1. The base Binaural needs to be cleaned up some. What program are you using to create the Binaurals? I do like what you've done with the alternating pulses coming out of the left / right audio field. That's exactly what needs to be done to balance brain hemispheres. Keep going.

  2. I’m very happy people like this track! It is a good one. The transitions between channels is tricky to properly format into a YouTube video.
    If I can get to 1000 subscribers I’ll make another quality video/audio track. I’m open to suggestions for simple binaural and isochronic tracks as well.
    Thanks and enjoy!

  3. Why do I only hear it in my left ear? The right side is much, much lower. I use earbuds that are fully functional.

  4. Excellent. Please keep it up. So hard to find quality attempts at this stuff. I admire your ethics & integrity. XO J

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