Habit,😎 Food Personalized | Personal Nutrition Plan & Testing for Wellness  by Xavier Smith

Habit,😎 Food Personalized | Personal Nutrition Plan & Testing for Wellness by Xavier Smith

what’s happening guys yours truly here Xavier Smith aka mr. XL Smith aka nutria coach x aka Coach X yes I’m the one with all the aliases but really only one mission I’ve been sent here to impact inspire and improve the lives of others and today is no different tonight I want to talk to you about habit which is food personalized I want to get right down into it get right down into the nitty gritty I’m gonna respect your time I want to respect the fact that you have a busy lifestyle but this is this train that you’re about to get on is for those who are sick and tired of being sick and tired you perhaps are looking for a little bit of guidance a little bit of Education because that’s what I do I yet I don’t manipulate but I want to make sure that you are very clear as to why you’re watching this little webinar if you will this live stream talking about habit which is food personalized let’s say you are you want to work with someone but you’re not quite sure that you can afford the the coaching the personal coaching rates and you you want to do it on your own you’re tired of doing the guessing game you’ve been you’ve been trying the keto this and the and the Paleo that and next cross the street someone is doing the crazy oh this and you just sick and tired of all the information out there because there is a lot of information out there because we are drowning in information yet we are starving for wisdom well I’m about to do my part and help educate you on what you can do for yourself to get you on the right track as far as your health wellness and fitness and lifestyle are concerned are concerned we’re talking about habit this is what you see on the screen today let’s first of all talk to you about how this works first we want to get you in touch with what your body craves and this can be transformation at its best for you okay now me as a licensed and certified holistic nutrition health coach I consider myself qualified to talk to you about this and I just want to make sure that you know that I am an ambassador of this company as well as many others because everything that I do I want to put you in the best positions to succeed this is no exception this company is basically going to help you take the guesswork out of your nutrition and you get $100 off I get a nice little Commission and everybody gets happy everybody is happy so first of all let’s put you in touch with what your body really craves we’re these guys are here to help you hear and learn about what your body has to say about translating your test results into a personalized nutrition plan you with me so far okay thank you guys for joining me Lynn and Glen haha that’s pretty cool huh hi and mary says hi thank you thank you so much Glenn thank you for being here I want to do my best to educate you and get out of your hair so you guys can make an informed decision like I said earlier I’m here to educate not manipulate so let’s first talk about step number one you want to get this testing done right this is the screen that you’re looking at right now in front of you testing you complete you collect samples at home and send them to the lab using a at home kit you can collect your bio samples and send them via pre-labeled package to the ages which is a CLIA certified company and cap certified labs so these guys are the real deal they’ve gone through all the steps they’ve gone through all the regulations they’ve gone you know these guys are at the highest level of certification the habit app makes your tests easy to process and it’s a step by step that you have to go through to get the instructions and timer number two you get your results we use those test results to the to design a nutrition plan specifically for you okay your lab results and body matrix tell us about your body and they respond and how it responds to food from this using decision tree logic we create your biology report and an easy-to-navigate eating plan that you will have at your fingertips online and in the Abbott app okay so that’s pretty much the gist of it so let’s talk about let’s go back to the main page all right so let’s go here and we’re gonna see this okay so now you’re looking at the main Paige so when you click that link that I’m providing you you’re gonna see this page which gonna it’s gonna help you take the guesswork out of eating right for life so let’s end the pseudoscience and the fad dieting right this is what I stand for I’m here to make help you guys make sense of all the navigate through all of that nutrition garbage out there and help you guys make better decisions now if you don’t want to work with me that’s okay I’m still here to get you in the best position to succeed that’s why I’m doing this right now taking a little bit of out of my schedule to do this okay so let’s move on down the line discover personalized nutrition so we got two choices here you got the habit core starting at 149 you get an at-home nutrition test that uses over 70 biomarkers to unlock personalized eating recommendations for your unique body okay then you want to look over to the right you have the habit Ally this is a little bit higher in price but you get a little bit a little bit more you’re gonna jumpstart your path to a new you with the habit core plus a four week guided healthy weight loss program tailored to you by a dedicated registered dietician now if that’s something that you think is beneficial then you want to go ahead and take a look at that so let’s go down here the habit nutrition test this is a convenient at-home nutrition test kit which is a comprehensive nutrition test that looks at your DNA and your blood which is what I like to do I specialize in blood type and gut health look at your blood to determine how your body handles carbs fat and protein we also learn about your lifestyle and health goals we’re gonna review your test results each area of the results has an easy-to-understand explanation from how you handle macros to insights into sixty biomarkers like those relating to heart health you’ll know right away where you’re doing where you’re doing well and where you have opportunities to optimize your health with nutrition okay and you get to know your nutrition plan this is a science-based recommendation which will help you take the guesswork out of eating so you can make confident food choices and here’s the here’s the deal that’s where most people are falling short because they don’t have the time maybe they’re lazy maybe they just have a busy work schedule who knows but most people are out there you know kind of guessing at it and going and just getting frustrated with all the information out there and they’re not perhaps seeing the results as quickly as quickly as they would like to right so and I’m looking at questions coming from Glenn are my test results guaranteed to be kept confidential yes Glenn I’m going to say yes on that because I’ve been representing two companies one company is called vayam they are going through the CLIA certification right now so they’re not taking any orders but they are a little bit higher in price a little bit higher quality these guys are right up there along with them and yeah they will definitely they they stand for confidentiality so these results are specifically for you like in a lab they the stuff that you get will be in a you know plain envelope strictly goes directly to you you know that type of thing so you want to be confident that your you know your results are gonna stay with you and between your provider and that’s pretty much it but if you do have any more questions Glen I would encourage you to click that link that I provided get in contact with them they they have fantastic customer support and you can go from there you know you want to make your decision inform decision and I’m just here to give you that information I want to be your asset your resource to higher quality decisions higher quality solutions out there so that’s what I’m doing here tonight for you success stories okay so here’s my sip Michelle H I’ve noticed that my clothes are looser on my body I feel better I’d noticed that I have more energy we look at the whole you so here’s another tidbit of information this is like this is why I like to represent these guys because they they do exactly what I would do as your personal health coach and I want to take a look at your whole person not just one component so these guys take a holistic approach they have truly actionable results it starts with your comprehensive science backed testing your DNA is just a beginning your blood unlocks the story the main part of the story and then your lifestyle and your goals complete the picture okay because we are each born with the you can’t even talk right unique genetic blueprint and these guys like I said earlier they partnered with CLIA sort of app which analyzes those nutrition related genetic markers they these markers lay the foundation for your results this is why what I mean by taking the guesswork out of your equation okay your unique metabolic challenge gives key insights into how your body handles fats carbs and proteins through through a timed sequence set of steps of tests I should say your body metrics lifestyle diamond dietary preferences physical activity and goals will complete the picture of you and the results that you want to achieve okay and then there’s that so here’s a couple of you know other outlets that they’ve been featured in their commitment here’s another part of why I like to do business with people like this habit is committed to bringing you the most up-to-date science-based recommendations as the science evolves so will your results and your nutrition plan we’re committed to an ongoing relationship with you so you always know how to feed the best version of you so I’m hoping that that makes sense to you guys because here’s the deal guys I’m here to put you in the best position possible I’m not only partnered with people like our companies like this but I also have a online store for you know my fitness minded athletes who are looking for only the best quality highest quality you know main brand products we got it all here guys and I just want to make sure that you know about this so if you fit the bill with you know being frustrated with your weight loss maybe you’re your partner is you just want to guidance from somebody that cares more than the average beer well then I’d like to throw both my hands up and let you know that I’m here to serve I don’t chase though I do serve but I don’t chase and I’m more of an enabler I’m sorry I’m more of an in power rather than an enabler so if you’re looking to be for someone to do the work for you I’m not the one if you’re looking for someone who can go along with you during this journey as you you know help yourself I’m all for it because I’ve done it that way and I I feel much better as a result so I’m very confident and what I’m doing for you and like I said I’m just here to put you in the best position to succeed all right if there are any question if there aren’t any questions I want to prepare to land this plane because like I said I wanted to at least give you the information and let you know what solutions are out there let’s see if this 30-second commercial plays standby there are fan diets out there that tell you to cut out all carbs when it comes to choosing foods at the grocery store or deciding what I’m going to order at a restaurant this program gives me confidence that I’m making the right choices it’s really more than a diet or a program it’s a wellness shift in my lifestyle okay I’m not sure if you heard that but that’s one actual habit customer talking about her experience and you know there’s a lot of conflicting information out there so if you guys want to take this conversation deeper you maybe you want more maybe you want a little more of a personal touch you know I am here to help with that too I have my own set of services but this is a resource that I particularly like I’m confident in you know helping other people help themselves navigate the confusing world of nutrition health and wellness okay so you know where I’m gonna be you can I’m always an email text or phone call away but yeah this is this is what I’m representing tonight so let me know if you have any questions about to end the live session but I’m always here just send me a private message and we’ll go from there okay guys Thank You Glen Thank You Lynn and thank you Mary thanks for saying hi Mary let me know if there’s any other topics you’d like me to cover and that will you know get this train going to tea all right guys thanks for watching and I’ll see you next time bye bye


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