Feeling Lonely? | Overcoming Loneliness | Sadhguru

Feeling Lonely? | Overcoming Loneliness | Sadhguru

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This Audio can Enlighten You! See, I want you to understand this the more lonely you feel the more depressed you feel the more the need for having company, isn’t it? Yes? the more joyful you become the more exuberant you become the less and less you need company so when you’re alone if you feel lonely that means obviously you’re in bad company if you’re with a good person why would you feel lonely? you’d feel great exclusive isn’t it? So… your exuberance is not manufactured if it is manufactured, yes you need company. Now people’s idea of exuberance is let’s talk, let’s dance, let’s listen to music,
let’s do this… let’s do that… not necessarily you can just sit quietly here,
and be absolutely exuberant. If you’re exuberant by your own nature if the life has become exuberant activity is just a consequence but if your life is not exuberant you’re trying to crank it up with activity then activity is the means this is a big difference either you dance and arrive at a certain state of exuberance or because you are exuberant
and you cannot contain it… you dance… these are two different things either because you’re happy you burst out into laughter or somebody told you everyday in the morning if you laugh, and laugh, and laugh,
one day you will become happy. these are two different ways tell me which way does life work? look at everything around you which way is it working is it because there are flowers the plant and the root came up like a support to the flower Is that so? because there’s a beautiful flower this plant and it’s root grew so that it can have a nice pedestal is that so? this is so with this one
because this is manufactured because this is a microphone and they didn’t want to trouble me then they manufactured a stand a stem to it is that the way this one happened because the exuberance in the stem
could not be contained it flowered, isn’t it? this is the way life should happen if you try to do the other way then it’s going to be a very hard life! The hardest life in the world is to be constantly… putting yourself out into the world like you are joyful when you’re not that is the hardest thing to do in life isn’t it so? when you’re not happy to show everybody that you’re happy it costs phenomenal amount of life, isn’t it? have you noticed this? some people are there when they’re
happy, they’re happy, when they’re not happy, they’re not happy they just show it to everybody the whole world knows their thing their active life everybody knows some people manage… all the time but it takes phenomenal amount of
energy to keep it up like that you will grow diseases in
your body I’m telling you you’ll grow you’ll grow lumps and tumors in your body if you try to constantly put on an act this is happening all over the world actually if you’re willing to be a subject I can demonstrate it to you within a few hours I can make you grow a tumor really I’m not joking if you make your mind in a certain way you will do that only saving grace for you is you never do anything steadily you’re
off and on… off and on… off and on… Your joy is off and on
your misery is off and on never on if you become utterly miserable you will see the consequence of it if you become utterly joyful,
you will see the consequence of it if you become utterly angry you
will see the consequence of it you don’t see the consequence of anything because you’re always off
and on off and on off and on people ask me Sadhguru what kind of attitude and emotion I said damn
thing any damn thing is okay you want to be angry be angry twenty four hours non-stop you’ll get realized I’m not joking. would you like love? be loving twenty four hours you’ll get realized you want to be depressed depression no, that’s not an attitude, that’s a pathological problem it’ll make you sink elsewhere anything else just keep it on for twenty four hours you will come to a certain realization but nothing is there we were also singing that Jeevan-Mukti (Liberation in life)
that’s all it takes you keep changing the direction
and the course of your journey how will you go anywhere
you’ll end up in circles which way you want to go I’m not
deciding to go wherever you want to go but steady Not every day altering it…
altering it… altering it. everything every… cell every atom in the existence
can be a doorway to the beyond if you go steadily at it the problem is people keep shifting…
and shifting… and shifting… and that’s the biggest problem with
today’s world like never before people think it’s a virtue for them to say our attention spans are very short they think they’re progressed they can’t listen to anything,
they can’t do anything the whole discussion is about the future media what is… you know in India a cinema means four and
a half hours at one time they cut it down to three hours now most of the western
films are ninety minutes now because people want to watch movies, you know what will
happen in a year’s time or so movies will come on your cell phone obviously you can’t do this for one and a half hours so movies stories are being told in three to ten minutes a ten minute movie cinemas over the same nonsense you could have done it in ten minutes so why
were you wasting our time for three hours. but that’s how it is that’s the whole thing now you can watch every cinema in the
world because it’s only three minutes the real long ones are four and a half minutes and they’re telling the whole story in a thirty second advertisement, aren’t they? just like that you wanna watch a cinema? so what will it do with the commercials then if one minute, two minutes
becomes a full-length movie what to do with the commercial I hope they disappear. The difference between you and an earthworm which is right here beneath you right now, is just that you can remember almost your entire life and using that information, you can project and create what you consider as future. What you and… almost every human being is suffering is, what is causing pain to them, what is their misery,
what is their suffering is just this, these two fundamental faculties which set you apart from
every other creature. These two faculties are
of “Memory and Imagination”. So, when you say “Something from the past comes and grabs me and I suffer.” Past is not suffering. You cannot suffer the past
because it does not exist. Nobody can suffer that
which does not exist. What you’re suffering is, your faculty of memory. What happened ten years ago you can suffer, what may happen day after
tomorrow you can already suffer! This means… This does not mean that you’re
suffering an yesterday or a tomorrow… that’s out of question. What you’re suffering is your
memory and your imagination. If we take away half your brain, I think you’ll do quite fine. What you’re asking for is an evolutionary downgrade. If I made you at least a
monkey if not an earthworm, you would be quite happy kich,
kich, kich, kich, kich… Today you got the mango, yesterday what happened you’re not bothered. So, essentially you’re asking
for an evolutionary downgrade. Tell me how much we need to turn you back, accordingly that much of your
brain we’ll have removed, we have doctors in the ashram, you know? If we downgrade you in an evolutionary scale,
you can’t remember what happened yesterday, you have no bother about tomorrow because you can’t imagine what is tomorrow. Maybe you will be quite
peaceful and happy. But what’s the point? You have definitely removed a problem but you have removed all possibilities that’s a crime. Isn’t it a crime? You took away all possibilities,
that’s a crime, isn’t it? So, this is all human beings are suffering, they’re suffering their memory, they’re suffering their imagination, nothing else. You heard the ghost story? Tch, you must have, hmm? Yes. So, don’t fight with your own ghosts because they’re your ghosts.
At least enjoy the horror movie. These are all ghosts made up in your
mind, at least learn to enjoy them. When you remember something melancholic, feel like a Shakespeare, that you’re writing a tragic drama, enjoy it. We have enjoyed Shakespeare,
haven’t we (Laughter)? Not everything is good about it, nothing
good happened to anybody there (Laughter). “Oh! Sadhguru that was somebody else,
I enjoyed it so much. This is me”! (Laughter) That is why yoga, so that you don’t know which is
me and which is somebody else. Tch, union means just that… you don’t know which is me and
which is somebody (Applause).


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  2. The last part of Sathguru's speech points out clearly why one suffers & also how to come out of it.Namaskaram& thanks Sathguru.

  3. O my God you know what is my problem really today I can't giving dinner my husband I loudly speaking her 👂…and kichan utensil.o I am crying all time 😫 😭 life.

  4. some of us are depressed & lonely due to being far too physically unattractive to be able to experience intimate relationships so are destined to be single, alone & unwanted despite whatever else we may have going for us. there is only so much failure & rejection that one can take before they come to understand that we are simply not good enough due to factors entirely beyond our control.

  5. Sped it up to follow the trains of thought without losing track of the points he made and concluded two things. 1. He shared some common sense. 2. He mostly said nothing at all with any substance whatsoever. I think he just sounds wise to people who don’t think about what he is actually saying. It’s Psycobabble.

  6. Memory & Imagination….

    These thing's have caused me years of grief. Now that I know how to recognize them when they come to me, they cannot bother me anymore.
    Thanks for this Truth.

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