Getting 😧Mixed Signals😧 From A Woman

Getting 😧Mixed Signals😧 From A Woman

Are you getting mixed signals from a woman? • For example, she might say she “likes”
you, but then she never goes on a date with you. • Or she might flirt with you one night
and then treat you badly the next night. • Or how about this: She says she wants
to date a guy like you… but she doesn’t want to date YOU. Pretty crazy, huh? Especially that last one. Now, what do these mixed signals mean? And more importantly: What should you do to
move your relationship forward? First of all, here’s what you should know. When a woman sends you mixed signals, it means
she’s TESTING you. Yup, you heard that right. She’s testing you. And here’s where it gets scary. If you want her to get into a relationship
with you, then you MUST pass her tests. And if you DON’T pass her tests, you WILL
lose her. Or she’ll keep stringing you along while
she hooks up with guys who DO pass her tests. Which is probably worse, if you ask me. So let’s steer clear of that trap, shall
we? This video will show you exactly WHY she’s
testing you with her mixed signals. And, more importantly, I’ll also show you
a technique that will “snap” her out of her “testing mode.” and force her to get real
with you. Before we get started, though, take a moment
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the little-known REASON why the women in your life are testing you. After that, everything will be CRYSTAL CLEAR
to you. Ready to figure things out? Then click the “Like” button now. I’ll wait here until you do. Done? Great. So here’s why a woman would “test” you. First of all, it’s not personal. Most women “test” the men in their lives
on INSTINCT. In other words – they do it BY NATURE. They can’t help it. That’s because this “testing” is something
Mother Nature has hard-wired into them. It’s their socio-biological way to know
whether or not you’re a guy they’d spend their life with. And that’s a big deal for them, by the way. Depending on who a woman chooses to hook up
with, her next few years or decades will be awesome, or horrible, or so-so. And so, she tests you. She wants to see if you’re a strong, dominant
guy. And that’s really where the line is drawn. A strong, dominant man would be smart and
savvy enough to pass her tests with flying colors. Meanwhile, a weak, compliant guy would just
get baffled by her mixed signals. See how the test is given? So at this point, the solution seems to be
simple. You might think, “Oh, okay. So that means I just have to pass her tests,
and she’ll become my girlfriend, right?” Actually, it’s not that simple… Here’s the problem: Different women give
different tests. • For example, for some women, a guy can
“pass” her tests by giving her what she wants. • Meanwhile, for other women, a man will
only “pass” her tests if he does the complete OPPOSITE of what she tells him. • And to make matters even more confusing,
some women will only fall in love with men who do a combination of the above. So if you feel like she’s giving you a test
you can’t pass, you’re probably right! Yet again, it’s not the ladies’ fault. They give different tests because they each
have different expectations for their relationship. It should tell you one thing, though – that
if you try to “pass” her tests, you’ll be playing a game of luck. And that’s a game you should avoid at all
costs. So what should you do instead? You’re about to find out. I’m about to show you a technique called “Forced
Alignment.” It’s basically the “go-to” method for
when a woman sends you mixed signals. The Forced Alignment technique will snap her
out of her “testing mode.” It’ll make her reveal her true feelings for
you. No B.S. this time. Now, before I tell you all about the Forced
Alignment technique, I want you to do something for me. Take a moment to click “Subscribe” below. After you subscribe to this channel, you’ll
learn how to use the Forced Alignment technique. And with it, women will stop confusing you
with their mixed signals. And instead, they’ll come clean on what
the real deal is. Sounds good? Then click “Subscribe” now. I’ll wait right here. Are you done subscribing? If so, awesome. Now let me show you the Forced Alignment technique. This technique was developed by the Mind Control
dating coach, Derek Rake. And in case you haven’t heard of him, believe
me when I say this: Derek is NOT a pickup artist guru. In fact, Derek HATES pickup culture. It’s one of the main reasons he became the
world’s first and only Mind Control dating coach. He wants men to replace pseudoscience with
REAL science when it comes to dealing with women. And one of his proprietary techniques happens
to be the Forced Alignment technique. Here’s how it works… Forced Alignment forces her to align her words
and actions with her true intentions. As a result, it forces her to stop sending
mixed signals. And instead, she starts communicating with
you with truth and sincerity. So how does Forced Alignment do that? It does that by exploiting one of the typical
female weaknesses – the fear of loss. And the Forced Alignment technique does that
in two ways: • First, it makes you look TEN TIMES stronger
and more dominant than before. That alone immediately triggers a switch in
her mind, making her wonder if you’re “the one” for her. • And second, it makes her feel like she’s
about to lose you and all the perks she’s getting from you. In one smooth move, the Forced Alignment technique
shocks her into thinking that you might be “the one…”
…and at the same time, it makes her feel like she’s about to lose “the one.” You. And as a result, she’ll stop playing games
and come clean with you. Now, of course, there’s always the possibility
that when she comes clean, she’ll tell you she does NOT want to date you. And while that sounds bad, it’s actually
GOOD for you. Why? Well, because now you won’t waste any time
wondering what she’s up to. Now you know. Now you can move on. If you ask me, that counts as a win. And yet even then, it’s not likely to happen. In fact, it’s more likely she’ll tell
you that she IS fond of you and that she doesn’t want to lose you. That’s an even bigger win. And that’s what the Forced Alignment technique
does. When a woman sends you mixed signals, it puts
you in a position where you win either way. So how exactly do you use the Forced Alignment
technique? There are two parts. First, you add a LOT of value to her life. • For example, you can be someone she can
talk to – a “shoulder she can cry on.” • Or if she’s a career-driven woman and
you know you can help her, you can promise to set her up with a few people in high places. • Or if you have extra money, you can bail
her out of a tiny financial problem and promise to help her again in the future. You get the idea. You got to put your best “husband material”
foot forward. And then, in the second part of Forced Alignment,
you threaten to take it all away. • For example, when she sends you a mixed
signal, you immediately start ignoring her. The next time she needs a “shoulder to cry
on,” you decline. You tell her: “You know, after the way you’ve
been treating me, I don’t know if I want anything to do with you anymore. No offense.” • Or when she asks for that business contact
or credit card payment, you tell her: “After what you did to me? I don’t think I owe you any favors.” See how it works? With the Forced Alignment technique, you tell
her that you do NOT tolerate her mixed signals. If she tries to string you along, you break
free right away. And you stay away until she does something
YOU want. Such as, you know, coming clean. Now, you might be thinking: “That sounds
pretty manipulative.” Well, yeah… because it is. It’s no different from how she’s been
manipulating YOU with her mixed signals. Only she’s manipulating you to exploit you
and string you along. In your case, you’re doing it because you
KNOW you’d be a good lover to her. Which case is nobler? Yours, for sure. No doubt about it. If you can manipulate her to create the best
possible outcome for both of you, should you? Of course, you should. I’d say it’s your DUTY. A man’s duty isn’t just to make the world
a better place. It’s also to make his woman happy. Right? So if you feel the same way, and if you’d
like to fulfil your DUTY… …then you’ll want to listen very carefully
to what I’m about to show you next. In just a moment, a link will come up inside
this video. I want you to click on that link because that
would lead you to a special Online Masterclass on Mind Control. And that Online Masterclass will teach you
the core principle behind Forced Alignment. It’s a technique called “Fractionation.” And it’s yet another technique developed
by Derek Rake, the world’s only Mind Control dating coach. It’ll shock you, though. It’s not just ANY technique. Derek calls Fractionation the most powerful
Mind Control technique out there. It targets not just one, but ALL the known
weaknesses of the female mind at once. The Fractionation principle has given birth
to hundreds of Mind Control techniques. Forced Alignment is one of them. Fractionation is the core principle. It’s the key. If you master Fractionation, you can master
ANY Mind Control technique. And, by extension, you’ll master your interactions
with women, too. So, if you’re tired of getting mixed signals
from a woman… …if you want to stop feeling confused and
frustrated… …and if you want to have TOTAL CONTROL over
your relationships with her… …then this Online Masterclass will change
your life. Guaranteed. Go ahead – click the link and sign up. Do it now. You’ll thank me later.


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