Fake Spiritual Teachers/Gurus and How to Know Difference – Podcast Ep. 6

Fake Spiritual Teachers/Gurus and How to Know Difference – Podcast Ep. 6

[Sadhvi Siddhali Shree] Jai Siddhatma everyone,
this is Sadhvi Siddhali Shree here with my spiritual teacher and guru Acharya Shree Yogeesh
for the sixth episode of Acharya Shree’s podcast. Acharya Shree is a
respected enlightened one who has helped thousands of souls progress on their spiritual path and transform. Thank you for tuning in. Mathen Vandami Acharya Shree. – Jai Siddhatma! – Thank you. – Thank you. [Sadhvi Siddhali Shree] Thank you again for
spending time with me today and all of our listeners so that you can share with
us your enlightened guidance and spiritual teachings that
can really help us advance on our path. So, Acharya Shree, in the last episode we actually wrapped up
our series on the symptoms of the real student and as
I went over that episode something struck me, where you mentioned one of the real symptoms of a student is to surrender to the teacher. Now, my question is, you know there’s thousands to millions
of students around the world however there’s also a lot of teachers so the question that came up was, how do you know if you’re
surrendering to the right teacher? How do you know if a
master is truly a master? How do you know if a teacher
is really a spiritual teacher? What are the symptoms? Because I think for all of
the students around the world, they want to make sure that they are receiving the right guidance from the right teacher. – Yeah, it is very important, teacher has to be real and genuine, because if you find a teacher it can be mesmerizing personality. It happened since the beginning. Mahavira’s time. There were five or six teachers. They were more popular than Mahavira. But they were known that they were not really
teaching the right thing. Like, I can give their name, like Ajit Kesakambali. He has a mesmerizing personality. A lot of people were followers of him. Other one, Prabuddha Katyayan. Prabuddha Katyayan was very popular. Third one, Sanjay Vilethiputta. Sanjay Vilethiputta was so logical and gives so much arguments that people were so
mesmerized by his logics. They even forget Mahavira. Even the other one, Goshalak. Goshalak was the most popular. But it is not the way of fake teachers. And other one was also In the Tirthankara’s race, a Buddha Siddhartha what we call his name. [Sadhvi Siddhali Shree] Buddha, Buddha, what
we know as Buddha? – Buddha, yes. – Okay. – And Buddha, it never
happened to a tirthankara, but he was in the race. He used to say he’s a Tirthankara. [Sadhvi Siddhali Shree] Buddha claimed he
was a tirthankara? – That’s what they were
claiming those days. These all people say that
they are the Tirthankara. Mahavira just kind of, not loud about it. But who left in the end as a tirthankara? Mahavira. So it is not like you have to see a person who has a lot of followers, big crowd around them. Or they have a personality a
mesmerizing personality? They may be the real teachers? No, real teacher is totally different. Real teacher might not
talk to you too much. Maybe in silence he might
tell you everything. Maybe sometimes he just looks at you, and it will tell you something. And you will feel very peaceful. You will feel something
transforming in your life. It’s very hard. Like, you cannot tell who
is real, who is not real. Why? Because the teachings
seems to be same to me. Like what the real teacher teach, the fake teacher teach the same thing. But real teacher will
not do certain things, like real teacher will not
get involved in politician, politics. He cannot be a politician. Now she cannot be a politician. The people who are spiritual teachers and they are involved into the politics, it means they have desire to be famed. That “look at these politicians, they are bowing down to me.” The people who are politician cannot be spiritual teachers also. Like Gandhi never claimed that
he was a spiritual teacher. But many people, they are blind. They think Gandhi was a spiritual teacher. Gandhi was always telling
he is a politician. He was pure politician. He worked, he maybe changed his idea, but he never claimed he was a spiritual teacher. So he was at least true, truthful about it. But the others, if the already a spiritual teacher, you can see about their behaviors. How they act physically. Physically, if somebody’s
going to the gym suppose, making his body so strong, and he tries to mesmerize
people by his muscles and by his that seems like not a real teacher. Or somebody like when they are fully into the spirituality, they don’t have to go to the play golfs. Or to ride on the special bike, motorcycle, right? And they compete. No, these are not the
real teacher symptom. Real teachers remain very calm, peaceful. They maybe sit among the people, but they will not do like skydiving, no. – We are not,
– You’ve seen that? – Those are, – You’ve seen teachers skydive? Oh, well. – Those are not the real teachers, right? So the real teacher, they have achieved what
they’re supposed to achieve. And they will only share
those teachings what they get. They don’t have to show
their body, their personality or this or that to do it, no. There’s just no meaning in them. Once you achieve the highest
state of consciousness, and once you know that real
thing, truth coming from you, because truth doesn’t
come through the books. If they, somebody claimed that he or she’s a real spiritual teacher, and they quote all the time books, only books, and they cannot have their own experience, it’s purely that person is just a scholar, not a spiritual teacher. A scholar person can narrate,
can explain, can comment, on Gita’s book, our own Bible, but it doesn’t mean that he
or she is a spiritual teacher. Spiritual teacher when it becomes, They’re totally experienced, realized. And when somebody is realized, everything comes from inner consciousness. The whole knowledge is hidden there. You don’t have to go to the book. If they quote once in a while in the book, maybe for the, just maybe that books has
something good line to say. So maybe they will quote it,
but usually they don’t quote. So the spiritual teacher who’s the real? They’re totally different. They’re mostly in meditative state. They speak when they, it is needed. Otherwise, they are mostly in silence. And around them, you feel
a certain kind of peace and that peace hit your center part of your body, aura. Your navel, your third chakra. And third chakra, already
your energy begin to blossom, energy begin, you begin to explore around
the spiritual teacher. Even spiritual teacher
teach you or not teach you, still, you are going to get it. So the, you have to be careful
from the fake teachers. Like it is going on since the beginning. It is now there, millions out there. Millions I’m talking. Millions of fake spiritual teachers. And they can teach better than
the real teacher sometime. It can happen. And people get trapped into it, and they don’t know where to go. So the student has to be very wise how to find the teacher. I mentioned that there is possibility among the monks and nuns. Monks and nuns, they at least renounced. They are not attached
to the worldly thing. They don’t care about the money, and they don’t care about
the other worldly things, whatever comes on the
way, they are satisfied. They are vagabond type. Among those kind of people,
spiritual teachers can happen. And I mentioned there are almost six categories you can find them: Jain, one of the oldest religion in India. They have monks and nuns. Catholic religion have monks and nuns. You can find there. Hasidic monks. They are in Judaism. And also there are Buddhist monks, a few sects are very close
to Buddha’s teachings still. At least they’re following
some kind of good stuff. And there are few Swamis. They are not monks and
nuns, but they are good. It can happen once in a while. So first thing, the spirituality sprouts when person is fully allergic
from the worldly things. That is called detachment. And without detachment,
spirituality doesn’t happen. So the spiritual teachers
look at in their eyes, they’re calm. They’re very like nothing in it. Like when you see baby’s eyes, what do you see in the baby’s eyes? Nothing, they are blank. But mesmerizing teachers,
their eyes tell something. Their eyes are totally different. They try to show that, “Hey,
I can drink the poison. And I will not die.” It means they are trying to show. That is not the real teachers. You have to be careful. They can have maybe big
follower, big following, but they don’t know anything about it. If they’re still trying to show that, “Hey, this is the venom. And I’m mixing into the milk this venom, and I’m going to drink it,” it means that that person’s trying to show that I am real. And real teachers they don’t try to show that they’re real. But the fake teachers, they’re always trying
to show they’re real. This is the main problem. So the student has to be wise
how to find the real teachers, how to decide it. You cannot find in one day. Maybe take some times, years. Sometimes months. But if you are really eager to find it, you will find it. [Sadhvi Siddhali Shree] Acharya Shree, you
mentioned that, you know teachers are mesmerizing
with their knowledge, the way they speak, their personality, and they’re just trying to show off and trying to prove that they are real. Something we talked about
maybe a few years ago, maybe on YouTube or during
our walks and talks, you’d mentioned that sometimes students get mesmerized by a teacher
or by their hug or something and it’s more of excitement. So how can a student differentiate the feelings of excitement for a teacher versus the real feeling of
peace that you just described? – Yeah, what, the fake teacher is
very simple to be known. Why? Because they are always trying to show. Like they know, “If you hug
me, I am going to heal you.” And people keep going to hug. It means it is showing off. A real teacher, they don’t hug like for healing. Maybe they’re so compassionate, they might hug a couple
of people here and there. But not the big crowd. Sitting maybe ten hours continued. And they say like, “Ten
hours I am hugging. I am the real teacher.” No, it is not. It is showing off. Like people do many action like that. They, I have seen in India, people are so mesmerized. They lie down on the thorn, naked body. And they think and people get, “Ah, how? They can lie down on the thorn. Well maybe they are real teacher.” And what do they do at night? They have ganja, bhang, and marijuana, and
drugs. But they don’t see that part. That’s why people get trapped into it. Mahabharata is main character. His name was Bhisham Pitamah. Bhisham Pitamah was the
grandfather of the two cousins. They’re fighting in
Mahabharata, the big battle, great battle in the world. And he was lying down before his death on the arrows, arrows bed. He made the bed of the arrows, and he was lying down there, but he was not, Maybe he was he, could be the best spiritual teacher, but he never claimed he was. He was not. He was politician. He was a warrior only. So I suggest personally
not to get mesmerized by what they do or what they show to you. Some people, there was a teacher. He was taking out from
his mouth, shivalinga. Hey, you cannot take out from your mouth, like from the stomach. He was pretending that he was taking, manifesting things, giving something. That is just a trick. And people get trapped into those tricks. It is very easy to get
trapped into the fake teaching and fake, because what happens, fake teacher, they will show
and they give you something. They say, “Oh, how did he manifest?” It is a trick. They, you don’t know where
their hand reaches their pocket. And it’s hidden there, and they give it, give to you, but it has no manifestation. People get trapped into it too easily in the fake teachers. And very difficult to
find the real teachers. Real teachers are rare. You have to remember. You can travel hundred thousands of miles, but you still will not
find a real teacher. It is very difficult. Very difficult, because
real teacher is very simple. Down to the earth. He’s not flying in the sky. They’re not skydiving. Or go to the golf course. Hey, everywhere is a golf course. Wherever you are. Mahavira used to walk anywhere. He never went to the golf course. But that’s what I mean. People are trying to show, one India, the helicopter. He was showing, and he had the biggest following. He was showing that he can
hang to the helicopter outside and he still can be protected. Means showing like this, it shows already they’re
not a real teacher. Why do they want to show off? Real teachers are very calm, peaceful, and their idea is to
share their knowledge, whatever they know. It comes from their deep, deep being, direct knowing. Direct knowing, direct
knowledge is coming from your, bottom of your being. Indirect knowing, our knowledge
is coming from the books. Through the books, there are many things. They are fake teachers. But the knowledge comes
through your deepest being, the real knowing, real truth. Find that kind of teacher. It’s hard to find it. It’s easy to say somebody,
“I am a real guru. I am a sadguru.” You know what sadguru means? Sadguru means true guru, true teacher. If many people they are saying, if you go to India, not only one. Many. “Hey I am a sadguru.” “I am real guru.” But by saying that, you
don’t become a real teacher. Real teacher is very difficult to find. Very rare. You have to be very careful. [Sadhvi Siddhali Shree] Acharya Shree, how
do you differentiate excitement
versus intuition or peace when you are determining to see if that teacher is a real teacher. Because you might see a big following, like I mentioned earlier. You might see a teacher
giving all these hugs, and they say it’s peaceful. So how do you differentiate
the feelings of excitement versus truth. – Like excitement belongs
to your physical body. Excitement is temporary. When a person gets excited, they get excited just momentarily. After awhile, excitement will go away. So I will say that when
a person gets excited, “Oh I found a teacher,” it means something is wrong there. Excitement is going to go
away after one day, two days, one week, one month. – So you’re,
– It doesn’t last longer. [Sadhvi Siddhali Shree] So you’re saying to
even test the teacher with some time to see if your feelings still the, are the same? – Yes. Yeah, you have to. And mesmerizing personality is like look at Hitler. What’s so mesmerizing? He made fool of people. I can tell you one real example. That teacher in India, he’s behind the bar now. His name was Ram Rahim. And he was the mostly known. All politician goes to
him and bow down to him. You know? There are many ignorant, foolish
people living in the world. Who make those kind of guru? Those foolish and those
ignorant people make them. He was a drunk driver. And who made him Ram
Rahim, the biggest guru? Those foolish people, ignorant people. Ignorant people, because
they are not student. They are not seeker. They’re just follower. They are thinking some kind
of miracles in their life. That is the main problem. I guarantee you. If there are not foolish people, there are not ignorant people, there is no those fake teachers. Fake teachers are created, creation by the fool. – Wow, oh my goodness. – That’s what it is. – Wow, that’s a, that’s a strong, – And he’s behind the bar now. I can give tons of name. Tons of. They are behind the bar right now. And they have the biggest following. I don’t want to give their name. But I can give a couple of more name. Not Baba Ram Rahim. What about Asaram Bapu? He’s behind the bar. What about Sant Rampal Singh? He’s behind the bar. Biggest following in India. And people are so foolish. They still go there,
hundred thousand people. I’m talking hundred thousands of people, big crowd around them. And when they are proven
guilty behind the bar, they still want to follow them. What else can you do? A spiritual guru, they
don’t go behind the bar. They don’t do any crime. Right? And if people can blame them, it cannot be proven. So if it is proven by the
court, it means you are guilty. You are not a spiritual teacher. So you can look at the history. Many popular so-called and claimed by themselves
they were spiritual teachers, they went to the jail. And not a single, Mahavira never went to the jail. Right? Never. Why he never did the crime. They don’t do any crime. So when they don’t do crime. It means they are very simple people. They can live, they are living, their life is so simple. They’re down to the earth. They don’t consider
themselves they’re even high. They don’t consider
themselves they’re even like enlightened. They don’t consider they are awakened. They just teach. They just guide people. And they guide people
when people come to them. When they come to them, they will try to lift their soul. They will try. And mostly, people, they get lifted up by, in their presence. They don’t have to do much. They don’t have to show anything. That is the symptom of real teacher. And it is, their teachings are so simple, so simple. Like I can give you one little joke. Lao Tzu was a Chinese kind
of enlightened master. They used to consider him,
long time ago 2600 or 2800 or so ago. He was dying kind of, has a thousand students
sitting around him. And one student suddenly asked him, that “We know you since many years. But as long as we know
you, we never saw that somebody pushed you down. What is your secret? We want to know the secret? Nobody was able to push you down.” You know what he said? That “I was always sitting on the ground.” Like if you are sitting on the ground, who will push you down? Many just, people, students, they laughed. But it’s not a laughing. It is real thing. Real thing is that he
was down to the earth. And down to the earth, nobody
can push that person down. And the real teacher is
very difficult to find. How many Mahavira you can find? How many Lao Tzu you can find? Only one. One Lao Tzu, one Mahavira. Right? So the real teachers are rare It’s very difficult to find. And these days, millions may be claiming they are spiritual teachers but a real teacher is a qualitative. Quality, they have quality. They’re not in quantity. No. They cannot be millions, no. And the quality things, they’re very rare. They’re very less. That’s why, I can tell you, monks and nuns, the one of the oldest religion in India, this is Jain religion, they have only around the
world, 12,000 monks and nuns. What about Buddhists? Millions of monks and nuns. They may be don’t have a quality. Quality is always less number. The real teachers, very less number. [Sadhvi Siddhali Shree] Mathen Vandami, Acharya
Shree. Thank you so much. I think we should continue
this conversation. It’s very important. But we are, again, this time
running out of time for, for this episode. So, many thanks again and you know, for our listeners, you know that might be following
these fake teachers, check out the next episode where Acharya Shree is going to share more about how you can transition out and learn how to trust
yourself, believe in yourself, and tap into your soul more. So this way, you can
find the real guidance. And again, thank you for joining us and be sure to follow us on YouTube, subscribe to our channel, follow us on Facebook. This way, you stay up to date
on Acharya Shree’s teachings as well as subscribe to
Acharya Shree Yogeesh’s Podcast on iTunes. Jai Siddhatma!


  1. Pranaams, Sir! Please, where are you located? Thank you very much! Aum Namah Shivaya 🙏

  2. Any teacher that is teaching dependency is a fake leader to me. Only should be leading ppl to sovereignty and empowerment.

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    I think yo have to be careful of what you imagine a spiritual teacher to look like because they might come across totally different and yo might just ignore them but they can be the deal real.

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  5. Each gurus way of teaching will not be in the same way. Mother nature prepares every guru in a unique way and their characters maybe different. Without listening or observing properly you should not blame other great masters. I think it is not good.

  6. Alright. I was came to his channel, I like his understanding about chakras and his open talk about transformation sexual energy into spiritual energy.

    First, anybody can become enlightened person. There’s no doubt. But the capability about handling situations are different for everyone. Eg: A scientist becomes enlightened and a normal tea shopper becomes enlightened are different.

    So it’s that enlightened being responsible to show ordinary ppl, enlightenment is not a disability to do things. A enlightened scientist still can show of his new invention or a enlightened footballer still can show off that he can still play football!

    It’s not for fam, it’s their responsibility to influence ppl to meditate. There’s big difference. It’s need a little intelligence.

    It’s upto the seeker intelligence to find out guru. At the moment, we common lucky enough, so almost all enlightened people available in online. So we can taste little of everything and find out. For average person it’s take aprx 2 yrs to grow his intelligence. For tat period stay in online classes.

    Once we meet the person or fake one , it’s hard to get out. Our ego want to protect our decision that we didn’t choose wrong one.

    Anyone read my comment, if it’s make sense to you, give a try! 👍🏼

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  10. I have been watching Acharya Shree Yogeesh and Sadhvi Siddhali Shree for a little while now and really like what they both have to say. Surely they both have my attention as well and have made me think upon some things. I had my own awakening about 2 years back before I had it I was what some might call a lost cause or at the bottom of the barrel. I will not get into full detail of this awakening because it is very long and drawn out. But I will say it first started when I was at the lowest point practically on my deathbed at age 40. Whether it was what some may call a spirit or my higher self-something came to me and did something and my life has gotten better ever since. In two years time, I have conquered many things such as addictions, depression, most of my anger but not all as of yet (truthful), even health issues I once had along with weight loss even though I have a thyroid disorder, going from 285 pounds to a pleasant 144 pounds. Like I said I will not go into exactly what happened but I will say whatever it was pushed me towards things that equalled other things. Such as pushing me towards the culture of India, Hinduism, Buddhism, Studying of the Bhagavad Gita, Vedas, Meditation, Yoga,Ayurveda, and then even going Vegan. It was like a never-ending chain reaction that did not stop and has not. However, I came to where I am alone by myself no teacher, no friends, just me alone, researching, reading and listening to whatever has come to me, by myself living as a hermit. Later on, I started to see things I wish I did not, like how much of the world was fake, fake friends, fake love, so many people saying their intentions are so good but in the end always had a motive attached that made them fake, but still not trying to be judgemental. I realized this even more as I wondered about becoming a monk or at least heading towards that path slowly. I asked myself questions about could I detach from my house and all of this stuff that no longer resonates with me and the answer was a simple yes. The only thing I think I would have a hard time with is my cat because he is like my child being I have none of my own. But when I went on this path seeking out some answers about this path what I got was slapped in the face with a fake hand. Everything was about money a piece of paper that in reality has no spiritual value at all whatsoever. Or it was the fact that I have a past that was 14 years ago, the fact that I have tattoos that I wish I did not, the fact that I am not educated with a fake piece of paper that says I am someone or the fact that I simply not rich enough with a past to prove I gained some sort of wealth. All of this to me is insignificant or irrelevant to one being on a path of spirituality. If a person is judged on their past or materialism of any sort even the materialism that says they are a person then what does that say?. Until I actually find a person or persons that can look beyond all of this physical stuff that deems one worthy and can say simply none of this matters then I guess I will remain on my own path alone but never alone, because I know what is with me and I have not had to prove anything to it. All I ever had to do was just listen and follow the path laid before me. I guess all in all I was seeking for others that can prove that not everyone is fake but actually serious about what they say. Or maybe the answer I seek has already been answered and I merely don't like the answer.

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    Whereas BUDDHA, MAHAVIRA (ancient) both were from royal blood, they enjoyed all the materialistic affluence life before renouncing their life for spiritual growth…..
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  19. India has more English speakers than Great Britain and most of them are polyglots and yet India is unable to provide equal education regardless the medium of instruction through transcription, transliteration and translation. Most world languages have modified their alphabets and use most modern alphabet in writings. Vedic Sanskrit alphabet have been modified to Devanagari and to simplest Gujanagari(Gujarati) script and yet Hindi is taught in a very printing ink wasting non cursive complex script to millions of children in India. Why not adopt a simple script at national level? Indian states can retain their languages, scripts and culture by teaching highly propagated Hindi/Sanskrit in regional scripts to impart technical education through a script converter or in India's simplest Gujanagari script along with a Roman script to revive Brahmi script.

    अ आ इ ई उ ऊ ऍ ए ऐ ऑ ओ औ अम्‌ अन् अः………..Devanagari
    અ આઇઈઉઊઍ એ ઐ ઑ ઓ ઔ અમ્‌ અન્‌ અઃ……….Gujanagari(Gujarati)
    a ā i ī u ū ă e ai ŏ o au am an aḥ……………Roman
    a aa i ii u uu ae e ai aw o au an am ah

    क ख ग घ च छ ज झ ट ठ ड ढ ण
    ક ખ ગ ઘ ચ છ જ ઝ ટ ઠ ડ ઢ ણ
    ka kha ga gha ca cha ja jha ṭa ṭha ḍa ḍha ṇa

    त थ द ध न प फ ब भ म य र ल व
    ત થ દ ધ ન પ ફ બ ભ મ ય ર લ વ
    ta tha da dha na pa pha/fa ba bha ma ya ra la va

    श स ष ह ळ क्ष ज्ञ
    શ સ ષ હ ળ ક્ષ જ્ઞ
    sha sa ṣa ha ḽa kṣa gya

    अं आं इं ईं उं ऊं एं ऐं ओं औं अँ आँ इँ ईँ उँ ऊँ एँ ऐँ ओँ औं
    ȧ ā̇ ï ī̇ u̇ ū̇ ė aï ȯ au̇ a̐ ā̐ i̐ ī̐ u̐ ū̐ e̐ ai̐ o̐ au̐……..Roman Diacritics

  20. I think most ppl are prejudiced about enlightenment and gurus or yogis…
    They are telling me that yogis are meant to be in caves or mountains…

    Believe me if buddha or Jesus was present here right now… You would have told that they were also fake…
    With all due respect…

  21. Mr. Acharya let me point out your first fault , the ground on which you are speaking about someone can be spoken for you too. And its like… You want to be someone by criticizing all…thats not the way to climb up the laddar. Becuase simply its the way of dacoit or sick mind to be called greater than all…

  22. I think this guru dont know the essence and power of a yogi. And the possibility they bring with themselves by playing with the body..

  23. He is totally into helping christian missionary… Teaching us about possibility a yogi should do.. lol man… 😀 i see funny when he is judging that people should do thing with his way of doing only..

  24. Iske hisab se to neem karoli baba… fake the… Bhosdiwale…mere dada jee ko jeevan daan diye the wo…akhiri stage me… 20 saal or jeye the…tu sale christian missionary ke dalle…

  25. They went to the jail…becuase india was being ruled by christian missionary supporter… Congress…specially sonia gandhi(hard core christian), but now end of era… Bohut miya or Christian ho gya…ab hindu ke desh me hindu ki bari hogi…

  26. The true guru is your own light,Buddha went to other gurus but they did not deliver,and in the end he sat down and found his inner light

  27. With due respect you can't expect all there is no meaning in skydiving or experiencing life in all its positive aspect. Your words are contradicting in many ways, you speak of aura and then you undermine even Buddha

  28. Your concept didn't strike me.. Ok, you have knowledge but I can say it might be sort of bookish and is not close to everyday life…

  29. He is talking absurd … he said that sprituality means renunciation sprituality means detachment does this means that lord ram who was king till his death was not a spritual person …this not true why you need to detach if you fully be involved to life and its other aspect.

  30. According to you they want to show off but they actually want people to show that sprituality does not mean boredom ..sprituality does not means renuciation and wearing white clothes.. if it does then jain digambars should have been the most spritual person in the world because they don't even wear underwear to protect their reproductive organ you should also walk to forest without wearing this headphone and speaking infront of horrible size mike …if sprituality means sitting calm and not doing anything then god save from such sprituality .

  31. And one more thing its not that hard to find real spritual teacher in india comparison to west …ya there have been few fake one also but they also get exposed they cant hide their fake identity for much time .

  32. Real Guru will do anything or involve in any character if it benefits the sentient beings. Real Guru is inseperable from compassion ( Bodhicitta). Bodhicitta is a spontaneous wish to attain enlightenment motivated by great compassion for all sentient beings, accompanied by a falling away of the attachment to the illusion of an inherently existing self.

  33. Oh brother… and so a spiritual guru is going to tell us this.
    He's enlightened, they aren't, she is, he isn't blah blah blah.
    If they are making upward of 500,000 a year, you know where they are.

  34. I just have one dilemma, all gurus almost say that truth is open and already there, if only we let it, we will be yielding to it..etc.. but also they say we need a Guru to initiate us…otherwise it is too hard …so they always give the same contradictory explanation…yet coming from experinece, some of the things they say, are really achiveable alone by ourselves…I am thankful for their crazy level information about our nature, yet I wish we really need not noone at all…thank you for this channel, I truly appreciate.

  35. Ramana Maharshi was very clear about that, we can't know if a jnani is a jnani for sure because only a jnani can recognize another jnani. Some jnani acts like fools and some ajnani acts like saintly persons.
    Yet he said that some elements can show us that a person is a jnani: the atmosphere of peace surrending the person spontaneously and the respect and reverence with feel spontaneously toward that person.

    You Can find the exact quote in Ramana Maharshi's teachings book.

    It seems that he is talking about Mata Amaritanandamayi who hugs thousands of persons but it seems he never experienced her presence. It's far away of excitment. The peace around her is so deep, her shakti is amazing. In her presence your mind is purified. And you don't need tonbelieve anything, it just happens….

  36. I just made a video about how weird my experience was at an ashram in Tennessee. Weirdly low value, low quality, and high amount of requests for money

  37. Anyone or anything that helps you progress can be considered a teacher. But who or what can get you to your highest possibility but yourself. The one that has attained the highest possibility can only shine upon all just like the sun. Being a teacher is an identification therefore a limitation. You can only be yourself and highest self is limitless and unbounded.

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