Haunted SKINWALKER CAVE in the desert

Haunted SKINWALKER CAVE in the desert

– [Cameraman] Oh my God. She’s back
(people screaming) for another video, of course. Where are we now? – Skinwalker cave. – [Cameraman] Ooh, scary stuff. Who’s this, who’s this? Joey’s back again, Joey’s back again. We have another guest behind the door. Can you guess who he is? – [Joey] It’s a skinwalker. – [Cameraman] It’s a skinwalker. Maybe you’ll find out who
it is, maybe you won’t. And then there’s Mark. – I don’t have a camera! – [Cameraman] Oh my God. – Where’s my camera? – [Cameraman] He’s gonna
be Brittany for tonight. – Hey guys, it’s Jonathan. – Hey guys it’s Brittany. – [Cameraman] It’s Jonathan. – And today we’re here. – [Mark] Cruisin’ with Crab. – Cruisin’ with Crab style and I actually don’t
have a camera this time ’cause Brittany’s not here. But she’s here in spirit. – [Cameraman] She’s here in spirit. – In a good way, she’s
not dead, she’s alive. – [Cameraman] Cryptid hunter. – What’s up? – [Cameraman] Haven’t seen you in a while. Thanks for bein’ our tour guide tonight. – No problem. Hopefully we catch somethin’ good. – [Cameraman] Yeah, we’ll
find somethin’ won’t we. – Find some good stuff. – [Cameraman] Is that where we’re goin’? Like the hole up there? – [Cryptic Hunter] We’re goin’
all the way up there, yep. – [Cameraman] Oh my goodness. Come on you guys, you can make it, you can make it up the hill. – I can’t. – [Cameraman] She can’t do it. – [Mark] All right guys, well this. – [Joey] These short little legs. – [Cameraman] Oh my God is that it? Wow, what the? Oh Jesus. – [Joey] This is fun. – [Mark] Probably a bad time
to say I’m claustrophobic. – [Cameraman] Wow. That’s insane. – [Joey] That’s awesome. – [Cameraman] So this
is, there is, this is the one with the dolls in it right? – One of the dolls jumping off the site, or falling out or being pushed. And there’s one thing where
something will fall over but this thing flew forward.
– Oh my god. – When it fell. – [Joey] Holy crap. – We found women’s clothes down there from what they thing
was a murdered victim. From what I understand from
what the town people told me. Somebody was killed here and a lot of people here
heard talking or screaming. – [Joey] Oh wow. – Yeah, so. – [Joey] That’s so sad. – We’re gonna look out for that. There are also Tommyknockers, you know, they play with you. You’ll hear sounds like three knocks or rocks bein’ thrown in your direction. That’s probably a
Tommyknocker messin’ with you or warning you not to
get too close, all right? – [Joey] Okay. – And also one really cool thing is people have seen, like, coyotes, like real big ones but running on two feet so I think they’re skinwalkers. There was this guy who
came out here hiking or to explore the mine after I told him and he called me a couple
days later and told me if I was messing with him
and playing tricks on him ’cause he knew that I knew
where he was gonna be. And I told him no, I asked him why. He said ’cause he saw somebody
like in a pelt or something running up in that hill
right above us right there. – [Jonathan] Oh man, there’s so many. – So, he saw that, he
saw that, he freaked out and he never came back. Direction, we’ll go straight that way. The second level, that’s where people hear
the lady whisper or scream and if you keep goin’ all the way down and then right, you follow all that, all the way to the very end is where we saw a shadow
kinda run behind me or behind Katie going deeper into the mine and then down there’s where
the clothes are and all that. Watch your heads though. I’ve knocked myself out before here. – [Cameraman] Which one’s? Oh that’s, look at that one, too. – [Joey] Which one should we go in first? – [Xavier] I would go to that way. – [Joey] This way? – [Cameraman] To the right. – [Xavier] Yep, you’re gonna have to crawl there a little bit. – [Kyla] I’m good. Just nobody put my butt on camera. – [Cameraman] What, whoops. – [Jonathan] I’m right on the cameras. – [Joey] All your butts
are getting on mine. – [Mark] I brought
Band-Aids and all that shit so if anybody screws themselves up. – We’re about to explore the cave. Are you ready for this folks? – [Cameraman] Are you ready? (rocks clattering) Wow. This is completely insane. Oh, this is probably the old timber. Do not touch. How many times have you been down here? – About 10. – [Cameraman] Really? You’ve been in here alone? – [Xavier] Yeah. – [Cameraman] This reminds
me of the movie The Descent. Do you remember, have you seen that? Where those girls go into the cave and. – [Joey] I’ve never seen The Descent. – [Cameraman] And then all
those things attack them like these little alien creatures that they can’t see,
they can only hear them so they had to be really quiet
otherwise they get attacked. – Well, we’re gonna get attacked because we’re being loud as hell. We’re all like (groans). – [Cameraman] What in
the, where is that going? – [Kyla] I don’t know. – [Cameraman] Oh it goes
to the, it goes there, there, and there. What does that say? Dut? Out. – [Kyla] Out. – [Cameraman] Ya all right back there? – [Xavier] Yeah, I’m good buddy. – [Cameraman] It’s so creepy. Oh look at, there’s the doll. – [Xavier] That’s where
we usually crawl through. Goes to the second level. Go left and then go all
the way down to the bottom. – [Kyla] Crazy. And that’s where it was? – [Xavier] That’s where we. – [Kyla] The shadow? – [Xavier] We’ve seen the lady or heard the lady, right
in that level right there. – [Kyla] And the clothes
were found down there? – [Xavier] Down all the way at the back. – [Kyla] Oh my gosh. – [Cameraman] Hello, excuse me. – Yep. – [Cameraman] Yeah. – [Mark] Smells like beer in
there too, like fresh beer. (people murmuring) – [Cameraman] Look at that. That is spooky. I wonder who brought these in here. It looks like one of
’em’s newer, that Ty like. – [Xavier] That little
baby doll that’s there is the one that got pushed
off the side of the wall. The ball head one. – [Joey] Ew. That’s crazy. – [Cameraman] Can you push one ’em down the side of the rocks? – [Xavier] What the fuck was that? – [Joey] Is somebody’s stomach growling? – [Kyla] I think that was mine. – [Mark] That was mine. – [Cameraman] What, oh
that’s moss or something? I was like what the hell is that? – [Joey] Is there anybody in here with us? (creatures growling) – [Cameraman] Is it
hard to get down there? – [Xavier] You might have to slide down, all the way down, but you’ll be all right. – [Cameraman] I’m just gonna
go a little ways and see. – [Jonathan] Mike, stay
behind me, ’cause it’s. (gravel crunching) – [Cameraman] All the way down there. (girls laughing) – [Xavier] That’s where people have reporting hearing, like, screams. And this is the same spot also where Katie was also scratched down there. Right there. So if you go down that way and then you go to the left, you keep going for a little ways and then you’ll hit another shaft and that one’s gonna
take you all the way down to the bottom. Follow that all the way down and then go to the right and then that’s where
you can kinda split up. It’s pretty big. You won’t get lost as long as
you come back the same way. – [Cameraman] So straight down that way? That’s, down here is where
they saw the apparition and hear the lady, right? – Right, so when you go down
there, just so you know, you’re gonna see a couple
shaft to your right. You can take that, that’ll
take you to that level that we saw from up there. That’s where you’re gonna see it. You keep goin’ all the way down, there’s a dead end and then
it goes right just take that and then you kinda explore
all you want down there. It goes in pretty deep. – [Joey] Nice. – All right? You’ll see ropes and stuff on the ground from people that’s left ’em that’ve been exploring before you. You can just follow those. – [Joey] Okay. – [Cameraman] If we’re not back in. – I’ll be right here. – [Cameraman] An hour. – If I disappear and
my truck’s still there. The skinwalker’s got me. – [Joey] Oh shit. – Okay, we’re gonna try and
make it down another area where they hear voices,
apparitions have been seen. Just a bunch of spooky stuff
but it is very slippery on the way down. – [Kyla] And I’m slammin’
my head on everything. – If you fall and tumble into
me and make me fall down, it’s, like. – I’m going to. – Kyla (chuckles). (people grunting) – [Mark] Everyone just take their time. – [Cameraman] Doesn’t that
look like blood stain? – [Kyla] Where, ew! Yeah it does. – [Cameraman] Bloodstains on the walls. All right, follow me. – [Kyla] Sorry, Michael
was busy filming blood. (Mike mutters) Where’s the blood? – [Cameraman] No, it
just, this looks like it. – [Joey] It just looks like
it, it’s not, it’s spray paint. (Kyla giggles) – [Cameraman] Oh my god, we are all the least graceful
bunch there’s ever been. – [Mark] I haven’t slipped once. Don’t jinx it. – [Cameraman] Mark, now you’re next. Ow, my ankle. There goes my ankle, my back. – [Kyla] Oh my god Jonathan? – [Mark] Stop right there. – [Cameraman] Jonathan. – If Michael ever gets my
double chin in this again like right now, dislike this video. – [Cameraman] There’s no
double chin right now. – There’s not? – [Cameraman] There’s three. – [Kyla] You’re such a asshole. – I’m kidding, there’s
not a double chin, Kyla. This is one of the coolest places and creepiest places that I’ve been in especially with all
the paranormal activity that’s been seen around here. Like Xavier was saying earlier, there’s been skinwalkers,
there’s a lady apparition that’s in here, Tommyknockers, just a whole bunch of stuff so if you guys hear any,
like, rocks being clanked or thrown, it could be a Tommyknocker. This is scary. Is that somewhere that it caved in? I don’t like that. (wind whooshing)
(footsteps crunching) It’s a little concerning
to me that there’s just like old two by fours holding this up. I’m feeling. – The deeper I go, like, I feel like I’m having a hard time breathing. – [Cameraman] Yeah, me too. – It’s like closing. – [Cameraman] I don’t know if it’s just ’cause I’m out of breath
from traveling but then. – [Jonathan] I think it’s a combination. – [Cameraman] But then it
was also really concerning to me that, did you see back there, just those old, like,
two by fours propped up against the rocks and then
the place that we walked past where it looked like
newer rocks had slid in so I’m like (groans). – How far do you guys wanna go? – There’s a string right there. We should go a little bit further. – [Kyla] Okay. – Don’t get my double chin. – [Cameraman] Oh my god. Some people have seen apparitions in here and like shadows moving around. I really hope, I don’t know, it’s always
when I review the footage that I find the most so hopefully when I review
it, I’ll see something moving. – [Kyla] There’s a shirt down there. – [Joey] Where. – [Kyla] Right here. – [Cameraman] Oh there is clothes there. Maybe that’s the clothes
he was talking about. Hello? – [Kyla] I don’t the spirit
box is gonna do anything. – [Joey] I think it might honestly and I’m not even just saying this but it’s so quiet in
here if we just listen and ask questions, this
is a perfect opportunity to get actual EVPs instead of spirit box. – [Jonathan] Yeah,
actually, the spirit box is a lotta noise pollution. – Cause if there’s anything that happens to our questions, we
won’t be able to hear it. And I’m scared. – Is there anybody here? That would like to communicate with us? We come in peace. – [Cameraman] What are you, an alien? (Jonathan mumbles) Can you throw a rock? – [Mark] At a wall, please. – [Joey] My stomach is
gonna make all the noise. – [Cameraman] I know, we’re
not gonna hear anything over your stomach. – [Kyla] Can you throw a rock? If you hear my voice, throw a rock. – [Cameraman] I’m gonna
throw a rock down this tunnel and then you can you throw one back at me? Ready? (rock clanks) (people laughing) God damn it. – [Mark] Good job. – [Cameraman] I’m gonna
try to do that again because I don’t know how to throw. I want you to throw one back at me. (rock clattering) – Do you possess people?
(man shushing) – [Cameraman] Do you hear that? – Yeah. – [Mark] What was that? – Oh I feel a tingling. – [Cameraman] Do you hear that tapping? – [Jonathan] Yep. – Oh, it’s my extension falling out. – [Cameraman] Oh my god. – I thought I felt like
something on the back of my head and it was like this
is not happening to me ’cause nobody’s gonna freakin’ believe me and my extension is coming unclipped. (Jonathan muttering) (Mike shushing) – [Cameraman] That was a voice. – [Kyla] That was a woman. – [Mark] Guys, don’t talk, don’t talk. (suspenseful humming) – [Kyla] No but that thing. – [Cameraman] I heard a voice. – [Mark] Hang on, just
hang on, just listen. – [Cameraman] Can you say something again? I think I need some air. I just feel like. – [Kyla] Can’t breathe? – [Cameraman] Yeah,
just like fuzzy headed. – Yeah, it feels a little staticky. – [Cameraman] I’m gonna go back that way and get some fresh air and
go back for a little bit. Maybe splitting up we’ll
hear different things. – [Kyla] Maybe it’ll be less intimidating. – Do you want me to go first? (gravel crunching) You feel like when you
hyperventilate a little bit and your lips start to get,
like, tingly, like numb. That’s how I was feeling
and I don’t know if it was just anxiety or claustrophobia but I just need some fresh air. This isn’t the easiest
tunnel to walk through ’cause it’s very loose gravel. Ew, there’s underwear on the ground. – [Joey] May need a new pair. – There’s lots of loose
gravel and it’s a lot of up and downhill. (gravel crunching) – I was standing here just,
like, before you guys come out. Right, you know your glowstick’s there, and then it was right here. I heard like a (grunts). – [Cameraman] Really? – Kinda like a, I couldn’t tell if it was like a hum or like a sound like painful or like a growl. You know, it was like (groans). – [Cameraman] That’s crazy. – Kinda like that, it was right. It wasn’t that loud
but it was right there. – [Cameraman] Yeah. – I hope I got it on camera. – [Cameraman] So we definitely
heard some knocking in there which could be the Tommyknockers but then we also heard
a distinct female voice. I hope the camera picked it up ’cause I was recording. – Awesome, that’s be cool. Yeah, here too I was, I was sitting here and I keep hearing. I mean, it could be just me. But I keep, or the bushes, but it sounds like feet
shuffling in that area and then back up here too. – [Cameraman] Oh wow. – [Xavier] But like I said it
could just be my imagination. – [Cameraman] You guys, go to Joey and Cryptid Hunter’s
channel because I wasn’t, my camera wasn’t on at the time but I heard what sounded like a whisper right next to my ear. They were recording so
maybe they’ll get it on one of their videos. It was really faint. It sounded like it was
like right next to my ear like a (exhales). – [Xavier] That’s pretty cool. Did you guys find the
woman’s clothing down there? – [Cameraman] Yeah. – You did. – [Cameraman] There was a shirt. – The underwear?
– Yeah, there’s underwear. – [Cameraman] There was
underwear and a shirt. – And that’s the person that died.
– Like a tank top, right? Kinda like a tank top?
– Yeah. – Yeah, so I’m not 100% sure that that’s the person’s
clothes who was killed there but, you know, it is kinda weird that there is a woman murdered here and that’s what we hear
screaming or talking or in your case possibly whispering. And those clothes just have
been there for the longest time. You know, before when we went down there, there was another shirt that
had, like, bloodstains on it. That shirt’s not there anymore or at least I haven’t seen it. I don’t know if you guys say it but it had like some bloodstains
like right on the front, kinda like in the chest area. – [Cameraman] That’s creepy. – Yeah, so I don’t know, I don’t know if they’re still there or not. But, like I say, the girl was found just at the bottom and then to the right
of where you guy went that’s where she was found. So, and she was completely naked so. Could be that the clothes that are there are possibly hers, you know, I don’t know. – I hope the wind isn’t too bad right now. Joey and Xavier and I came out of the, we’re out of the tunnels,
walking down the trail where a lotta times they see skinwalkers. – I don’t know if you guys heard it. It sounded like shuffling over here. – [Cameraman] When we
were walking to the car just a little bit ago,
we could hear stuff. – [Xavier] You did hear something earlier? – [Cameraman] Mmhm, we,
it almost sounded like, like a coyote noise almost,
it’s was like a (whoops) like. – [Xavier] Yeah, yeah,
they do that sometimes. – [Cameraman] Like it didn’t
sound like a coyote but that’s the closest thing I can think of. – Yeah. They do sort of like
a whistle kinda sound. Like (whoops). Kinda like that, you know? But when you’re in the
distance, they’ll sound faint. But anyways we’ll keep going. Thought I heard something. (gravel crunching) (screaming) – [Cameraman] Yeah, I’m okay. – [Xavier] While we’re walking,
keep an eye on the edges ’cause a lotta times they
like to kinda spy on us from the top. – [Cameraman] Oh really? – Yeah, they’ll stay up there kinda looking down at you or whatever. Sometimes they’ll like, you’ll hear the sound over here sometimes and then all of a sudden,
you’ll hear the exact same sound to your left or to your right and then you’ll hear it
behind you too sometimes. – [Cameraman] It’s so creepy to think of something looking over the edge. – [Xavier] Yeah, yeah, they look, they look at you from on
the top of the mountains. – All right, guys, I think
that’s gonna be it for the video. Girl, can I finish my video? Enough. Anyway, also don’t forgot
to go follow all my friends, Cryptid Hunter, Joey, Kyla, they ain’t gonna stop.
(fireworks popping) I hope you enjoyed this video. Go follow all my friends. Make sure you like this. I’ll leave all the links down below to their channels and stuff like that so go, go, go, go, go. I love you guys. I’ll see you later, bye.


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