Haunted Honduras: San Fernando Omoa Fort Paranormal Investigation

Haunted Honduras: San Fernando Omoa Fort Paranormal Investigation

hey guys I’m currently in one of the
most haunted places in Honduras I’m going to take you for a quick look
around and keep watching because I’ll be back later tonight to do a paranormal
investigation Omoa, a small coastal port and
popular beach in Honduras was once a community plagued by the many pirates of
the Caribbean in order to combat constant pirate raids and looting a
foreboding fortress was constructed by the Spanish between 1756 and 1775 by the
time the San Fernando de Omoa fortress was completed piracy had declined
however the English now posed a greater threat to the Spanish than the Pirates
ever did in 1779 a great battle ensued and the fort was successfully captured
by the British only to be abandoned soon after for the Spanish to reclaim years
later the fort was converted for use as a prison and in 1870 was abandoned again in 1959 the Honduran government
committed to restoring the fort and it now serves as a museum which is open to
the public its history of pirates battles and imprisonment have led to
many local ghost stories and paranormal occurrences locals share stories about
unexplainable noises coming from the fort the sounds of battles gunshots and
cannon fire others hear disembodied screams of the injured men and soldiers
shouting orders shadow figures have also been sighted patrolling the perimeter of
the fort before disappearing into thin air is it possible the san fernando
fortress in Omoa is still haunted i attempted to make contact with any spirits
that may be lingering at this location a quick spiritbox session at the fort and
see if we can communicate with anything or anyone here okay so I’ve returned to the fort this
time at night I’m going to take a look around and see if we can pick up on
anything there is a thunder storm that’s about to roll in so I’m hoping that that
brings in a bit of energy with it alright guys so I’m going to do a spirit
box session and see if there’s any spirits around that want to talk I’m
going to be doing a mix of English and Spanish questions see how we go with that come close and talk to me hey guys so I’m gonna try a quick EVP and
see if we can pick up on anything I’ll do a mix of Spanish and English
questions and see how we go hay quien quiere para communicarse say is there anybody here
that wants to communicate with us are there any pirates here what’s
that? that’s Thunder rolling in whilst exploring the fort at night I
took a few photos using night mode on my camera I found one picture in
particular that looks like a promising piece of evidence looking to be a
soldier patrolling the walls of the fort unfortunately I was able to debunk the
photo after playing around with its brightness and contrast settings this
one is obviously a blade of grass what do you think is the Omoa fortress
still haunted let me know your thoughts in the comments below thank so much for watching if you
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  2. You are so brave and strong enough to face all those incredible paranormal stuffs… 😊From The country of "Bhutan " watching your shows always…. Hmm you can visit Bhutan as well, a small kingdom and a, neighbor to India.

  3. Hi Amy you're doing an excellent job. We not just get scary but we learn as well, you're an amazing girl, love your channel a lot. This video is totally awesome.👏👏👏👏👏👌👌👌

  4. 530 views..531., now.,..50 likes..51 now….over 500 people Watched this video..so little likes.,., come on…,show so love people.,.you always get a like from me…creepy place…
    The creepier the better.,.., especially at 3 a.m..,. , excellent job Angel Eyes. .,.I'm getting a few in today..,gotta pace myself..on to the next one..,.spooky

  5. For starters the fort is not abandoned like you stated in the title of this video. Fortaleza San Fernando is a well maintained museum, I reside in Omoa and its evident that this video is staged and terribly put together. It's very offensive that you think you can get away with these bullshit lies about a place that you probably spent 10 seconds in.
    Ps. The people watching this video should better inform themselves about the history of this place and shouldn't allow someone like this wanna be "ghost hunter" to paint them a fake picture.

  6. BLIMEY, AMY-it must have been HOT there?!! I've never seen you sweat before( actually men SWEAT-women 'GLOW'!! 🤗😊). You're still so professional, though!! 👻📻👽🦇💀🦇⚰️

  7. excuse me Amy by the way I haven't seen this blog before so still watching it. have u found any insubstantial presence in this fort although? and one thing I forget to say that u look adorable with hairstyle and a nice turnout.

  8. Hey, catching up on some Central America videos of yours I'd missed. I think at 3:10 where you got the inaudible response on the spirit box, it may say "hablame", or "tell me"/"speak to me". I haven't spoken Spanish fluently in like 5-10 years so I can't be 100% certain, but, it really sounds like it! Freakin' awesome. 👻

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