GoPro BTS: Filming the Mystic Lake in Japan

GoPro BTS: Filming the Mystic Lake in Japan

Hey your lens cap’s on and you’re filming. There’s a lens cap? Yeah, it’s only at 12 minutes. No it’s not, I just started it. Hey, welcome to the party. We noticed you
had a lens cap on before, but it’s good to have you here GoPro HERO4. We’re in Hokkaido, Japan filming the opening
and closing segments of the Japan snow piece. In the story, the lake is a metaphor for a
search for perfection. We have our athletes, John Jackson and Chris Benchetler. John’s going to guide us in with his flute.
Do you want me to turn around to get that shot of looking out in the abyss? Sure. We’re here, we just got to the ski chalet,
we’re at the lake house. We’re going to shoot a little canoe scene on the lake. We have
Nate operating the slider. We have Abe directing and helping out with the slider. I’m going
to be flying the drone, and we have a nice, snowy storm right now, so it’s pretty perfect
as far as filming conditions go. You guys ready? I’m going to yell action when
you guys should start walking. Action! Alright, we’re getting our slider all set
up here. We’re not going to be slowing this stuff down,
so we’re shooting it in 2.7 4:3 at 30 frames a second. That’s how he does it. Alright, ready? One, two, three. Alley-oop.
Whoa, you have been eating a lot of Seiko Mart donuts. I know. We’re going for a date in the canoe. One, two, hut. One, two, hut. One, two, hut. So we’re going to put the heli in the air,
so just aim yourselves directly away from the shore, and then I’ll tell you when to
start paddling. Hai. We’re going to get the slider on the boat
as well so it’s going to do a nice panning shot from one side of the boat to the other
while they’re paddling out there. Alright, let’s aim it back towards shore. I think we got some beautiful, beautiful shots.
It was difficult because it’s a canoe, and there’s water. I think the shots were worth
it. How was it out there? Did you get a legendary
Instagram? Dude, most artistic photo of the year. I’ll
tag you.


  1. I love watching these behind the scene documentaries. Fun, entertaining and educational. Thanks guys, can't wait for the next upload.

  2. We are hoping to get our GoPro soon 🙂 Just found this channel and subscribed. Didn't think to look for a GoPro tutorial until I accidently ran across you folks.

  3. Badass video! Can you give some more information about your VIDEO and PHOTO SETTINGS?
    What are your ProTune settings? I guess you shot in 2.7k/30, because 4k/30 wasn't available at that time, right?

  4. Shiiiit, those shots, shit, look at that. Awesome footage, wonderful place, nice team and talent. That's why I will keep up with gopro. 😉

  5. After watching this I think it's time to upgrade from my Hero 3 Black to the 4. Check out my edits if you'd like! I appreciate any feedback I can get

  6. any reason why you don't use a housing? I would think that using the waterproof housing would be a lot better than nothing at all, especially since there's snow all over

  7. I had check all behind the adventure series video,but where I can find behind video about "tomorrowland in 4K"?Why you guys have not updated this one?

  8. So if i am shooting in 60 fps and i wanted to slow it down, would i slow it down to 30 fps for maximum smooth slow motion?

  9. I keep seeing people use just the "frame" on gopro's and not the waterproof casing in snow. So is the hero 4's okay to use it in snow like this? With the frame casing. Btw nice video!

  10. I always see people using "the frame" casing in the snow. Are these gopro 4 with the frame on okay to use in the snow like this? seen some people even snow board with them.

  11. gopro can you help me to do a 360 video in India . i have a lot of idea and with your support it can happen in India plz support me

  12. Hey guys, beautiful shots! Why aren't you using the waterproof casing with the Gopro? Since it's snowing and you filming on the water? Aren't you afraid the snow and cold kill the camera? And what drone do you use? Thank you.

  13. quick question, I know it was only a light fall of snow but your GoPro's were not in the waterproof housing and just in the frame mount , can't the water droplets damage the GoPro

  14. Is it okay use the GoPro and the Phantom 2 to fly in the snow? I would like too but I didn't know if it would mess it up

  15. It bugs me that they always use the frame and never a full housing. I'd be too worried about the camera getting messed up

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