Hidden Factor In Success: 17b: BK Shivani (English Subtitles)

Hidden Factor In Success: 17b: BK Shivani (English Subtitles)

Now as we start working with the law of attraction We need to remember – my thoughts become destiny. Not my desires become destiny. Not my talents become destiny, my thoughts become destiny. So we need to clean our thoughts. We need to check our thoughts and then we will get who we are. My friend told me about an interesting incident. He said, “My asthma would just not go. So my wife asked me to meet somebody in Dadar for homeopathic treatment.” “You will be fine once you start taking what he prescribes.” “She kept on insisting. But I knew that it will not help.” “But for 6 months I took those medicines for her sake.” “I did not have the faith that I will recover because of those medicines. But just kept taking them.” See the result. Right, that was because there was no trust. What I am – I want that I get cured, but I also know this cannot cure me. It cannot cure, absolutely. So we need to check this the whole day. When we are clear that thoughts create destiny. If we want to change anything in our destiny or in any situation around us. We need to go only to one person. To myself. We only need to go back to our self, not anybody else. We don’t need to go to anyone or ask anything from other people. We just need to see what we want in our destiny. And start doing it. I liked this point the most. This is very important and it makes us very powerful. It clarifies that my destiny is my creation. But we keep seeking things outside. Now when we examine that the Law of Attraction says You get it you get not what you want, you get what you are. Now who are you? Soul. Who am I? I will not get what I want, but I will get what I am. So who am I? I am a soul, a bundle of Sanskars and Karmic accounts. Who am I? I am a soul having several sanskars And having several Karmic accounts. This is very important. Even my past Karmic accounts are what I am. I only created them. I am creating them in the present also. Yes but I am also carrying forward my past Karmic accounts. So both are there. I am carrying forward from past and also creating them now. A lot of brothers and sisters write to us That they created very good thoughts. Decorated clean thoughts besides sincerity, dedication and hard work. Yet the destiny was not what we wanted. Thoughts create destiny. This is working with me at every moment. It is always working. When is it working? Ever since I the soul have been on this journey. Not only since when I took this costume. The formula thoughts create destiny has not been working only after I took this costume. Thoughts create destiny always. I had never thought of this. So even in all my previous costumes Thoughts have written my destiny. Even in my earlier births. Only the costume was changing but the equation that thoughts create destiny was valid even then. So it has all got carried forward. As it has been carried forward since then We cannot ignore that element in the equation. I have a karmic account. Suppose as per my Karmic account, I have created and unpleasant Karma in the past. Because of that, however hard I work now, I do not get success proportionately. I do not get it. I see that somebody else has a Karmic account When he does not work very hard But he keeps on getting success. This is a very huge factor. We can neither delete it nor should it be ignored. Because if we ignore it, we become sad now. Because of this sadness, our present thoughts will not be good. If let us say I worked very hard but I don’t get success. Suppose I am creating positive thoughts. I am clean and honest but still I am not being very successful. Not as much success as I want. I have no doubt about it. I have hundred percent conviction. Even situations are favorable. Everything in the present is more than perfect. I do not get the desired results. Because there is another factor. And that is my past carry forward Karmic account. This past carry forward Karmic account Is not bringing me the amount of success that I wish to experience. Now the mind can get disturbed, because of this. The moment the mind gets disturbed, the kind of thoughts that get created Worry and dejection. What is this? How much am I to work hard and still not get results? If at that time I always remember that thoughts create destiny. The destiny that is created just now A big dominating factor in this is from my past thoughts. And past means..past past past… After past Karmic accounts. I need to accept them And I need to take care that looking at them The thoughts that are getting created now There is no negativity in then because of that. I did not understand this. If I have a past Karmic account of different qualities of thoughts and actions which are now blocking my current success. Will I not become weak thinking that it is okay, I had to fail. I might get depressed. No let’s understand this with the help of a few parameters. Suppose I want 100% in something. All factors are perfect. Even the efforts are perfect. Everybody says we need to get hundred percent. How much are we getting? 60 or 70. Let us say we got 50. We work hard again, got 50. Worked hard yet again, and again got 50… Now suppose we are stressed because of this. We start worrying and we even start becoming superstitious. We start wearing finger rings, or do a certain Pooja. The moment we get into these things, our confidence on our own self reduces. Low confidence, upset feeling, insecurity that we may not even have the capacity needed. As soon as these thoughts are created in the present Actually the past played a huge factor in whatever happened. But when we start creating such thoughts in the present Even our present thoughts create destiny. Earlier we had managed to reach up to 50 Does it become 60? We had reached 50 when we were in the right state of mind. OK so now we have reversed it. Naturally. Because my state of mind was good then. So it fell down further. From 50 to 40 and 30, we start going in a reverse gear. It will happen naturally. Because when I was very confident and worked very hard but I got only 50. It means when my state of mind was perfect I got 50. So now when I am full of negativity, desperate and superstitious So my thoughts are becoming negative My past Karmic account is still there at the same parameter. But my present thoughts make it 40 from 50. Now even that will start affecting me. So it reduces from 40 to 30. We also start justifying that it is natural. Let us just remember this equation that thoughts create destiny. First of all accept 50. Suppose it continues to remain at 50. Let us say I remain at 50 forever. First, isn’t that ok? Much better than going to 20. This is it. I like this. This is it. Accepting that I have been giving my best. This I have to accept. Having given my best, I am at least at 50. However much my past Karmic account interferes I will do my best in the present. This is positive thinking. When somebody goes on so positively with this kind of confidence, he will reach 60 for sure. Because his present factor is very powerful. I should not go on a decline. If I am aware of all these parameters That these are my present qualities. Suppose at present I have the qualities of honesty, sincerity, dedication and hard work. You know somebody can be like that. I have the resources and even the situation is favorable. Everything is right. And now I am getting 50 because amidst all these favorable conditions One factor is of past Karmic account. Which I had only created based on my thoughts. That factor seems a little unfavorable right now. So four factors of favorable and one factor is slightly pulling it down to 50. Let me remember that my present 4 parameters are very favorable right now. Only one is unfavourable. But let that one unfavourable factor not influence the present 4 favourable factors. Else all 5 factors become unfavourable. I become de-motivated and create self doubt. Looking at others I create jealousy and insecurity. My self confidence goes low. So only past was unfavourable . Now even the present becomes unfavourable. Again thoughts create destiny. If I always remember this , I have to do that. Past is a very powerful, dominating factor. So we need to accept that the past is there. Suppose I buy a new car today. And if I meet with an accident while driving it. I will not feel as bad as when I will see if somebody else – a friend or a driver causes it. But now you explained that Whatever I had created myself in the past I am stuck at 50 because of myself. I cannot be so angry or upset or worried about it. I will be able to accept it. Now I have to take it from 50 to 60. I should not go down to 40 and start becoming superstitious. Not only that. De-motivation. We should not get demotivated. Now there is no blame game anymore. So we do not blame that somebody else is putting us down. Even factors like someone resorting to black magic or using somebody’s influence to go ahead of me. What do these things do to my present thoughts? The thoughts that you mentioned – comparison with others, or using influence to put me behind – what are these doing to my present thoughts? What are they doing to my present thoughts? In which direction will they take my thoughts now? We have accepted, stopped blaming, so now we will make our thoughts more powerful. Wherever they are now, we make them more powerful. Whenever a situation is unfavourable When things are not going in my favor But still if I chose to remain strong, my power In the next episode I will ask you how to remain strong. It is very interesting.


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  10. I am a little confused. I wanna know how does time play the role?
    For example as u said maybe cz of my past karma I am at 50 in one of my goal, but maybe god wants me to wait until the perfect time.
    So how will I understand whether it's god's plan until the right time or my past karma

  11. Didi please answer me….

    If I believe in God that he is with me, so definitely I can change my future destiny. With carry my karmik account.
    Isn't it so.

  12. sister no past kura of previous life can distrub us,,but may b my society, family, friends, country, creates hurdles in my sucess

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    but now if i accept my marks and say that they are much better then 50…40% and then do hard work with positive thoughts that every factor is suitable for scoring 80% and i deserve 80 marks i will get next time right?

    thanks for such motivational and inspiring video
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  17. Through understanding that the past karmic accounts have an effect on our present destinyโ€™s, this empowers us to not get effected by the result and only focus on our present actions which would ultimately heal and reverse the effects of the past.

  18. Accept the past, not dwell. Thatโ€™s the key take away. Focus on the present and that will heal the past and change our future destiny.

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