1. I love this channel becuae it provides scientific research. I also heppen to have Health related channel can I upload this video on my channel? Keep it up. I would appreciate your support and feedback.

  2. Plant-based diet for the win! That's your number one place to start. However, we shouldn't ever discount the benefits of exercise, stress management and social support. These too are VITAL for human resilience and happiness. Thanks for sharing the studies Dr Greger! And thanks to Dr Ornish for a lifetime of ground breaking, life changing research!!!

  3. this is why white people age so fast compared to asians.
    asians eat vegetables regularly.
    the only food whites know are steak and burgers.

  4. Going a little deeper….how do we get "inflammation"? We get inflammation from eating an ACID forming non species appropriate diet containing TOO MUCH PROTEIN which in the case of animal products goes along with too much fat. However, too much protein BY ITSELF INCLUDING PLANT PROTIEN causes inflammation. But we will never see an actual scientific study on that because they would be forced to conclude that water rich fruit is the optimal food for humans as it is ALKALINE forming and can not only slow aging, but reverse all disease! How do you like them apples? It is all very simple. The cures are in the right food and PROTEIN is not one of them.

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  6. But does this mean that burning body fat (fasting) is dangerous to leukocyte telomeres? Does prolonged fasting trigger leukemia? Body fat is saturated fat, after all and you metabolize it, when you loose weight.

    In case saturated fat is just a marker for an oxidative diet: Why is a diet of saturated fat associated with oxidation?

    Either it's the lack of accompanying phytoestrogens or the effect of cooking?

    Anything else? Could be proteins but i imagine that would show in correlation studies, because animal protein does not correlate with animal fat (see lean chicken breast). Animal fat would probably more closely correlate with obesity.

    In Fasting, body fat is burned in the absence of antioxidant phytoestrogens, which may cause oxidative stress.

    What antioxidant would be most supportive of fasting or burning body fat? Vitamin E?

    Why is our bodies' own anti-oxidant (superoxide dismutase?) not capable of handling the stress? Was it not destroyed by salt (the chloride aspect of it)?

    Do overeating people who consume no salt (chloride) age just the same? Do we lack nutrients required to create our own anti-oxidants? Vitamins?

    Is chloride not directly correlated with cancer/chromosome damage? I think some known carcinogens (insecticides, solvents?) involve chlor?

  7. Dr Greger sounds so chilled out in this video. I feel like his telomeres were longer at the end of the video than at the beginning

  8. Lots of studies about the benefits of meditations….and what about the benefits of praying God? why no one do studies about it?

  9. The China Study proved that the main culprit in disease was animal protein.

    Edit>>>The China Study examines the effect of animal protein intake on cancer risk and suggests improving your health by focusing on a plant-based diet. The book is loosely based on a 20-year study conducted with over 6,000 people from 65 rural counties in China. The results from The China Study suggest that cells fed with plant-based proteins are less likely to attract cancer cells, because of a different set of enzymes being present. For those rural areas in China where a low animal protein diet was followed, much less instances of heart disease, diabetes and several forms of cancer occurred, as compared to areas with a high animal protein diet.

    The China Study advocates getting your protein from beans, soy, nuts and lentils and switching your diet to one that’s vegan.

  10. I knew it! I'm a CNA and I definitely felt like it was sucking the life out of me! Glad to have some proof how it negativity affected me! I literally felt that I aged working as a nursing assistant in a dementia unit!

  11. Great video, as always. Have any studies been done to look at the response of telomeres to prescription drugs, especially antidepressants and/or antipsychotics? These drugs seem to be ubiquitous in middle-aged and older women. Wondering if they have a pro-Alzhemier's effect.

  12. Dr. Greger you're fantastic I absolutely love the amount of research you put into every video and greatly appreciate it. First you discover an intriguing study. Second you you question the study in the number of ways in order to ensure that the study's conclusion has no false premise. Then you wait for other studies to come in to answer the questions that you previously asked about the flaws in the first study. Then you come out with the video. And then finally of course the answer inevitably is the plant-based whole food diet love it!!!!!

  13. 3:58 – suggests physical activity helped maintain the telomeres, while 6:32 says it doesn't. Diet does.
    Unless the "aged athletes" also had a diet difference compared to the "aged controls".
    Am I missing something?

  14. Telomore length accounts for only 4% of aging for people over 60.

  15. I think the combining of multiple videos into one video for Flashback Friday is a good idea does not increase the length of the video that much and provides a thorough explanation of the topic being covered I'm all for it

  16. I love love love this. Presented in a balanced way, not using science you slew opinion but presented fairly and in a way that is applicable for our lives.

  17. My vote is for less stress. Stress hormones create cholesterol. Meditation reduces stress. Exercise reduces stress. Healthy diets that decrease inflammation reduce stress(which I'd argue are mostly carbohydrate/sugar/hydrogenated oil related; without eating good fats, we wouldn't have developed our large brains, without meat we'd be chronically deficient in B12 and glutathione (a most important detoxifier) salt is necessary for your heart, especially if you exercise) Play reduces stress. I didn't hear a study on play. Dance and grow younger. https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=102+year+old+dancing&view=detail&mid=DFE38A86AF138EFE1724DFE38A86AF138EFE1724&FORM=VIRE

  18. I was wondering if you could do a video on how much beans and lentils can you eat without blowing out your kidneys. And how well does beans break down in your digestive system knowing they have a shelf life of a 1000 years.

  19. So eat plants, meditate, go for walks and exercise and do the best you can to destress. Sounds like good common sense backed by science.

  20. Hey Michael would you do a reaction/response video to h3h3's recent podcast about veganism with Michael from Vsauce? The channel is "H3 Podcast Highlights"

  21. I already knew about all this old researches haha But he failed to mentioned fish oil study link to longer telomere ✌

  22. Science, Charlie Brown . Science! And you can fu'uck off cuz I'm the one who's here to tell YOU about science!

  23. Off topic, but VegSource is at it again with their seemingly anti Dr.Greger videos… https://youtu.be/viL-O6i2QbM This was released Jan.29, 2019 about eating fats to absorb some nutrients. They are debunking that. They had a previous one with Dr.Greger’s photo plastered on the video screen shot, too. I’ll see how VegSource debunks Dr.Greger…

  24. hi! Tell me, please, is there any research into the rotting of meat in the gut, or is it a myth? I would be grateful if someone would respond and help with the material.

  25. I about had a heart attack, at 0:23 the captions covered the face there and made it look like a big giant grey alien head. CREEEEEPYYYYY

  26. A plant-based diet beginning about 4 months ago changed my life. I have control of my weight and no more crippling osteoarthritis. I have been meditating and consistently exercising now and had previously for many years. I had slowly changed my diet for the better for several years.

  27. how is that some studies recommend healthy fats like butter, point out its related to long lifespan, or keto diet.
    while other like this here, hate butter and non the less fish!
    blue zones are known to consume fish.. omegas where from if not fish?

  28. Meditate on the BIBLE, the Word of God! ☺️☺️☺️☺️ Yoga is a 5,000 yr old religion filled with prayer positions and prayer chants designed to unite with the snake goddess Kundalini, There is only one snake and that is Lucifer 🐍. The 2nd commandment states: ‘Thou shalt not have strange gods before Me.’

  29. Next do a video on: vegans who intermittent fast, vegans who don’t intermittent fast, and omnivores who intermittent fast, is there a difference in telomere length/ authophagy etc

  30. many it is true that animals products for us are unhealthy. Maby we are not omnivores we are plantbased eater.

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