Farnsworth House Inn – Paranormal Evidence Review – Paranormal History

Farnsworth House Inn – Paranormal Evidence Review – Paranormal History

hey sweetie mm-hmm you know we are a
paranormal related channel maybe we should do it evidence video yeah I think
they’d like that hello there pear peeps and welcome to another episode of our
haunted travels I am your host Sean Donnelly and I’m your co-host Marianne
Donnelly that’s right we are doing an evidence review video
borås we are talking about some just some of the evidence that we’ve
collected at the Farnsworth House Inn in Gettysburg mm-hmm and the reason why I
say some this is gonna be part one we did the same thing with Hill view
because we have more stuff out there and just haven’t had time to go over all we
have hours upon hours of audio recordings that go through pictures it
tends to happen when we go there multiple times and we’ve been to this
location three different years four different times yeah
and done investigations every time we’ve been there right so we picked out some
of the highlights in the video that we can actually see real quick and we want
to share those with you but before we do that we want to talk about one of the
most interesting paranormal experiences we have had to date and that happened in
the Sweeney room I show you some pictures right now we stayed in this
Sweeney room in 2013 right and then just this past summer we were there as part
of the paranormal investigation that was going on and one of the rooms that we
went in to investigate was the Sweeney room mm-hmm and I can’t remember how
many people were with us there are like and or so yeah there were so many people
yeah there were so many people we couldn’t get all the way into the room
so we were kind of like standing out in the hallway what well the way the room
is set up you have the main part of the room then you have like this little tiny
mini hall that connects to the bathroom and then there’s the door to the real
hallway so it wasn’t like we were in the rip in the real hallway we’re in the
like bedroom bathroom connection hallway yeah we were in the hallway leading out
to the main door but I think you were pretty close to the opening of the
bathroom were you not so we were standing right there and during the
investigation all of a sudden the shower come on by itself in the bathroom sure
did now a lot of people in the group and I
looked this up and the two old older plumbing will do that it will come on
okay but you know basically if the seals are in pressure and that kind of thing
but it won’t shut off by itself yeah please stay on and stay running
right plus we went and I took a shower in that shower but we also went ahead
when it shut off then we went in the bathroom and we checked in there was
there was legitimately water there so was Charlotte Sound and the handles you
actually physically have to turn them throughout like when they were tight
yeah it wasn’t like it was wiggly wobbly or anything like that to start with was
very interesting and then I asked because I didn’t go through the the
diaries that were left in a room some of the other people that were there went
wrong I said there anybody read anything about
the shower coming on late at night cuz we were there late right yeah it was
late yeah yeah of course there was several reports that people claim that
that shower come on and went off by itself in the middle of the night right
now when we stayed in the room it did not happen no we were only there than
one night I do feel it would happen more regularly if you stayed there a couple
of nights when they entities kind of get used to you being in the room I think
that’s helpful but the farnsworth is is like one of those look
I don’t like the same as Hillview where they have to kind of get used to you in
order to communicate yeah you know and in fact this these first two videos that
I’m going to share with you are from the basement when we were down there
investigating and you’re gonna see in his first video it took some time to
start getting some activity and we were talking to entities and we were getting
some interesting k2 information this first one is from 2015 where we set the
k2 meter off in the distance and we were asking some questions and was getting
some response on the k2 meter so go ahead and watch this here jam are you a soldier yes are you male are you a female all right so this past summer we were
down in the basement again and it took some time again to start getting some
responses this is not the exact same location where that k2 was but if it’s
in that room mm-hmm and go ahead and watch this video and see some of the
responses and notice the temperature changes – the door was shut we’re down
in the basement no breezes why is the temperature
changing there’s something swirling around down there so go ahead and watch
this we’ll be right back welcome talk about Walter again that I knew it was would you like to say hi to any of the
ladies here to see me and then we do like if they are too and of course this point towards me hello Walter okay this next video that I want to talk
about was from 2015 and you can’t get to this area anymore oh then this I know
what this one is gonna be and I’m so disappointed that I can’t get there now
– yeah they now have it blocked off so this is in the Attic the garret in this
window we’re marrying she crawled back in there was sitting next to the window
this is the one no that they believe they fired the shot towards the house
from this window and Marianne was back there doing an EVP session and we caught
something on video and actually Marianne heard this and then questioned what was
going on right and usually I’m not one of those sensitive people who can hear
things like I have to listen back to the recorders and say oh well that’s weird I
didn’t happen then but I actually did hear at that time yeah so go ahead and
watch this now some people say well there’s
probably a baby staying there or something from outside this was late
into the night and there was no children staying in the farnsworth house the
farmer house is really not a family-oriented bed-and-breakfast
because it’s a little bit expensive to stay there it’s actually much cheaper to
stay up the street at the 1863 it has a family you know because it’s more of a
adult or older you know you really don’t have a lot of families it’s right in
fact I don’t don’t quote me on this I’d have to look at it up but I don’t think
that they allow children under a certain age to stay there I don’t know but
either way there wasn’t a baby no and definitely there wasn’t a baby in
the Attic with me so that’s that’s an interesting find
right there interesting yeah and and I’m so disappointed that I wasn’t able this
year to go back to that they now have that whole like little alcove blocked
off with a plexiglass sheet I can’t get back there at all anymore and it’s so
disappointing because I really wanted to go back there in that section and then
like we got off the stairs we opened the door we went in and I’m like yeah yeah
so I was really disappointed that they did that well we got I’ve been on video
you did an EVP session back there that’s right kind of interested to find the
audio isn’t that – yeah we’re gonna look for that and see what happens it’s just
yeah we have just gotta find it yeah okay so in this last video that we want
to share with you this comes from 2013 when we was staying in the Sweeney room
the very first time we ever stayed in the Farnsworth House and actually it was
pretty much the first time I got you to stay in a haunted bed-and-breakfast mm
second time really what was the first st. hosting in 2010 but we weren’t really into it we
weren’t really doing it that way we didn’t realize that it was haunted
you knew this one was haunted but so we were three years into the paranormal
investigating and that kind of stuff so we we knew what we were doing we’ve been
on investigations by this time so and we had this same experience we haven’t done
the videos and talked about it yet but at the limp limp mansion in st. Louis
and I have a theory about this I put this out before on other videos and
things like that that the k2 meter you’ll notice in this video it was only
on a certain plane it was picking up interference which is very strange
and I’m kind of wondering if that is detecting some sort of vortex same thing
happened at the lip mansion in st. Louis where they know it is a vortex because
they had a psychic out there and you know definitely said that so watch it we
were just laying in bed so watch this it’s just weird what is it on this plane strange I mean I thought maybe okay maybe
something’s wrong when it’s held in that position it’s just right here on the bed with us thank you so some interesting stuff yeah I and
literally when that was happening I got out of the bed I crawled underneath the
bed and I looked to see if there was anything underneath the bed sofa was
there anything that could be causing anything and yeah I was literally
crawling around on the floor that is the room quite interesting stuff anyways
that’s going to wrap up this version I’m sure we’re gonna have more videos about
the Farnsworth health and some evidence want to go over the audio we got
hundreds and hundreds of pictures and things like that so is there anything
else you would like to add to this just that you didn’t mark anything for in the
Eisenhower room but let’s talk about the Eisenhower room okay actually today we
were we were discussing and putting together the bullet points for this and
I completely forgot about the Eisenhower room that we stayed in there and my wife
which is why she’s my partner with this reminded me here’s how anyways gone no
no we didn’t and I’m like yes yes we did and it was the second time we were there
and it was the and he’s like no no and I’m like we have pictures so why don’t
you explain to them why you remember the Eisenhower room well I I remember at the
Eisenhower room because first and foremost you have to like go in the back
door and go up this rickety tiny little staircase to get to it but then when you
when we went in and and my first night in there
that was my oh my gosh I had a paranormal experience and then I woke up
and realized I was dreaming it although some people that I’ve told this story to
have said maybe it wasn’t mm-hmm maybe it really was an experience but I was
laying there in bed we were sleeping and I woke up and I was pinned down I
couldn’t move and there was a ghost above me and I’m like oh my gosh this is
happy this is great and I wanted to wake him up so bad to let him know like so
that he can enjoy the experience too and so like I couldn’t move my arms or
anything but I was able to move my leg so I started to try to move my left leg
to try to nudge you because you were on my left and I tried really hard to do
that and like I woke up crap I dreamt I had a paranormal experience or you may
have but like I said other people have been telling me that I when I tell him
this story they’re like maybe it really wasn’t maybe that you know was an
experience you didn’t just dream it highly
recommend the Farnsworth house yes if you’re into paranormal try to make it
part of your trip yeah when you go to Gettysburg
yeah so I don’t have any actual evidence this is just my personal experience yeah
experiences evidence yeah that’s just my personal experience already folks hey
until next time thanks for watching and happy hunting let us know if you like
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  1. Thanks so very much for sharing this…i really hope you get to go threw the evp's and other evidence that you have and can share more things like that awesome evidence… honestly think you had that experience when you thought you were dreaming…i have a very similar story but different but it is kind of a long one but a lot of of what you said brought me right back to that situation that i went threw my self…

  2. Great video thanks. Sounds like a great place to go. Very interesting things about the house. Keep up the great work see you in the next video thanks again

  3. This is all really interesting. WOW! Enjoyed this very much. Forgetting about a WHOLE room?!?! Weird. (Great sound effects!) . Thank you both!

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