Hirano Sho & Sugisaki Hana Psychic Kid (ENG)

Hirano Sho & Sugisaki Hana Psychic Kid (ENG)

He’s really an air-head kind of person when he hears a loud noise on set he’s way more surprised than anyone else His reaction is just big just like uwah! pretty sure he’s gonna get scared today too His reaction is claimed to be big
the air-headed handsome actor what kind of react will he show us today KOSUGI: That’s a cool face he’s making And he’s called for the fake interview
MONITORING START! This time we’re going to let a child reporter
to directly interview the star From a child perspective, a fresh question face to face project Is that so? thought he was you son This child reporter was going to show his strange power but doing it suddenly will be too suspicious so we’ll begin with a normal interview Hirano-san can you do an impersonation? impersonation? An impersonation of ikko-san by Chocolate Planet-san Is it ok if you do it?/
Here I go Ah.. can you just please close your eyes EHH~ NO WAY~ It’s usually a little bit better than this Now that we know Hirano-san is a pretty good person Lets lightly set him up Do you have an actor that you look up to? For me Oguri Shun-san Yamada Takuya-san While listening about something serious The child reporter then The flower is falling Flower? Eh wait… For the first strange power is prediction ability As the child predict the flower will fall Hirano’s reaction is it fell…. how did you know? HARUNA: Hana-chan is good. Are you the type that have good field of view?
Just like a horse He decided by himself that he’s satisfied with him having a good field of view like a horse HARUNA: But he’s saying it before it falls Next another prediction ability Eh? what are you scribbling? The picture of the child reporter scribbling is this Looks like a surprised face A.. it’s me and Hana-chan? They look very surprised Yes, the scribbling is about something
that’s going to surprised them both And then immediately afterwards this picture becomes reality KOSUGI: It’s a bald head Uwa! that’s startling sorry so sorry The sudden phone ring sends Hirano-kun flying Now that the picture becomes reality What’ll his reaaction be? WAIT!! Oh no! My Franck Muller My 3M yen watch is there’s no scratch on it, it’s ok Because of being too startled he’s worried about the watch the got hit and totally forgot about the child’s prediction there’s not scratch on it. it’s ok Because of his natural air-head character None of the prank works So we”re gonna do a more easy to understand prank Now we’re going to make a a steel photo for you both we’ll take Sugisaki-san photo first Sugisaki & the reporter went out for the photo shoot Now that he’s alone with the child time to simply show the power Hirano-san do you believe in psychic power? pyschic power? Ah but you know I want to try getting hypnotized I believe it I guess~ I have a little power actually Seriously? eh? what what tell me Now that we got him what we’ll do is
Trump card Hirano will take a card and hide it Infront of your head do it like this and close your eyes Eh where was it again? at the front right Heart’s one Did I get it?
AMAZING! Those watching probably already knows This is made possible by hidden camera
and then telling the child a SUPER simple prank but AMAZING! You got it right! Isn’t this amazing!? He totally believed it! Looks like we can confirms even in the
entertainment industry he’s the best when having honest reaction and purely believed it onward to the next stage Also, I can control other people Controlling other people? What do you mean? what do you mean? Then…. I’m gonna make Sugisaki-san do Aiiiiin You can even do that? Next we’ll have a power that’ll make Sugisaki Hana-chan does Aiiiiin I will send my thoughts When I scratch my head she’ll Aiiiiin If you do that won’t that be bad? You’ll get arrested? for sure you’ll get arrested KOSUGI: There’s no way you’ll be arrested Even with the pure Hirano, as expected he won’t believe it immediatly Then the two returned back And the interview resumes And then The child scratches his head and then With an unexpected Aiiin Hirano can’t even hide that he’s surprised I just don’t find the time amazing! Witnessing the miracle in front of him isn’t the time for interviews Eh? What? I’m nooot Sorry you were talking, its just the two of us got close Right, right right thats why the first time Here the child once again scratches his head and then! Somehow Oh no! Oh no! Can’t no longer hold her laughter Hana-chan This is bad! Whats wrong? Its just you’re You just kept on moving and moving What going on? Nothing happening! Nothing is Happening! I just got so curious wh- eh? What was your question? Being to focused on the strange power Hirano-kun doesn’t even listen to what Hana-chan said and then… That was surprising There was a mistake with the photo can we do it one more time Sugisaki-san’s? Here once again the reporter and Sugisaki-san went outside of the room I LAUGHED! It’s no good~ I just found it too amusing Just when I was doing it too My voice was shaking and I don’t know what to do He really believes it right STAFF: No doubt he believes it Meanwhile after Hana-chan leaves Hirano-kun is.. Thats bad seriously its bad! Was Aiiin like this again? isn’t it like this right That’s really amazing That’s really… amazing really That’s really amazing KOSUGI: its the same thing you just changed the position Can you do it one more time! do it one more time! Spending his time like a elementary school interested in strange power Hirano-kun And then the child starts to
say something even more strange Actually, Onii-chan also probably have the same power as me me? From here on Hirano-kun will try to bring out that strange power Will he believes it? Seems like you haven’t awakened it but there’s a way Seriously? To test it out, point at that water bottle and say FLY! try and say it How’ll I do it? like this? FLY This just impossible Then it’s not that type of power Then on that red lamp, TURN ON! while pointing it and then… For some reason he’s building power with KAMEHAMEHA style and then… KOSUGI: looks convicing FLY! It wasn’t fly what was it again? turn on Doesn’t seems to be progressing Hirano-kun Once again from scratch building up the power It’s fine like this right? Say turn on TURN ON! TURN ON! DAYUM!! IT FLYED! TURN ON! Eh! What! ho- how did I did this? I don’t know I don’t know I don’t know As expected you got it What other thing that I can do? what? Looks like he accepts his new awakened power Gratitude for awakening his power to the master Since he believes it way more than expected here we’ll take it a level higher Well.. do want to try and control Sugisaki-san like earlier? Eh? Me?/ yes/
No thats impossible This time let’s make her do DaaFunDa DaaFunda? Isn’t that just way too difficult To be expected it’s hard to do DaaFunDa when
Hirano-kun doesn’t have the confidence If you keep conveying your thoughts of doing DaaFunDa The give it your all and do a perfect Aiiiiin So I’m forced to do Aiiiiiin? When Hirano-kun does Aiiiin
Hana-chan will do DaaFunDa Are rather flawed power but… That’s just impossible I will also convey my thoughts and make sure it’ll respond We’ll do it together? I’m going to scratch my head
signaling the preparation is done You’ll do Aiiin/
Okay I understand With the help hand of his master immediately getting over his head Hirano-kun This is super exciting And then… That STARTLED me! The reporter and Sugisaki-san came back Will Hirano-san for the sake of controlling Sugisaki-san does Aiiiin Immediately he closed his eyes and start focusing conveying DaaFunDa thoughts KOSUGI: Isn’t that way to obvious Then even when the interview resumes He’s waiting for the child’s signal And then… Preparation is complete signal Will Hirano-kun believes in the child’s power and without hesitation do Aiiin!? KOSUGI: He said it!
HARUNA: Don’t say it! KOSUGI: He clearly said it! He does a completely serious Aiiiin But we already told Sugisaki-san
you don’t have to do DaaFunDa! In other words no No I just wanted to do it just now suddenly! Suddenly I want to do it KOSUGI: his face is super red! this is bad…! DaaFunDa is a fail but It looks like he still doesn’t realize this is a Monitoring as to why Send your thoughts An instruction to do it again and then.. Pretending to cover his nose he starts to convey his thoughts Once again he start to build up his power AND THEN! What’s wrong… Since he believed in the child’s power till the end MONITORING ENDS!! Ouch! that hurts! wha- What is it? What is it? This is TBS’s Monitoring NO WAY! What if a child posses a strange power will you believe it or will you not believe it? you’ve been Monitoring WHAT WAS THAT~~ Eh? Who’s my ally? No one’s your allies? I was a solo player all along!


  1. Oh my god help me please im so in love with them, they are both so fucking cute, I barely had any idea what they were saying but I was smiling like a creep the entire time and laughing. MY HEARRRTTTT

  2. Sho is so vulnerable it's actually funny. Seems like he wasn't acting when he played Haruto in HanaNochiHare. He was just being himself the entire series😂

  3. Sugisaki's struggles to keep her composure is as funny as Hirano's innocent airheadedness. He's as amusingly jumpy as Korean Kpop singer Joy from Girl's Day.

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