GHOST Picks Winning Lottery Numbers! | Visiting MAE NAK Shrine Phra Khanong, Bangkok

GHOST Picks Winning Lottery Numbers! | Visiting MAE NAK Shrine Phra Khanong, Bangkok

Me Nak is one of the most feared ghosts
in the history of Bangkok so how did she gain her own shrine where she is
worshipped by many hi guys thank you for tuning in to Amy’s Crypt I am currently
in Thailand to take you guys to meet Bangkok’s most famous ghost ok guys who
just arrived it’s today’s location which is actually a burial place and a shrine
for our ghosts now we’re going to look around and try and find it because this
place actually has a lot of other temples and shrines here too but we’re
here for the ghostly one alright it looks like this little marketplace is
something so we’re gonna follow that you can find her shrine does not look comfortable okay guys this
looks like it I’ve seen it online and this is the side and creator spank more
just go around okay guys before we go in and meet our very famous ghost of
Bangkok I want to tell you a little bit about her Her name is Mae Nak and she’s
extremely well known here in the city and all throughout Thailand there’s even
been movies and TV shows created about her and her story her story starts about
a hundred years ago she was married to a great man that she loves very very
dearly and soon that couple became pregnant with their first child
unfortunately my next husband was drafted for military service and had to
leave her while he was away in the Army Mae Nak went into labor and there was
complications during her birth and unfortunately she died along with her
baby so here in Thailand a pregnant woman who dies is actually the most
feared and most dangerous type of ghost that there can be and where main a cast
on she wasn’t given a proper burial she should have been but she was buried here
in this area which was actually the area that she lived in basically the story
goes that Mae Nak’s ghost returned and created a great illusion so when her
husband came back from his military service he fought that his house was
still in great condition and his wife and child were living and happy
and he could resume his life this was obviously not the case since he was
living along with a ghost who is quite dangerous supposedly all the villagers
and his friends and close family around him in the community began to attempt to
warn him of this and main that could take these cases into her own hands and
actually killed people to keep her secret
soon enough my ex-husband discovered that she was in fact dead she was a
ghost and he fled to a nearby temple to seek refuge and help eventually a former
Exorcist got involved exhumed Mae Nak’s body and took an oval cut piece of bone
from her forehead he then used this to strike up a deal with my neck saying
that if she was to move on that she would be reunited with her husband her
lover in another life this piece of bone was then put into an amulet where it
could be kept safe and used to prevent her from returning apparently now that
is in the possession of the royal family where we are today is actually where a
lot of this story has taken place in the waterways of Bangkok Thailand this is
where my neck and husband supposedly lived this is also where Mae Nak’s body
is supposed to be buried today it’s been turned into a shrine where people can
come and pay the respects and worship and pray to the ghost of Mae Nak it’s
very interesting and it is a popular place there are a lot of people here
coming to visit what is unique and odd about the place
is there a lot of paintings of Mae Nak there’s a massive sculpture of her
people are giving offerings not only to her but her small child so when I take
you in very soon you guys see toys you guys gonna see candles
instantly gonna see full beautiful dresses that have been left here for Mae
Nak you’re gonna see all sorts of offerings now what Mae Nak gives in
return is supposedly she’s known for picking out winning lottery numbers so
there are a couple of jars where you can reach in and pick out a ball with a
number on it a lot of young men who are being drafted for military service
supposedly also come here and pray two main acts oh that the service goes well
the only exception here where people are warned to stay away is expectant mothers
so it’s very interesting place and I do wonder if who goes still lingers here
all right guys just behind me is the Mae Nak Shrine and we’re not allowed to
use the video camera in there we will be filming about only allowed on our mobile
phones for some reason but I just wanted to show you the things that I’ve been
given to offer to the ghost of Mae Nak so we’ve got these are like I think
these are incense sticks and I have a small candle in this little piece of
paper I have a tiny bit of gold leaf and then I have these flower things here
to give as well so we’re going to go in but any footage we take in there’s
you’re only allowed to use your mobile phone you’re written in Thai so I don’t
go down 24 the gold is to actually put on the
statue we have all and we have a full dress of
dresses as a child the TV’s also constantly kept on in here for her you sloppy so just come out the back of the main
acts right near the waterway where apparently her and a husband actually
lived and there’s a tradition here where people buy animals such as fish toads
eels of birds from the street vendors surrounding the shrine and then release
them into the water here and we have just witnessed that we’ve seen people
letting them go into the water that’s not something that we’re going to
participate in I read online that it’s as soon as they release the animals that
they don’t fare very well in this water because of pollution or it’s not the
right environment for them and they swim off but they died shortly after I don’t
know the truth behind that or exactly why this is something that people do but
I thought it was worth showing you guys and documenting this that’s so nice and
fish in here actually can you see them they all make fun of a bunch of so many
pigeons freaking me out they’ve this is I don’t want to touch anything and
they’re freaking me out good oh look this one right here turn
turn turn looking right at me as though yeah
there’s massive fish in here so they found all this bread out for I guess the
fish and the birds they seem to be feeding feeding them all I just realized
I dunno why they get these fish or other animals and set them free here we we
were just looking at them selling them in all the buckets and this lady gave me
a menu and it’s you know they have different fish for each month that you
were born and getting them and releasing them offers you different
good luck properties you know you might get money good fortune or you know
better love life and things like that so you can buy different animals and set
them free to prosper in different ways I guess oh my gosh there’s any one way out
and the exit step them after you now I’m not going
down there come on I got a guy no no no just go go first
you might scare them off of it and then I’ll go behind you thank you guys so much for watching I
hope they enjoyed this quick little ghost story today if you did please
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  2. Hi Amy and Jarrod , love your videos and there is a movie called nang nak on this place which goes by the same story you shared with us and there is a spoof of it called Pee Mak which is very hilarious and funny maybe I thought u may like the spoof of the movie having been there , give it a try when you got time . Stay spooky 😀

  3. Amy…. I love the video. Please believe this. But that wasn’t how you light the incense sticks baby. 😂. It’s okay, you got it done. You really need to work on the bird issue dear. I would hate to see you locked in a shrine because you couldn’t escape due to the evil pigeons blocking your path. Breathe, relax, they are harmless animals. MLLHR!

  4. Amy/Jarrod, an article published by an unknown source on July 11, 1906, in Sydney a woman named Emily Gengeson was reportedly hit by a train and killed along the railway line at Macquarie Fields station. There's not much written about this ghost bt credible witness's have claimed to hear Emily's cries and sees a transparent figure with bloodied clothing, it's believed that every night when the last train goes through Maquaries Fields Station, you can APPARENTLY hear her cries. I believe even dead ppl are still human with feelings, I understood if she died traumatically than she's sad and angry not ready to die so is stuck, if there is a ghost there and I believe there is, I hope some day Emily moves on and finds the peace she so dearly deserves 😞

  5. Greeting's , I was immediately reminded of the llorona stories of a woman haunting a waterway, Thank you for the interesting story. Be well and be safe.

  6. Great video. I love learning about the different cultures and different ghost stories and how it impacts the locals.

  7. Aw man, I'm in Udon, Thani in Thailand. I wished that you could come and head to the floating island in Udon, Thani. There is a passage that is believed to be the sacred world of the Naga, but it is blocked by glass.

  8. Thanks for this vedio amy.,
    actually I watched the movie 4 years ago.,the movies so nice horror,romantic,comedy movie..,Mario Moorer the lead actor name Pee mak..

  9. You are so afraid of birds Amy this women could have considered as saint or god her death is a sad one with the baby in her belly but after she died she came out as spirit and murdered peoples who used to tell the truth about her to her husband really this shrine their traditions everything is different looks same as ancient peoples did thank you I love this video see you next time with a good video and story like this ❤️

  10. Wow I haven't looked at ur sub count in a long time. FINALLY ur getting the views and subs u deserve!!! Congrats 100,000 in no time 🍾🎉🥂🎇 that's amazing, so happy for u& Jarrod all ur hard work is finally paying off👏

  11. Are you ..AMY ..somehow getting over your fear of birds? it looked like it..HA HA!..well done..
    MAE NAK PHRA SHRINE story sounds like a good script for a movie/tv series..

  12. Amy….. totally OK to have a phobia of birds. Of course, birds evolved from a group of meat-eating dinosaurs called theropods which is the same group (sort of) that the T-Rex belongs to. So possibly you have a phobia to the T-Rex as well….. completely understandable.

  13. Hi Amy and Jared!
    I thought this was very brave going in that cramped Temple among those disgusting birds.
    Alfred Hitchcock knew how to terrify people, using normally innocent things like a shy hotel keeper, a neighbor, birds and dizziness, and turning it into something terrible.
    Even the gifts and the cards given to the ghosts are enough to creep me out.
    Thanks for a great video!

  14. well done Amy! One day you just might conquer your fear of birds! Love the video, I love hearing these stories very fascinating! Cheers!

  15. Hai kute angle Amy crypt Mae nak is history you thought is good interesting but they worship and they buelt the temple it was interest ing place look good it open in day time I think so ok kute angle

  16. Her husband knew the fact that she’s a ghost when he saw her reaching down to pick her fallen stuff on the ground from the upper floor.Many feet down below

  17. Her shrine is at “Butre” temple if I got it right.Never been to worship her shrine either.I live in the NE of Thailand .

  18. Did u donate money n stick gold leaves on her statue n pray for her to fulfill ur wishes.Good luck,Amy…Sadhu…🙏🙏🙏🙏

  19. I think theres a movie about this story, i just dont know the title, ive watched it with cousins when im on summer break and visited in their house

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  21. I wonder if you have watched Pee Mak starring Mario Maurer and etc. It was a story about the life of mae nak. It was a bit of comedy and horror.

  22. Lol ok I’m dying to know, how did Amy make it out, those pigeons didn’t look they were gonna move anytime soon!

  23. Woohoo! A ghost shrine is something I never heard of before, with such a myriad of gifts and offerings inside it almost looks like a store. This episode is quite interesting actually, though I would've liked to see how you got passed all those pigeons. Thank you so much, Amy! Cheers! 🙂

  24. Pigeons and doves dont peck, they are really calm when caught and held. Bird mites are not nice, so I would steer clear as well.

  25. Great documentary! Thailand's culture is filled with myths and legends and that's what fascinates tourists to visit them. 🙂

  26. Hi Amy and Jarrod Oh no not birds NOOOOOOOOOOOO lol. Great story it was a bit sad how she never had a proper burial. Like I have said before it's sad that people believe ghosts come back evil. I think if one of your family come back as a ghost I would hope they would come back to look over and protect you. My mum said she used to feel the presents of my dad after he past especially on birthdays and special occasions.🦆🐓🦅🦃🕊🦢🦜🦩🦉🐦🐤🐥🦇👻

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  32. Well if there was a lottery on this channel the numbers would come up winners every time:) This ghost story had such an intriguing twist! I am not sure how I feel about those animals being tossed in the water though. You were quite brave being near all those freaking pigeons (eeek) ..that's for damn sure!!

  33. I heard the name "Mae Nak" but I didn't know about her story.

    She's similar to Malaysia's Pontianak & phillipines's Mananangal…. Basically a lady who died in childbirth & comes back to haunt the living.

  34. Awesome footage and history! Yeah there are movies about it on Netflix re Mae Nak's story. Something about "pontianak" or something. Thanks, Amy!

  35. I am so sorry that you are afraid of birds. Birds are such lovely, delicate creatures and yet hardy survivors as well.
    I hope you and Jared are safe and I hope for a remedy for the terrible fires!

  36. Finally something army's scared of… Animal's… Stinky one's.. You go jarrid.. Now you no what to do on your adventures.. She pulls out a ghost.. You pull out a 🐦 Luv ya guys.. Good luck.

  37. Great video Amy cool history interesting story I think the birds just following you now mate hope your both good look forward to seeing next video remember Amy STAY SPOOKY all the best seth 🖤🇬🇧🤘

  38. Always first-rate content! Do you get a chance to fully enjoy the places you visit or are you constantly rushing through?

  39. Hi Amy! This Mae Nak story is very fascinating! Great job telling the story! Thank you for sharing!👍😁

  40. Reminds me of the million crybaby bridges of the United States.. Basic same idea tragic death of child and mother and is haunted.. Also Llorona myth.. find it very strange this similar myth is across so many cultures.. Much like the lady in white ghost is across the globe.. which has led me to believe these entities are not ghosts but a particular type of demon.

  41. Well pigeons to that then lol Nice place you went to Amy, and it seems a lovely temple too. Goo on you first, you know you just want to throw bread to the pidgies…lol haar haar xx

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