Guided Meditation for GROUNDING with Binaural Beats (432 Hz)

Guided Meditation for GROUNDING with Binaural Beats (432 Hz)

Gaia Meditation. Master your mind, master your life. Being grounded is the practice of enjoying
a harmonious connection to the calming, supportive earth energy that we all have access to. Once we have connected to the powerful energy
of Mother Earth, we experience a sense of well-being and strength in the body, confidence
in the soul, divine connection in the spirit and focus in the mind. Grounding is the process of bringing your
awareness into balance with your body in the present moment, it is also the process of
centering oneself. This meditation should be done in the seated
position with feet firmly positioned on the ground. Make sure you are comfortable and relaxed,
you are in a private space where you will not be interrupted, and as you make yourself
comfortable in your seat you feel calm
and relaxed and look forward to feeling strong, centered and supported in all that you do,
following your meditation. So let’s begin. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Take a deep breath in and hold for a count
of four. Now release. And again breathe in deeply.
and release the breath Now as you sit here feeling relaxed and peaceful
you are mindful of the positioning of your feet on the floor and as you continue to sit comfortably you
push your feet deep into the ground and as you do so, you begin to sense stability
and security, as you know you are about to reconnect with Mother Earth. now let your body settle down into a really
comfortable position allow yourself to relax and let go let go of any worries and concerns for the
next few minutes no one is going to demand anything from you no one is going to want your attention this is now your time Take a long, deep breath exhale slowly and as you continue to breathe normally just become aware of the rhythm of your breathing. and now notice how your feet are becoming
heavy notice how your feet feel planted firmly into
the ground Now bring your thoughts to wonderful loving
and giving Mother Earth Mother Earth who nurtures and nourishes all
things Mother Earth who supports and protects while
providing all that every living thing needs to thrive and flourish and as you focus on the wonder that is Mother
Earth, picture the centre of the Earth, deep below the soil and rock, deep at the core, right at the centre of the planet there is
a ball of light, a strong powerful gleaming ball of light, so strong, so powerful and
so vibrant and as you picture this intensely shining,
ball of light, you sense the light beginning to radiate outwards in all directions, in
a powerful determined fashion you sense the rays of light coming up through
the many layers of the planet, to connect with you, connecting with the soles of your feet and as you feel the light connect with you you immediately sense support, encouragement
and love, you immediately feel the protectiveness of Mother Earth, almost like a big warm comforting
hug, you feel calm and peaceful as you are receiving
the love, the light, and the energy of Mother Earth right now and as you feel the light pushing up through
your feet, your knees, your legs all the way through your body up and out towards Source,
you begin to feel the rhythm, the pulse, the heartbeat of Mother Earth, pounding in every
part of your being That’s right as you re-connect with Mother
Earth you feel the energy pulsating through every part of your body,
providing you with a sense of love, strength and support and as you begin to align yourself with the
rhythm of the Earth, aligning your breath, heartbeat and
pulse in perfect harmony, effortlessly connecting, you feel fully grounded, you feel stabilized,
centered and supported by the connected energy flowing
through you directly from the center of Mother Earth you trust the process, you trust life, you
trust yourself, you feel a part of life, a part of it all, in everything you do, in each
and every circumstance and as you continue to feel connected to the
centre of the Earth,… as you continue to push your feet firmly into the ground,…
you sense the light pushing up from the centre of Mother Earth to be strong and almost solid,
as if you were to be standing on two solid pillars of light, and these two pillars of light remain connected
to the soles of your feet these two solid pillars of light are keeping
you grounded and connected with Mother Earth You feel supported on the solid pillars of
light and you know for sure that you are one with the planet, that you are one with Source
and that you are powerful in your connection with Mother Earth right now and you know that these solid pillars of light
will provide you with all you need these pillars of light that keep you connected
with Mother Earth, will guide and support you as you get on with your day and as you prepare to come out of this meditation
and move on through your day you know for sure that you will remain grounded
and connected with Mother Earth, as you move through your life you will remain connected to the supportive
planetary energy of our wonderful and great Mother
Earth whatever happens next, you know for sure you
are supported and connected to the powerful nurturing energy of Mother Earth now as you go on with your day knowing you
are one with Mother Earth, you know that whenever you desire support, energy and love, you can
re-connect with Mother Earth by simply thinking about her. Listen to this meditation on a daily basis
to experience profound benefits. The more you listen to it, the more you will
feel your connection increase and become more and more powerful. You will become grounded immediately and connected
to the supportive loving energy of Mother Earth Remember… You are one with Source and supported in all
that you do… Namasté


  1. πŸ’‘ What do you think about this guided meditation ? Please let us know ! πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

  2. So what i needed!! Thank you so much!! It was a Beautiful grounding meditation!! Namaste πŸ™πŸ»

  3. Very good video I have been doing various meditations with the different binaural beats,,I’ve had a lifetime of duress and stress and I find I get short of breath or as if I can not get enough air down into my lungs, which further frustrates me, but lately I’ve able to take deep breaths and a sense of satisfaction with the amount air getting into my lungs…

  4. I am new ib thism but i scared once because walking to my office i saw a open bridge or door green before me, i thought i was dismayed, but my body and mind say not‘‘‘
    then i ask myself, what happedn? it have some explanation?it happene twice at this time

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