1. Thank-you for sharing your gifts. I really appreciate your in site and it is helping me teach my children to be themselves. ♡

  2. Teal can you please cover the topic on physical and nonphysical world. How much time we can spend with our nonphysical reality so we don't screw up our life. Importance of both the world. My questions are limitless as our realities, but for now please try to help me with it. Thank You 😊

  3. This is great! People don't truly realize how important meditation is for us humans. Ever since I started meditating I have more energy and I just feel a vibrancy that I was lacking before. I won't miss this.

  4. It's a shame it's on the same day as the big Deepak Chopra peace meditation.  It would be good if the times didn't clash.  It's also International Day of Peace on Sept 21st.

  5. Hi Teal, you have great videos. Very inspiring.
    I have a question about meditation, I've looked into meditation and seen online that you could pick up negative entities. Also with opening the third eye?

  6. Ok, I'm confused, or just stupid, but I need help.
    By my calculation the countdown on this site is wrong ( http:/ /www jointeallive com/ ). Now it says that the event starts in aproximately 17h but I think it's more like 31h.
    I live in Europe and by this calculation here should be 4a.m. when the meditation starts what is impossible because that would mean that in USA it would start at saturday somewhere in the evening BECAUSE the day in Europe starts earlier than in the west – hence the japan is the land of sunrise, and we all know the rotation of the earth (or maybe i'm the only one who doesn't) :DDD Please help cause I don't feel like waking up at 4a.m. only to find out the countdown was wrong :))

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