Guided Meditation for Clearing Negativity,  Clear Internal Shadows, Raise Your Intuition

Guided Meditation for Clearing Negativity, Clear Internal Shadows, Raise Your Intuition

welcome to becoming a better you by skeed
welcome to this guided meditation on clearing negativity clearing negative
energies clearing your shadows your internal demons as it were before we start I want you to think
about all the negative emotions that you feel hold you back all the negative energies that you want
to clear from within yourself give these energies images they can be
as abstract a color a shape anything you wish to you okay let us begin this meditation will take repeated
sessions to do don’t think after one session it does take time I would
recommend you listen to it to at least 30 times over 30 days if not longer I
hope you’re comfortable I would recommend lying down for this meditation
but you can also do it sitting comfortably as long as your spine is
supported so your organs are not compressed
okay close your eyes take a deep breath in fill your
diaphragm your ribs your lungs hold it for a second and out become aware of
where you are breathe in and out become aware of your
dresses you have right now breathe in and as you breathe out let
all those stresses go breathing become aware of your body and the stresses in
your body and as you breathe out let them go breathe in and now let your breath come to a
relaxed slow regular breath imagine you are on a beach there’s a
gentle cool wind the sun is shining there are very small waves breaking on
the sand crystal-clear water bright blue sky soft sand beneath you you are relaxed feel the gentle breeze
on your skin hear those waves gently breaking on the shore see the crystal-clear water the nice cool sand feel your body
relaxing on the beach there’s no one in sight you’re all by yourself if calm and relaxed know as we are here
bring all your sensations to the toes of your feet now move that sensation to your feet and
as you do your toes disappear move the feeling up to your ankles and become aware your feet have
disappeared move the feeling
up your lower lakes slowly towards your knees and as it passes through it
disappears below your ankles disappear below your lower legs are disappearing the sensation is at your knees bring it up to your thighs as your knees
disappear bring it up to your pelvis as your legs disappear bring it into your internal organs as your pelvis disappears up to your
chest up to your shoulders your chest disappears hold that feeling there as
you become aware the same sensation in your fingers and as it moves to your
hands your fingers disappear to your wrists up your forearms to your
elbows arms to your shoulders as all your arms
disappear combined
the powers in your shoulders move it up to your neck as your shoulders disappear move the feeling into your jaw as your
neck disappears your tongue the roof of your mouth your cheeks your ears your
temples the back of your head your brain and your scalp let the sensation float
above you as your head disappears for those of you here why a DD or ADHD I
hope you’ve taken my guided meditation here you know what you have to do now for everyone else you’re in your mind your conscious
thought we’re going to let it go we’re going to walk down a path to a gate and
with every step we take we relax further start to slow gentle walk down the path
to the gate relaxing disappearing soft gentle the
gate is getting closer we’re nearly at the gate so relax so d as we come to the gate it opens walk through and you enter a safe place
the safest place you ever be of a calm relaxed positive energy way
here in this safe place we’re going to create a barrier of
protection so we know totally and funny then nothing we can do can touch us imagine the Sun in front of you a bright
full house you reduce this son down to the size of a
small koi and bring it to your heart gently slowly into your now imagine on your right
a powerful protective being holding two swords and this being we’re going to
cool your Huck and on your left imagine another again
with two swords and we’re going to name this one khalaq these two beings you’re huggin color are
your protectors and they will protect you from anything now focus your
attention on that son the size of a koi in your heart and name it Nets Arielle
Nets Aria and now the Sun is going to start expanding out forming a barrier
around you a protective barrier around you and as
it grows think Ozzie Ozzie you
and let this ball of light the Sun this barrier become as big as it needs to be perhaps it just surrounds you perhaps
it’s as big as the room you’re in perhaps it’s bigger just letting expand
to where it feels natural yeah to mine those images those colors those
shapes of all your negative emotions your negative thoughts the things that
stop you from doing what you want and place them just outside your barrier perhaps they’re inside you when you feel
them that’s fine just lift them out of you place them somewhere just outside
your barrier you and now see them there perhaps now you know you can no longer
feel you can only see them this is fine
because they’re outside your protective barrier so now into one by one you may have only
one you may have ten you may have twenty one by one bring your attention to each
individually focusing on why and whilst it’s outside you protected a
barrier feel acceptance of this negative emotion
send to it the feeling from your heart of acceptance see this for receiving your acceptance and then feel thankfulness insane miss
thankfulness from your heart out to the form thank you for helping me all this time I
have accepted you I thank you for helping me now be at peace and I am
fully protected and I no longer need your services thank you now go once you’ve done this with the first move on to the second accepting them thanking them for their protection and
let them go and keep doing this to all the forms you have however many it may
be and you will see it has you tell them to go off a go off into the abyss you take your time there’s no rush you’re
totally safe totally protected by your barrier you have your two protective
beings at your sides on top of this and just work your way through until you
are finished and when you’re finished just come back keeping these two beings at your sides keeping the protective barrier there you
just feel save a piece full of acceptance full of relief now it’s time to come back I’m going to
count three go back to the place of the gate to and we’re back to the safe place from
before walk through the gate and as you do it’ll close gently behind you walk up
the path or float as you wish up the path back to the beach you once you’re back to the beach stay here
just for a moment take it in I came aware you you you so now I’m going to bring
tenshun back to the here and now back to your body to the room urine say for New Relic full of energy and when you’re ready wiggle your toes
new thing your eyes you slow conscious breaths through your
nerves in and out through your new and welcome
but knowing
misguided meditation is here for you and happy you want to use it use it everyday
for a month or a couple of months or as long as you wish thank you very much for joining me today
in this meditation if you’ve enjoyed it and you know anyone
else who will enjoy please share it thank you and enjoy the rest of your day
the rest of your week the rest of the month
and the rest the


  1. The guided meditations was very good but the music was EXTREMELY distracting. The music is good for a motion sound track but as soon as i was falling in a meditative state, the music would change many dramatic tones and would wake me up. Thank you..

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