed Well crap Everyone’s brainwashing masks and that was pretty much the end of it. Yep. That’s right We took care of it because we’re awesome That is great kids. So then what happened? Well Evelyn went to prison for attempted murder and the supers are totally legal again Which is good because I think mom and dad really needed it. Where are your parents? Exactly. Oh, they’re having date night. Yeah, I’m sure they’re doing something super romantic You think if they liked helping people so much They try to get work in the police force with a fire department or something, but whatever Use your skills pushing paper till you go crazy I guess well, you can just do it in secret like me cops get mad at me all the time for doing their job Do you know why?


  1. Umm I'm confused. Before this video, a trailer for the movie dont let go played. And I'm pretty sure that the girl in it is the viner QUENSADILLA. (yes that's how she spells it) search up quensadilla vines if you dont believe me.

  2. Plot Twist on Beauty and the Beast:
    Beast transforms into Doggo
    Beast/Doggo: Ruff Bark Wuff

  3. ahh beauty and the beast the story of a girl who turns into a furry
    edit: I just rewatched the movie know knowing that. darn

  4. Mufasa:I am so going to haunt that lion
    Simba:…*just dots*
    A month later
    Mufasa:haunts scar
    Scar:isn’t this outside
    Scar:goes in a cave
    Mufasa:oh I forgot I’m not a ghost
    Mufasa:simba that’s way to dark and you can’t just kill a li~
    Simbas mom:blah blah blah
    Simba’s mom:oh look I’m the king lion well I’m queen
    Simba:there is no queen
    Simba’s mom:HOW DARE YOU
    Scar:I so wanna fight that kiddo simba
    Simba:DONT think I cant hear you
    Simba&scar:*fights to the hyenas/death
    Mufasa:now that’s way to dark simba
    Simba:but he is bad guy
    Mufasa:why are you such a murder simba?
    Simba:well we are lions
    The end of the not so real lion king like this comment for part 2
    Part to is….
    LION …..
    Sry idk how to spell oh yea once again like the comment for part 2

  5. Sometimes instead of naming it “how it SHOULD have ended” you could name it “how it COULD have ended.
    Cause not everyone agrees with the hishe endings.

  6. Guess who’s getting rocket boots!

    Fifteen years later!robotic mr incredible hanging out with Batman and Superman

    What am I watching? XD

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  9. I think that HISHE should make its own original video starring several mainstream characters as a parody. 30-90 minutes of some epic problem immediately solved with common sense and logic. So, a problem every minute, solved instantly. That would be laugh a minute and more story than a year of comic issues.

  10. Disney: All your fantasies come true…

    Hishe: Hold my crayons

    This is the funniest thing im so mad im latw to this channel

  11. I like this alternate ending to the first Incredibles movie more than the original. Everyone had a happy ending here.

  12. Sarabi: simba are you ok! o.o mufasa?
    Scar: NO I DIDN’T🤯
    Mufasa: um yes you did I was there -_-

  13. “Moooom! Scar killed dad!”
    “No I didn’t!”

    Family fights like so relatable when your uncle kills your dad

  14. prison GUEST
    prison GUEST
    STolkHOlm SynDROme Is The BeSt
    Oh wait
    no no it's not–

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