GHOST HUNTERS: The Agents of P.I.S.S. Prove Ghosts Exist … And They’re Sexy – A Dinky Doc

GHOST HUNTERS: The Agents of P.I.S.S. Prove Ghosts Exist … And They’re Sexy – A Dinky Doc

Yeah! Yeah! Oh my god! Hi, I’m Kat. And I’m Larry. And we are the Paranormal Investigators of Sexual Spirits P.I.S.S. for short. And we aren’t just normal ghost hunters, we only hunt for erotic and sexual apparitions. We hunt sexy ghosts! We hunt sexy ghosts. Barbara Bush, Brittney Murphy, Winston Churchill, oh you liked him, honey. Yeah he was good. Welcome to our workshop! We make all of our own equipment, we couldn’t just use regular ghost hunting equipment. We have spent years developing and creating the most high-tech,
state-of-the-art erotic ghostly hunting equipment right here. This right here is the
the feeler and lifter of otherworldly breasts. Or the FLOOBY, as we like to call it. These hands measure the weight, jiggle, and cup size of the spirit. And this guy right here, this is the girth and ghostly goo emission reader. GAGGER for short. And uh, he can measure the size, circumference, girth, and flaccidity of the phantom. [machine whirs] And let’s step over here. This right here is the phantom undulator
of spectral spirit yums. We place all the bodily fluids of the spirits into this machine and use it for… personal reasons. You’re gonna get a first-hand look into
one of our P.I.S.S. sexual ghost explorations! Now this house that we’re
about to explore it’s built on top of a mass grave and then it’s been abandoned
since 1800s when it was used as an insane asylum before that it was used as
a hospital for deathly ill children so some people say it’s the most haunted
place on earth! But we’re not scared of nothing! Let’s go check it out. It’s locked. It is locked so we will be exploring the garage. Oh there’s definitely a ghost in here
you can smell the [sniffs] musk! Oh I mean you can just feel the
paranormal sexual energy just radiating off of those little little children. Oh! Woah! There’s a ghost in here! Woah! Let’s check it out! P.I.S.S. never backs down! Never! Oh my god! Oh my god! That’s a dead hobo! Ahhhhhhhhh! Oh dear god! He’s dead! Abort! Abort! [yells, crying] Oh god! There’s no God. [crying] That ain’t right! [crying] Shut it off! Shut it off! Leave her alone! Go home! Loser! We’re done!!


  1. Just listening to this its sounds like Jodi Foster has went off the deep end. Like an anti Gwyneth Paltrow sort of crazy. The throw up was very sexy would ghost hunt again.

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