Happiness & Gratitude Meditation | Lindsay Jay

Happiness & Gratitude Meditation | Lindsay Jay

Hello I’m Lindsay Jay,
I’m sitting here in Ibiza on my favourite rocky beach to bring to you a guided meditation
on gratitude and feeling happy. So if you’d like a little bit more of that
in your life then find a comfortable position on the floor, you can either be seated like
me or come down into a lying position if you’re feeling tired today. Close your eyes, and
bring your awareness to your breath. I’d like you to start this guided meditation
by thinking of one thing in your life that you’re really grateful for and that has made
you really happy. It could be a person, that has helped you,
inspired you or guided you. A time in your life when you were really happy and experienced
a real sense of joy. If you have your gratitude rock you can place it on your heart, if you
don’t just place your hands on your heart and really focus on that one thing that you’re
grateful for until it makes your heart open, your body relaxed, your face soften, and a
smile is born on your lips. Now from this beautiful place, let the vision
fade and bring your awareness back to your breath Your inhalation as you breath in and
your exhalation as you breath out. As you breath in, feeling the cool air against your
nostrils, and as you breath out feeling the slightly warmer air against your nostrils.
Gently feeling your breath moving inside of your body. Feeling the breath that gives you
life, gives you energy, and vitality. Giving thanks for your breath, the oxygen that restores
and rejuvenates and heals your body. As your awareness stays with your breath begin to
quieten your mind and become completely present in this beautiful relaxing moment. Wake up
your senses, become completely aware of how the ground feels beneath you, the sense of
gravity drawing you down into the earth. Give thanks to the ground for how safe, strong
and secure it makes you feel, being connected with earth and everything around you. Now
bring your awareness to your hands, place them together and gently rub them together,
feeling a deep sense of gratitude for the your ability to touch and feel, rubbing your
hands together a little faster now, generating heat in your palms, place your hands over
your eyes feeling the warmth from your hands, give thanks to your sight and all that you
can see in this beautiful world around us, place your hands over your ears giving thanks to your ear and all that you can hear, place your hands over your mouth, giving thanks to your lips for the ability to communicate and tell the people that you care about the
most in the world that you love them. Now finally place your hands back on your heart for all that you are able to feel, let your heart open to all that you have in your world
to be thankful for. The sun rises and sets for you, the sea ebbs and flows for you, the birds sing for you, the stars come out just for you, breathing freely, breathing easily.
Think of a quality you have within you that’s helped you in your life, maybe it’s your generosity,
your kindness, your honesty or love. Now feel this quality in your heart and gives thanks
that you have this special quality and all the joys that it’s brought to your life and
the lives of those around you. Gratitude is the memory of your heart, it’s
an inward feeling of all the kindness you have received the vibration of gratitude attracts
more positive things into you life, the more grateful you feel, the more you will have
to be grateful for. Joy and happiness will come to you in abundance when your grateful for all that you have. An inspiring women called Melody Beattie said,
“Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life, it turns what we have in to enough and more,
it turns denial into acceptance, chaos into order and confusion into clarity. Hold onto
the the gratitude that you feel in your heart and let your mind relax. As you continue to focus on your breath, let
your mind drift for a while… And slowly to begin to bring your awareness
back to your hands and your feet, take a big body yawn by bringing your arms above your
head and stretching right the way to your fingertips and then place your hands together
and bring them down to your heart centre. Namaste, thank you for listening.


  1. Thank you for these quick meditations. Although they're short, the quality is enough to make me feel great for the day or to end my nights. Namaste =)

  2. Hei Lindsay, your music and Yoga session is wonderful! I looking for so good music! Where can i buy? Thanks for your comment! Good wishes for you!

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